ULTRA SPAWN on White Rabbit!!! (from live stream)


Lil roulette & White Rabbit action!!

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VERANTWORTUNGSVOLLES SPIELEN – Das Spiel ist sehr schnell abhängig und kann ernste finanzielle Probleme verursacht, Bitte beachten Sie, wenn Sie spielen, nur spielen, was Sie sich leisten können, Grenzen zu verlieren und setzen! Das Glücksspiel soll nicht als eine Möglichkeit gesehen werden, um Geld zu machen, aber nur als Unterhaltung und denken Sie daran, das Casino wird immer am Ende gewinnt aufgrund ihrer Hausränder! Wenn Glücksspiel ein Problem für Sie geworden ist, dann können Sie mit Gamcare sprechen: oder Be Gamble Aware: www.begambleaware.org/

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95 Bemerkungen
  1. 1st great win mate

  2. to jammy lol

    • we all been there lol but its not funny people have destroyed there lives and taken there lives due to this but i honeslty believe unless your rigging the system in your favour to deceive people your not at fault m8 your a entertainment channel i miss the early days low viewers and you was happy to to just chill out and have a gamble with us thats how its ment to be young gamblers early 20s will always believe they will make a fortunes for years and years i use to play professional poker and i only say this as i made a very good profit online for the stakes i played but people dont realise it takes 16 hr days 6 days a week to make a decant amount i have recently lost a small fortunes in online casino on slots i wont say how much but lets say you could of got a very good morgage with it in the space of 6 weeks i have walked away from slots but i know for a fact i will be back next year when i have recouped the losses it is bad but that is gambling either come to peace with it control it or just go cold turkey!!!!

    • Antworten
      Rocknrolla der Glücksspiel-Kanal März 24, 2018 beim 6:01 pm

      Cheers mate! Gambling on casino games to try and make money, win or lose it will only make things worse!!

    • i see this live next spin after he bought bonus lol pauls a top bloke you can see he has a heart of gold personally im a gambler have been all my life sincle little started in the arcades i know you cant win long term and paul knows this so if you guys are struggling and think all you need is a extra £90 quid to pay a certain bill off dont do it gamblers chase if you loose ul chase and your situation will just keep multiplying worse and worse enjoy the streams guys but gambling isnt a way to make money!!!

  3. Still can’t believe it done that haha great moment

  4. Get the Fudge in there

  5. Lovely hit that Paul!

  6. Love this well done Paul

  7. What happened to the stream the other night paul?

  8. Well fudge me wasn’t expecting tht Paul congrats m8

  9. It was great to watch about time you had win

  10. This was wild live…. just pure insanity. Balls went up to my stomach. Woo!!!!

  11. And the amount of stick you get for going for ‘afters’ when the original bonus is poor, get in there Paul!

    P.s will never get bored of you repeating nip through a bonus???

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel no worries rolla! Haha I liked it didn’t realise how much you said it on stream watching this back over I was laughing my head off, much love Paul!

    • Antworten
      Rocknrolla der Glücksspiel-Kanal März 24, 2018 beim 5:58 pm

      Haha cheers mate!! Not sure, watching this back I may need to change nips to something else ha

  12. Get the nips in there !

  13. I bought in yesterday on 0,5 euro and won 461 euro

  14. Gtfit Paul! Great hit mate ??

  15. 5k up for 5 min.. without much effort at all, really shows we need to gamble only when luck is there, instead of chasing, forcing etc.

  16. Amazing paul but u are never ever happy ha

    • Antworten
      Rocknrolla der Glücksspiel-Kanal März 24, 2018 beim 5:57 pm

      Haha I know! This was an awesome win but having seen so many people hit big and the way they did on this slot I thought it was going to be huge, with this megaways I’ve 200x plus wins in just one spin and I had 6 spins with 36x being the biggest hit…….not moaning though ha!

  17. 21 casino needs some more victims so they give their best sales rep a win to hook more people in ! Well done marketing team clever stuff !

    • l0wrid3r88 you are mistaken when you say that the casino can’t alter the payout, what they will do is alter the payout percentage so the streamer can get a very high payout percentage even the streamer may not be aware of this happening, that’s why the streamers always get a shock when these belters land, but the main point is, when they show you them making a deposit from there account yes the account is registered to them but it’s known as a casino account so when they are wanting you to deposit your hard earned cash which they will see a percentage of in some cases or they will get paid when you have made your play through, so that account is there for the casino they are promoting to add funds that the streamer can never collect from,
      You’re mind seems pretty much made up that these streamers are doing this for your entertainment but let’s take Nick slots and the Bandit for example they are both very wealthy men, and they are both listed as casino marketers that is there full time job. They are not doing anything legally wrong, but there greed to make money from others misery then that is morally wrong

    • i was in to online slots for 3 years i stoped 2 month ago. here is the facts i lost 90 000 euro, i hit big numbers 2 times during that time playing on 2-4 euro stakes, i spend more time than the streamers and believe me i did not even come close to what the streamers hit every week, they hit the big scores many times every month i was not even 10% close to their winnings and no one is close to that as a regular gambler, it`s 100% that the streamers are on a diffrent RTP on regular basis, it is a fact. my advice stay away from online casinos and do not trust the streamers, why trust someone who wants you to sign up so they can make money out of you? the online Casinos, providers, streamers and MGA is in the same bed and every part in this gets their cut out of this made up scam.

    • well the streamers happen to be very lucky all of them many times every month and regular non streamers hit big one in a blue moon, that is a slump for sure, yeah right my ass is random as well. Wake up from the tin foil dream mate, you have an corrupted island and a corrupted MGA, why you think they run the casinos from that dirty island, use your brain mate.

    • Don`t let the casinos fool you even if they try to school you, so you`re fool enough to believe that a human made software can`t be rigged? mr i know everything, did you know that the providers and the casinos have an perfect position for marketing by their streamers and of course they take the hit with big wins often on the streamers to fool people into gambling, regular non affiliated gamblers get a big win ones in a blue moon while the streamers hit big numbers very often, there`s many gamblers who spend more time than the streamers and never get this kind of wins becuse they don`t exist, they are only shown thru streamers and the streamers have higher RTP on regular basis.

    • Oh and one last thing, their are two kind of streamers. The professionals like we talked about and the amateur that do it for fun and not as a job. The difference between the two is huge and i suggest you watch someas the run of the low ones are real and the rip too so after watching them rip for 2 hours you don’t have same hunger for slots when you leave LOL.

  18. Watched it live and was a definite jaw drop moment lol

  19. nice hit bud aha lol on the youll suck anything bit

  20. To quote Paul….
    My balls can’t take it
    My balls can’t take it
    My balls can’t take it
    My balls can’t take it
    My balls
    ? ? ? ? ? werth watching just for that @rocknrollaaaaaa
    Spawn city ??

  21. respect from rus.

  22. taking ball. 😉

  23. Great win but i am still waiting for you to hit that insane hit.. It will come, it just have to.. anyway congrats P

  24. Love all that well played son….i will suck anythink hahahaha

  25. I’ll suck anything ?

  26. Ppprrrd haha

  27. Congrats PAUL nice bonus

  28. from being a teenager i had a plan to own my own house by 30 i rapidly closing in on that if i didnt gamble i would of hit it easily if i have any advice to pass down to guys in there late teens early 20s if you enjoy gambling do it in moderation il personally be telling my 7 yr old niece when shes older enough to understand because she loves the 2p machines that gambling wont get her no where and im saving a fund for her so she has the best start possible when she comes of working age i.e car and a bit to see her through

    • my dream as teenager was to be a pornstar but i became an addicted loser instead, the porn industry would not made this damage what the greedy filthy casinos do. It was a lesson for life.

    • got a gf for that side of thing not really sure what point your trying to make lol

    • Scott if you had taken up wanking you would of owned your own place by now!!

    • exactly myself i have had good winning runs even turning 180 quid into 2k and 300 quid into 1700 but i have lost all of it trying to build people just need to take responsibility of there own actions and stop blamiing streamers for there loses it is a cop out and just shows lack of character to blame others for there own decisions.

    • scott gooch respect my friendwe see these great wins by Paul but as he himself admits these wins are mega rare and the chance of the average punter coming out on top are very slim.

  29. Bet ur arse was twitching like a fucker with that win congrats m8

  30. What you mean there was no 3rd retrigger?? WTF LOL ? Don’t comment often but watch lots of your stuff. Really great viewing. Get the fudge in there m8.?

  31. Some KFC to celebrate the win

  32. Hope the luck continues…..ronza

  33. Superb nips mate

  34. The best line on YouTube ever, ‘I will suck anything, just give me a nipBRILLIANT

  35. congrats bro


  37. Jammy bastard mate get in lovely hit! ?

  38. Paul come on, stop using the word fudgeI have nothing against using nice words but you use the word fuck regularly, sometimes even saying fuck yes, get the fudge in therejust stop please and talk like a normal person. either say fuck or fudge, not both together maybejust sayin🙂


  40. Good bonususually lucky to get money back…… another Nip (lol) and a 10-12 Spins – totally different story…. bitter sweet these types of win. Great channel!

  41. Nice hit and why you call them nips? Everyone else calls them cakes haha?

  42. My balls didn’t take it 😀

  43. I know you gamble 90% off stream. We want to see the gambles from off stream,,, make more of them thank you

  44. I’d suck anything ????

  45. nip city/my balls can’t take it. lmao nips nips.lol

  46. 6:25 secs in is probably the funniest thing I’ve heard or seen you do Paul and I’ve been watching since you did them press ups ha, good win and hope they continue

  47. This was mental! Well deserved though!

  48. I have bought this feature 200 times still no retriever evil game it is on my banned listed. But if I win 1000x on it it will be my favourite games.

    • welcome to my club i used to buy many feature games on the dead rabbit, i think i bought 500-600 rounds in total but only retrigger two weels 4 times other than that only bollocks. i played bonanza most of the time last 2 years i easily made more than 500 000 spins i was so much in to it, i never got more than 17 spins in the feature rounds and never got 6 liner diamonds not even one singel 6 liner, retriggers after retriggers are only meant to be for the streamers. Bonanza owes me 40 000 euro that is my loss on it.

  49. Hey Paul how i can contact you for 21 casino bonus that u offer in your description?

  50. as far i know 4 is minimum spinn on a retrigger

  51. Sorry Paul No ones gonna believe that happenedHahaBut Do Enjoy the Money 🙂

  52. I really can’t believe that so many of you have not figured it out, and still think of Paul as your friend, you do know that in order for him to make money then you must lose, f you win when playing then he gets no commission, these wins that the streamers always get when they are recording are wins that only streamers can get, ok sometimes we will all hit a big win but nothing anywhere near the amount these guys can, yet all his fans will say I’m a troll for having a different opinion from them, good luck to you all and I hope you wake up soon

    • Fat Steve why would he post videos where he loses 5k? 60-70% of the videos are losing videos. The clips you see are highlights of the best features. You believed the world was ending in 2012 didn’t ya?

  53. I bought 31 features on this last night, not 1 retrigger

  54. My balls can’t take it :))))))

  55. Why don’t you categorise your videos as adult ? Surely if they are truly intended for over 18s this shouldn’t be an issue as would be restricted content which it should be.

  56. Awesome session buddy, congrats!

  57. What a thrill, very nice vid Paul 🙂

  58. 21 casino is just whankkeerrsss

  59. More bullshit. Not real money people. Please don’t think this is real, it’s not.

  60. A former online casino worker speaks out.

    I have been around the online Casino for the past 10 years working at two well known online Casino’s. I here people say slots can not be rigged or changed, this however is not true. A Casino can change the RTP on whatever Slot, Computer Blackjack or Computer Roulette it chooses. It’s down to the player to have a look at the RTP. If you want proof of this then it can be found on the special offers and free spins you get with the Casino. 9 aus 10 times when you get free spins on a slot from the Casino you always hit the bonus because its usually only 10p stake. This just show’s they can adjust it bringing in the bonus more often on their promotional free spins. I can also tell you that yes they do adjust the RTP for Affiliates as I have done so myself, so that they get bigger wins more frequent to make the viewers want to play slots at that Casino. One thing I will guarantee is the Affiliates that play the slots are NOT aware of this. That’s why people complain that they can not win anything but Streamers do. I can 100% say if Nick or any other streamer was not linked to the Casino and had a normal players account they would never hit these wins as often as they do. Just to add there is nothing against what they are doing, the best way to prove this is play at the same casino as a streamer at the same time on the same slot and get them to bring up the RTP on there screen it will be different to yours.

    • that’s simply a lie. a casino game HOSTER can not influence the PROVIDERS games. these are heavily regulated by bigger organizations that u can even think of. there is NO long time streamer that is actually up money lifetime simply from gambling ( exclude poker, sport bets ). lets say you get 10 subs a day on twitch 0 donations and 300k views on youtube a month, that’s $1200 in revenue. if you deposit 10k that month your rtp is around 9,5-9,7k. that makes you +$700 for that month. thats how it works, thats how they keep going.

      playing the same game on screen means absolutely nothing as well. since games can have 50k x bet jackpots the rtp varies of course. to get a valid result you’d have to play a million+ games even more.

      also the free spins part is absolutely bullshit. i’ve played way more than a million free spins lifetime and theres been 0 diffrence in getting a bonus.

      last part: most people post videos and pictures of wins, not losses. winning videos make people click on the link and deposit.

  61. größtes hundespiel!!!

  62. Love watching this idiot blow his money. Probably an inheritance or something

  63. You are greedy one arent you, complaining while winning a shit load

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