$700 til ????? (Part 1)


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157 Kommentarer
  1. Svar
    Thewildmanarchieduncan January 11, 2017 på 12:09 er

    i love a full house and beans

  2. RocknRollaMy Man 🙂

  3. Svar
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 11, 2017 på 12:11 er

    lol just watching this back, first handDon’t want to scare him away!” 5 secs later all in haha such a fissssssshhhhh!!!!

  4. Should ive called but either way good outcome

  5. nice rolla very aggressive mate nice touch

  6. u pushed??? u shud of reraised n he would of pushed u
    bad bet u cud of had his whole pot u kind of told me yr not the best of poker players n the time bar another school boy era making it look like yr Thinking bout it just told him u had the nuts u shud of reraised immediately n he wud of pushed

  7. Svar
    Dfuse IDazza DEViiLiiSH January 11, 2017 på 12:17 er

    i reckon he had a flush draw first hand : P

  8. Can u play Some fruit warp?

  9. Lovely flop mate ?

  10. just get 300x in shields 650e from 25c spin o/

  11. Wow this dude to your left is playing far too aggressive

  12. Svar
    Parker Says Play Casino and Slot Channel January 11, 2017 på 12:30 er

    well done mate. i just rekicked off my poker sessions. rusty as a barnyard nail. all the best my friend.

  13. I’ve played against you before, you play exactly like me lol. Think it was last 30 or so in a tourney a few years ago.

  14. Trips on the flop lovely jubbly

  15. when will part 2 be uploaded mate?

  16. Yesssssss Paul more poker vids mate????

  17. I know you’re on the button but raising 10/3 suited in a cash game takes some balls mate lol. And whats up with that pastorcito on the first table, played some strange hands haha. Poker is the future of Rocknrolla <3

  18. could have got so much more value that first hand with just a call..

  19. No being funny and well done at your session, you will get eaten alive at those stakes if you played there regularly.

  20. Love it when you say, I don’t want to scare him off and after that you go all in ?

  21. Damn , u are the most lucky person i know , im losing like hell on casino and poker and u play win play win , unreal gj dude .

  22. nice video Paul would be good to see more of this. Some good mtts comin up maybe?
    Anyway, what about that bet slider? strange to see default settings

  23. seems where i go everyone else want to go ha 😀 they have seating script software, auto seats them when a recreational player sits a table

  24. Paul when is part 2? Always good to see poker stars getting rinsed !

  25. some ok lines and merit to some of your plays i remember scoping you the other day and eventhough your not opted in i can see from mtts youd actually be in profit so you can obv play a bit, i found this amusing in general. typically gona prefer the slot streams as all i ever do is play fkin poker haha, good vid (y)

  26. more high stakes poker videos very entertaining

  27. Why do you need to make that many deposits, have you never heard of grinding? Start from 0,01 and build a bankroll. Have you never heard of bankroll management, go back rehash that part because seeing all those deposits really makes you a degenerate running after money and not using any logic. Your’ve ruined your risk band with you bank, with all those transactions to gambling companies. Only recently heard of Skrill did you? Idiota.

  28. great videos can I be entered into your next giveaway draw plz 🙂

  29. Got to flat call the raise in that 1st hand, got the nuts have to give them the chance to bluff some more off on bricked rivers

  30. You should do some more high stakes poker, nice video!

  31. paul ive just looked at your vid back and i never saw your name and address so i dont think you showed it mate

  32. Been watching And I notice you don’t have the auto muck on. I’m sure other players can look back in previous hands and see some of your hands they might otherwise not. because your not actively mucking the hands Might be wrong .I think that;s how it works.

  33. Svar
    Northside’s Gambling Channel January 11, 2017 på 3:12 er

    GTFIT!! It’s Payday?already? Nice work! Mate

  34. Top class, watched all ur vids, amazing to see how much you have grown and at the same time cant wait to see you or bandit hit the jackpot you two will be like morecambe and wise funny as fuck together, dunno if bandit can keep up with the rolla tho cant waitr to see ??????????????????

  35. Nice vid, bit refreshing from all the slots, you should do more commentary during the game so we know where your mind is at:) Awesome withdrawal

  36. Is this real money?

  37. great vid!

  38. Nice one buddy ! Love this man ! We’re all fishes in the poker room lol

  39. Morning Paul,I was wondering all this time why dont you play Spin and Goes any more,with the way that you play i think is the most proftable set up.I have even ask you wile you were streaming and your answer was no way.Why is that?

  40. pastorcitox what a tit. can you imagine how he would of played with a hand.

  41. hi paul..I subscribe to your channel.I have been in the WSOP main event 2014 and 2016.I will be going again this year, and I normally travel alone ( none of my family are interested in gambling).if youwould like to enter some big events and come with me,let me know and I can drop you my contact details. I normally stay out there for about 3 weeks

  42. when I play u have to make a decision when u hit premium hands . do u want all his money or happy to take the pot . with all his money u would min raise the straight and hope he calls but then u running the risk of him hitting full house , straight or flush on the river . so I think u made the correct play

  43. not bluffing the fuckin rocknrolla hahahah

  44. whoop whoop that is the sound of a cashout! keep it up

  45. All in stopped him seeing another card for free and potentially hitting a full house, I think all in was the right call.

  46. Be awesome to see a poker stream like

  47. Paul, these guy are absolutely crushing you! How do you not see it? You were a huge fish on those tables! Stay away! Love you mate, but if you want to play this high, you better study your game and come prepared! Congrats on the lucky win though! But take it and run or drop the stakes!

    • Svar
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 13, 2017 på 5:17 pm

      defintely took it and I’m still running haha!! yeh I have no illusion at what level I am at I just always wanted to play at these sort of stakes

  48. as u sad GET IN THERE hahaha i wonna roulette ??? you know me haha good luck mate

  49. Nice Paul lovely win! don’t take it to fruit warp :p, Tonight stream mate?

  50. Decent video Paul , are you relatively new to poker or ?

  51. yes plays the 1st hand badly but admits that I reckon the other player was maybe on a flush draw and wanted to increase the pot for good a good pot and didn’t want a gamble when u put the lot in 2 ways to look at it if played badly
    1st u flat call heart comes player shoves do you call my guess no lose pot (or u call and he has the flush u lose the pot)
    2nd u flat call it bricks n check if he has showdown value he checks behind anyway so u win the same amount anyway a min raise might of got u more value with pair’s and then it bricks u increase the value u get…..
    hand u played lovely was 4 7 clubs u played it like u had a queen and he played it like he had the flush draw so I think ur lucky the club doesn’t come as I think you lose with a club actually looking forward to seeing more of these just 1 negative comment from me you min raise kings but do bigger raises call 3 bets with questionable hands all well and good being a fish as to many people play tight on these so u call with shit then if it’s a shit flop u win just want to see a bigger raise with your more premium hands

    • Svar
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 13, 2017 på 5:16 pm

      yeh I make those calls because I dont believe them so I think a call looks strong so I aim to take the pot on a later street. 1st hand would have loved to have known what he had but guess I thought a shove would have looked super weak with such a strong board so felt if he had anything he would call

  52. Part 2 ASAP please 🙂 nice win, love poker!

  53. nice to see something diffrent, not to clued up on my poker myself but might test the water at some point, probably just play one of them apps which ain’t real money to start with. It would be cool to see you do some football accas over the wk end! !

  54. looking for a good poker guide some1 send me

  55. Fuckin hell mate that balance.! Did you hit a spin and go jackpot? 😮

  56. Nice! I’d like to see you play some more poker; love it!

  57. I would love to see more poker vids are you gonna do this more often?

  58. bloody slow. i love u but i always play fast tables. maybe thats why i lose alot lol. great that u won. good luck

  59. Svar
    slots fan 17 spinstar January 11, 2017 på 3:49 pm

    money money money! love to see you win mate, looking forward to the stream tonight! good luck in advance.

  60. Nice play mate you got balls that’s your strength tho even if you’re not a super experienced pro like some of those guys

  61. like watching this

  62. was about to comment that poker isnt your game and then u said youre a fishsowp

  63. Love playing poker my favourite nice hands nice wins well played best of all fantastic cashout.

  64. the donkey!!!! ahahaha be carefull the sharks

  65. fucking hell dude, well played!

  66. Svar
    BATTOUSAI Gambling Channel January 11, 2017 på 10:13 pm

    great thumbnail!

  67. Nice thumbnail mate! Love it!

  68. Great work on the thumbnail 😛 (listening to you talking about the thumbnail on stream now)

  69. Great video, but wow what a great thumbnail…..you must have worked for at least 4 timer ?????

  70. nice thumb nail fish ;–)

  71. Svar
    jejejejeje jejejejje January 12, 2017 på 5:08 er

    more poker vids, deffo play lower tho you willl get raped by these guys

    • Svar
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 13, 2017 på 4:40 pm

      In and out at these stakes mate, maybe never again! got a few more recorded poker bits I will put up bud

  72. Where’s part 2?!

  73. Never a calling situation. I back your choice

  74. Nice! Are you a pro?

  75. Where’s part 2!!!

  76. My hero. Thank you.

  77. Where’s part 2 you donkfish? Been waiting all week, also how do I chat on live streams? On YouTube on an iPad can’t figure it, good luck btw.

    • Svar
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 13, 2017 på 4:27 pm

      haha unfortunately its on the laptop which the missus has taken away for the weekend so won’t be till Sunday now!

  78. Need part Two now m8

  79. Strange betsizing for a 6max big cashgame imo. Just betting half pot with that much behind ?
    Recommend not doing this full time, it’s very unlikely to be profitable the way you’re playing. Remember most of your opponents here are very skilled.

  80. your a proper fish mate haha like it calling station 🙂 I bet the serious players get frushtrated with you lmao

  81. I love you man, but you’re a fish 🙂 Stay as far away from these games as you possibly can.

  82. Limitless is one of the best holdem players in the worldlol

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