HIGH STAKES Blackjack!!! Easy Moneyyyy!!!


Some clips of high stakes blackjack when attempting big balances for slots/streams over the past couple of months!!

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319 Komentáře
  1. Its money Paul, You streaming any slots tonight, was a crazy week last week 🙂

    • Dilyan – yea some way you are right, but live blackjack its a lil strategy, + they have good bonus games

    • Dilyan – you keep saying this. It’s just not true. Computer BJ is really streaky. That’s what makes it so unrealistic. Some days you just can’t win. And basic strategy just goes out the window with comp. If the dealers drawing to 21 it’s already decided.

    • Mitchell Klos u know what.. i find live more risky.. infact you can have 15 losing handsin comp blackjack it will not rob you hand after hand it will give u wins just have to know and predict when.

  2. more poker streams please paul

  3. thats the reality of these games. Brutální, Surový, krutý.

  4. The rudeness of computer blackjack

  5. This music makes me feel like im in a crackhouse, a bit dark eh?

  6. Computer blackjack is so rigged, you should play live!

    • dmitry vaz it’s not that they’re rigged in an illegal sense but rather they’re advertising it like blackjack with random card draw when in reality each hand and outcome is predetermined by their algorithm. Which is deceitful because you have zero control

    • dmitry vaz comp bj is better because it wont fck u with losing streaks, it will give u wins. Lost 2k on 15 bad hands in a row in live bj.. this never happens in comp bj

    • I have practice both ways as well, however I would like to say that I was more lucky in computer BJ. I raised quite a nice amount using the Martingale technique

    • dmitry vaz I’ve played a lot of live blackjack and this computer blackjack as well and the comparison is unreal. What I’m saying is there is definitely a computer algorithm that fucking sucks to play against

  7. How much it was u lost? 10k?

  8. I love the you show the reality an not just the big wins mate keeps me from thinking yeah he makes that look easy al give it a try !! ?

    Hope the luck turns around bud can’t wait for Sunday’s game ?

  9. Omg Paul Head up

  10. Feel your pain bro!!! I’ve actually excluded myself from the blackjack, it’s soooooo rigged, can’t believe they get away with it!!!

  11. Well now I feel depressed

  12. Total loss 8150£ ?

  13. That was savage. Hope you won atleast some of it back m8. I’m sure computer bj is rigged. Thanks for sharing

  14. Why not play live dealer blackjack?!

  15. I could feel your anger there.. So sick!!!

  16. well, easy money for the casino i guess, feelsbadman..

  17. Wow so depressing, 9 times out of 10 with computer blackjack dealer starts with a 10. The dreaded 16 hand is so common on computer blackjack such a rigged game.

  18. Fark mate. Winning money is impossible to hold. Your one of us, we always go back for a sneaky play only to do our ass. You make that back with 1 spin on the wheel, chin up

  19. Blackjack is always brutal but probably online blackjack is a bit rigged maybe they set the payback % lower. Who knows.

  20. I literally feel nauseous after watching that.

  21. Paul mate should of played with a live dealer. It seems the dealer always had a good hand. Cheers uncle pap

  22. The reason i wouldnt play computer based blackjack. So much money lost in one video. Nešťastný

  23. easy money for the casinosthats why roulette is better, no decision making.

  24. Brutal.. but dont you worry .. one day casino is a winner one day we are the winners ???

  25. Live Blakjack bro Live…… All Virtuals not Real

  26. Respect to you for putting this up mate despite how painful it must have been. You are doing a great service to badly affected gamblers out there by continually showing the reality of it all like this.

  27. Paul just stay away, you got 35,000 subs who have signed up to watch you play the slots!!! Anyone who gambles knows how these fucking rigged games behave, it’s like playing the fucking Fobt”s. Stick with the slots mate please don’t want you losing for our entertainment!!!

  28. Sooooo painful to watch. Over how much time were all these deposits?

  29. Computerised blackjack, the last bastion of the thoroughbred degenerate gambler, man at least play live dealer poker, this shit is scandalous, I’m amazed how sites can get away with this , you don’t stand a fucking chance……normally in blackjack the house has a 3% edge, but here it’s like 50%, you have to be retarded, simple or just plain stupid ,to even play micro stakes ,with this totally fixed bullshit bro

  30. Gambling is losing money. Nobody has a wonderful on line casino for losing money, And gamblers are just stupid people-

  31. Your trying to beat a computer?.?

  32. THAT IS EXACTLY HOW EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY COMP BLACKJACK SESSIONS GOES. I play to the book and end up skint every single time it’s impossible to beat.

  33. Just one off these losses would pay for my holiday?

  34. No words other than that’s gotta sting

  35. Oh dear!!!!!!

  36. Was that just today or is it a loss compilation?

  37. Mate why wouldnt you play live blackjack instead?

  38. This felt a bit like a gambler’s suicide noteso depressing!

  39. Brutal that one m8 did u smash anything ?? My pc would of gone lol

  40. bro you need some kind of help..yes i know you rock on big bets and staff and its your money youre the only one who can do whatever you want with them but see ther other side of the coin too. Well i know you do but be careful big steps can lead to huge downfalls.(sorry for my english).

  41. You should…….STAY LIKE YOU ARE ! Best !

  42. Crazy playing computer black jack with those kind of stakes, should be playing real black jack at 500 quid a hand lol.

  43. This gave me heart palpitations! How much money did you lose in that session? Online blackjack is the worsssseeeee

  44. This is disgusting never ever play the shitty ass computer jack.. that was robbin you id ring the casino up and complain

  45. Please don’t play this anymore

  46. You very stypid . Play for live delare . No with comoputare

  47. Jesus I was waiting for the big win

  48. computer blackjack is rigged everybody knows! Dont understand why you playing this crap of shite

    • pan. Y when you look how often all players get loose by live blackjack and how often the dealer has A J K Q 10 and make always 20 21 i watch very often black jack players who play live it is really extrem in favor of the dealer to hit the highest number 😛 near to every game round you will notice it.when you compare it to the lot players which mostly have 15 14 12 13 they mostly have to stand and loose.

    • In comp that same shite 🙂

    • pan. Y because it gives you wins in a row. In live blackjack you never know. Infact it can have 10 losing hands with real dealer. In comp that wont happen

  49. Evil streak the reality of gambling

  50. Thats awful to watch

  51. High stakes blsckjack is so rigged

  52. Painful to watch

  53. What an idiotthis is exactly why all computer generated games should be banned. The only place you should be able to get is a casino where it can be controlled. Bookies and online sites should be stopped….

  54. Thank you for uploading my request.. brutální, Surový, krutý…but better i think compared to live bj

  55. Hope to fuck this was not in one sitting. Brutální, Surový, krutý…..

  56. Paul you are SICK IN THE BRAINZ but thats why we love you

  57. Brutální, Surový, krutý, hope its a compilation of months of plays.. not just a week..

  58. Mouse was probably broken on the £1500 Dealer 21 run-outStream tonight or no?

  59. Thank god this was over time and not all in one go! Wow! Made me feel a bit sick!

  60. Thanks to you, Ill never have the idea of playing computer BJ again

  61. That’s why I only play live casino fuck that computer casino games but they have worked for you sometimes

  62. I’ve had much bigger losses than that in a day, I’ve done over 65k in a when gambling heavy but I wouldn’t be an affiliate to subsidize my gambling. Then showing the losses to justify the losses of sign ups. Show a video of the losses accumulated by your sign ups each month.

    • +Darren Fenn you have no argument and obviously no clue as to what I have stated but your right about my spelling and poor use of grammar. Clearly you are a well schooled individual and a force to be reckoned with. You have successfully defended the undefendable and I doth my cap to you. Please let this verbal assault stop I beg of you no more !

    • Also before you post your messages please read them back to yourself ddullaway because your grammar and spelling is very poor, thanks

    • ddullaway , you can’t rebuke my argument so you will resort to petty name calling, thanks for showing your true colours, now go and crawl back under the trolling rock that you came from!

    • +Darren Fenn Wow he has over 36k subscribers yet you are the only to confront me in a half arsed attempt at making some kind of point . Hopefully someone else will have a more convincing defence. I’m not an ex gambler I am a gambling addict who chooses not to gamble. Addiction is for life bitch.

    • ddullaway, you are a buffoon. Why should he show losses made by the tiny percentage of people who cannot control their own gambling habits, and why is it somehow immoral to benefit from affiliations to certain sites. When you go into a shop do they have photos of dying cancer victims from the cigarettes they have sold or have photos of people in gutters or car crash victims due to the alcohol they have sold? You are just a typical militant ex gambler, at least he shows his own losses unlike 99% of the other gambling channels on YouTube.

  63. if you ever need a hug Paul, let me know! I can hook you up!

  64. Tilt mode initiated…. Fuck me that was harsh to watch.

  65. Mate that was fucking brutal was that all today or a compilation of sessions? Huge respect for uploading that mate!

  66. Wow… dealer always starts with a 10 , or pulls a 21 out there ass from a random number . Seems legit LOL

  67. Who wrote the caption Easy Moneyyy!!! The Casino ???

  68. Bet victor is fixed. I never say that about any other site but betvictor is scummy. Even the football odds are always shit Compared to everyone else’s

  69. Because the real rocknorolla has a bad gambling addiction and spunks the LOT!!!!

  70. You need to stop hitting on 15/16 all the time you had so many busts

  71. Ya Know Some Days Paul You Just Can’t Buy a TrickThat’s Life

  72. People commenting that he’s lost over 8k and that’s how brutal computer blackjack is etc, well this isn’t from one single session tho!

  73. Jesus christ that was painful to watch. At least I now know I’m not the only one who has had a terrible streak on BJ

  74. Why you playing this shit be good example,live blackjack is ok but this shit never ever do this

  75. Easy money for casino..unlucky on afew hands

  76. Never play these computirized games they are rigged! Live all the way ?

  77. Thanks for showing the ups and the downs.

  78. Lol don see the utility to play virtuel blackjack man ! Go play in casino or live you will see odds are better and funnier with bonus etc.. goodluck man keep good work up c x belgium

  79. Horrible to watch but important video ?

  80. Online computer blackjack is rigged to fuk but not as much as fobt blackjack!!

  81. Over 8grand in? easy money? you mean easy bankrupt

  82. Show us your poker skills

  83. slots will pay u a lot today.. today bonanze paid 350x for me, so same luck to you

  84. Dazza should watch this, he’s only posting winning videos, absolutely disgraceful imo, unlucky man day off I reckon

  85. Atleast we are not the only ones who play computer blackjack! smůlu kamarád. If your going to lose your going to lose. Computer/live etc. Thats my mentality. Same for the wins

  86. Next time just stick to roulette bro. This game is really shit. Hope u win all ur loses back

  87. I was waiting for you to win. Fuck me got smashed to bits

  88. Sorry buddy, that is my luck all the time, it’s so taunting, btw you put exclamation mark instead of question marks

  89. and they say it’s all random. I’ve played so much black jack that I can tell the outcome once dealt. whatever you do and however you switch it up, NOTHINGZ seems to help. it’s always against you. sorandom?! fuck no!

    slots random?? fuck no! if danger gives u a bonus and a low simbol, of which there are loads of on main gamethem it just disappears on bonus game? is that random?! no! nothing is random. you play £10k you’ll get £8k back in winnings…. and on and in and on like thatand with so many millions of people playing those small profits are huge for casinos.

  90. You made me want to have a drink

  91. This happens 95% of all of my sessions, it’s good to see this side of it broadcasted

  92. Just waste of time playing these computer blackjack and roulette. Play the real thing. Baccarat is the best! Sorry Paul. Think you should give up on the computer B And R. Not worth to play.

  93. This video made me sad

  94. I dont get it. On your ‘normalvideos, the comments seem to be from either known people or people who’ve at least had some type of activity on the comments or streams before. But when a video comes out like this, you get all these random never before seen commenters who either tell you you have a problem and that you’re on a steady downfall. Or they’re calling it fake. Strange.

  95. yeah it’s one of my normal day playing bj.

  96. I was sat here thinking it was all in one go i was gonna say thats one way to get fisted ?

  97. PaulI think you need to take a good long hard look at yourself. In fact I Will save the speech and simply ask you to watch the below video. Once you have watched it then I pray you will become more sensible and not punt another 8 k down the drain. THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS in the long term. It does not matter how much you win short term, you will just give it all back and then some.

    I hope some of your audience watches this video and is stopped from betting money and thinking there going to win.

  98. Some dirty dirty 21s for the dealer from nowhere

  99. That was just upsetting.

  100. Holy sheet that was brutal 🙁

  101. RNG Blackjack.. might aswell just burn your money mate

  102. Daylight robbery

  103. The definition of insanity!! Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result

  104. respect 4 sh0wing the dark side 0f gambling t00..

  105. Streaming tonight paul ??

  106. This is was we don’t seeall the failed attempts at creating a balance. If I tracked that correctly this video showed losing 7.4k, obviously over the course of months, but still a large chunk of change!!!

  107. Brutální, Surový, krutý. Will ya be affiliating for poker stars? Don’t wanna sign up and not support any1

  108. That actually made me feel sick ?

  109. Computer feels so rigged. If I have the feel to play blackjack I always go live + side bets.

  110. na 2:30 does dealer show 2 x ten of diamonds?

  111. Odpověď
    RocknRolla je Hazardní hry Channel březen 12, 2018 na 5:19 odpoledne

    Not going to be streaming tonight and if my love for slots doesn’t return soon then probably not Wednesday either, sorry!

  112. This wasn’t all one session i hope 😀

  113. Obviously thats easy money for the casinos. Nobodys plays computer bj. So how would u expect to win from them. Its like a slot. It only pays a certain % ‘RTPmate

  114. WTF I kept waiting for a win ,caneven count the loss. Feels bad man

  115. wow that was some of the worst degenerate stuff ive ever seen. unbelievable !

  116. Hey Paul, would love to see some cash games , and spin n go sessions 🙂

  117. Watching that Blackjack Paul was brutalfixed isn’t the word ….play live next time might have better lucklook forward to your next stream Paulbest of luck

  118. mate that was a tough watch, hope you manage to turn things around though, although in reality these losses happen more often then not.

  119. This is the most fixed game you’ll ever play if they give you 12 and they shall return no matter what you do the next card will be A 10 so if you hit you bust if you stand they get 20 Madeley fixed

  120. That was absolutely brutal viewing.

  121. Live blackjack only

  122. Only ever done small bets on that the buzz is in live and more likely to win 3/2

  123. All luck and not Golding on to your balls ha

  124. i dont need to ask what happend to that balance you built on lv last then lol! see you when you’re ready pal !

  125. Brutal i would be the exact same expect some sort out of luck out of that and chase will miss your bets but a time out to clear the head is a brilliant move fair play

  126. Rigged.. hahahahahhahaha

  127. Riggedest thing ive ever seen

  128. A series of bad sessions can make a man burn out. It’s always great to take a break. As long as you have the cash to play at the stakes you want to play, and you enjoy the entertainment that comes with it, then there is no reason for anyone to judge you for what is likely a personal choice. I enjoy your videos as always!

  129. Theres no reality at all in this other than limits cut the alcohol out etc cus other the months your looks have even changed you look a beaten man you should give it up all together for your family’s sake I love a gamble but you do take it to the extreme alot focus on what life is for

  130. What happened to the 2500 you build up last night during poker? This stream hurt to watch, but Im glad you are putting both sides out here for the world to see.

  131. Keep your chin up big man

  132. Sitting here swearing at the screen like it’s my money everytime the bloody casino hits 21. Ffs.

  133. Fuck the FOBTs and Slots! Poker all the way and few sportsbets chucked in, thats way more entertaining in my opinion, for what its worth. Havent touched a slot all year and feel so much better for it!

  134. Probably not what you want to hear Rocknrolla, but you do win, you just then lose it again on mad high stakes spinning, if you win that just increases your appetite to increase the stake which makes you lose it all quicker that you gained it. You’ve seemed off kilter for a while now, maybe it’s time to stop. No one wants to see you lose your mind or your money. You have addicts watching you who encourage you to up the stake, or to play such and such game because ‘trust me, 1000x incomingand other crap, it’s not their money and it’s not their sanity. That’s my 10 pence worth anyway. All the best to you.

  135. You could have had so much more entertainment playing poker with the 5k+ you just spaffed you could stream everyday if you wanted to play poker with say a 10k roll it would last ages if you managed it correctly I can completely see why you don’t want too play slots they simply just take way too much money especially with the way you gamble, try streaming more poker mate it’s great to watch and could bink a massive win from a fairly small buy in 🙂 not telling you what to do, I just give a fuck that’s all, take care paul.

    • Ryan Butler yeah he should just do high buy in poker tourneys! Would be entertaining and each session will last way longer and he can still win big if he binks one

  136. i don’t know if u were playing at the same site but i noticed u had exactly the same cards two times 7,7,4 and both timesdealerhit 20 ….

  137. Man that was feking brutal

  138. Gambling is going to kill you one day.. mentally or physically.. and anyone who says otherwise are just as deluded.. because if you have ever gone through something like that it makes you want to die..
    I don’t know how his wife puts up with it, but I’m telling you now the best present you could ever give your family is to simply say to them ‘I’m quitting gamblingfor good’.
    I know you have to put a brave face on and do a typical you tuber reply ‘I spend what I can afford and I play responsibly’ fuck off, that is the compulsive gambler side lieing
    When was the last time anyone actually asked you if you’re actually okay? Instead of giving the viewers what they want..
    I don’t want to say this but I hope you lose everything, because then you will realise the value of money/family/friendship and all that
    It’s a very lonely thing gambling…. so no one will ever knowand what’s more annoying is that no viewer will say things like this because they’re scared to say anything apart from ‘GET THE FUCK IN THERE’. ‘You’ve got balls’.
    Because it’s not your money or life, you just turn off YouTube and carry on your day….
    Urgh I could go on forever…..
    Please please please stop Paul, Literally begging you

    • LetsHaveALook _ he’s doing it with everyone else’s losses he isn’t stupid!

    • Totally agree with you LetsHaveAlookOne of the most sensible posts I’ve read in a long time.

    • My usual stake on slots is around €0.50 and I’m still knee deep in losses from gambling. I really want to just quit it.

    • Wtf, actually most viewers just enjoy watching paul and dont give a shit about this high stakes BS. The chat goes crazy if Paul decides hes going to fcuk away another 4k on roulette! Most sensible people just tell him to bank the money and save it for another stream and only a few egg him on! TBH i dont think any of it effects Paul as he does what he wants to do and i do think he has quite a big problem!
      Ive watched just about every stream this year and its not the slots which have fcuked him, its his obsession to go to the table games! He moans about his lack of luck on the slots but its only due to him creaming most balances away on Roulette this year. He obviously doesn’t get a buzz on the slots as it doesnt fill his gambling needs however hes far more relaxed when playing and interacts with his viewers which is why i suspect most watch.

      If Paul was to play 50p-£1 spins 2000 people would still watch him every other night, maybe not the hardcore where its all about the money

  139. Disgusting , fucking disgusting computer blackjack

  140. That was just too brutal

  141. Try to set up another poker stream for Wednesday? last night was good fun and you seemed to enjoy. Long stream with minimal losses but possible massive gains. Btw congrats to Devin on his win, he did get mega lucky on the river when they were down to 6 nebo 7 but you need luck to win at poker. Can’t see him not gloating about this for at least the rest of 2018. Top guy tho. Better luck in the near future Paul.

  142. Could be worse Paul lad, you could be Jamie Carragher!! Keep smiling ?

  143. brutal was that all done in 1 sesh?

  144. The brutal reality..still..if it’s affordable and you get enough of a buzz out of the occasional good hit then please carry on entertaining us..best live streamer by a mile..if not, when the fun stops….(fill in the missing word)

  145. Boy o boy, thats a losing streak and a half now.. lay off the computer stuff now its all fixed odds just like betting terminals. Hope u hit a good run soon mate, roulette is your friend if i say so from the last 18months?

  146. What about the giveaway? Hoping to win a ps4 since ive watched basically all of your vids from the beginning pal lol ????

  147. Gambling is a real distroyer all this manage stakes bollocks im just like the majority of gamblers shit or bust when your on a bad run it’s a fucking killer

  148. Poker stream is better for you least u get to enjoy it and I quit shit like this because it’s depressing and i watch ur channel because you cheer me up and glad I’m not the only one who suffered for me mentally gambling had made my life misery but I understand how to control myself with it and enjoy a pint or two now and then but I was doin staked much higher than I should have trust me Burger King doesn’t cover the wages I needed for it anyway keep up the streams and the reel king gambles get the fudge in brooo

  149. 8.900 Euro & usd lose oh my good

  150. Brutal vid.. I’m crossing my fingers for Wednesdays stream ?

  151. Rocknrolla is on the ropes , I predicted months ago he has lost the value for money and it will end in tears , always chasing that bigger hit that bigger buzz , rip rocknrolla channel

  152. Take a time out ….go grab a holiday and re charge. Computer black jack/ computer roulette…..your up against a computersome of those hands the dealer pulled out were statistically horrible. Love you’re streams dude. Chins up.

  153. that’s was hard to watch mate brutal

  154. Whats up with the dislikes?

  155. Why has my comment been removed ? Are you not open for criticism? You know for a fact you have lost the value of money its fact , you chase that bigger win that bigger buzz , you will never get it from slots you know that.

  156. You would have been better playing roulette, forget the slots and blackjack.

  157. That has got to be the worst run on blackjack ever Paul! Fucks sake mate lool hope you gained money the back some other way! ?

  158. There’s gotta be a cheaper hobby than this Rolla? I was watching the other night you keep saying you was enjoying yaself etc etc but I could all see you wasn’t enjoying yaself at all. Take it steady pal

  159. Take a month long break. Your subs won’t go away. Your by far the best streamer out there but these higher stakes will harm u seriously

  160. Brutální, Surový, krutý. Very brave to post this. I hope your luck turns around! Never trust the virtual Blackjack or Roulette.

  161. live blackjack 100% you double money

  162. happy u put this up your a top man. gl next time bud

  163. Take along as long as you need off mate, there’s other streamers to watchbut your health and mentality is more important to youyou are the best though…. sorry bandit, you’re a close second.

  164. Brutal And hard to watch Paul. I really enjoy the patter and the fun element no matter what the stakes but these losses are not sustainable for anyone. I’m not sure if the pressure to please or entertain the audience has had an effect on your staking, something has. You’re a great bloke, time to reflect maybe and do what’s best for you. Hodně štěstí.

  165. Paul when are you going to realise that you have a Gambling addiction, saying you don’t is just denial. I don’t know any recreational players that bet and deposit as much as you currently do without admitting they had a problem down the road, your bets are getting bigger and bigger which is a sign of trying to experience that feeling of euphoria.
    I maybe wrong but telling a partner, family or friends (all gamblers try to justify there logic at the time) that the website and affiliated sites will make it worth it down the road is wrong. The amount of people asking for gamban codes tells you a lot of people are getting themselves into trouble and I don’t know how anyone could be ok with encouraging people to sign up to their affiliated links knowing what hurt that could put a family through.
    I know a lot of people are not going to agree with me but can anyone live with themselves knowing that even if they had the smallest chance of encouraging someone to gamble which resulted in a suicide, I know I couldn’t.
    Just my thoughts, peace.

  166. Propper anal fucked. These games are bullshit

  167. Gambling for peoples like you win your 1st £100 it’s great next time you win £100 it’s not enough same with a grand etc etc and it just gets more and more frustrating and boring and then balances start to blown chasing bigger and bigger winsI don’t know what the solution is at this point for myself I love gambling for fun and I don’t spend more then I can afford but what percentage of time gambling is actually fun about 5 percent of it for me cus 99 mimo 100 bonuses end up been shithope you work out what’s fun for you really enjoy your content mate

  168. Probably the most addictive table game in my opinion, lost tens of thousands to this gane.

  169. On somedays you win and can’t lose and on somedays you want to win but just lose 😛 I already played 500 numbers on roulette I didn’t won a single one but a lot of neighbours 🙂 I don’t know what’s wrong with Roulette this week and lastweek on netent playtech,evolution 😛 maybe they push some ball remote control hahahahahaa 😛 I’ve guess I won to much 😛 the weeks before. Now they make it total visible scamming.

  170. oh my god, talk about rapequit playing shitty computer blackjack, you might as well throw your money into the sea, save time.

  171. Now that was depressing..

  172. Paul mate please take it easy you will not beat them .think what you could do with all that cash if you didn’t gamble so heavy

  173. Top man Paulie fair play

  174. So rigged its hard to watch

  175. You need Hypalinx’s lucky charm. Trono !!! Get him in there with yah in a stream or two.

  176. Brutální, Surový, krutý – but it’s very important you upload videos like this because like you’ve said yourself some people new to casinos or slots still ask how they can make money long term and it’s going to end one way

  177. Wonder how much he loses daily? Can’t keep gambling on shit fake games and expect to get on in life!

  178. Odpověď
    Emosone Konkretna Produkcja březen 13, 2018 na 11:25 am

    Dj Shadow 😀 love it

  179. Brutal luck mate! You’ll bounce back no doubt about that! Any bets for the racing today? Mind you saying you were doing somthing for it?

  180. Brutal to watch. It’s 100% rigged and that’s proof right there. Dealer getting 21 from a 6 or a 4. I’ve played on a few of those sites and I refuse to play there anymore. 100% rigged!!!

  181. he did win over £200,000 NOT SO LONG AGOhope he still has that saved .. sorry for these loses but thats the name of the game i suppose ..

  182. That is a lesson right therethanks for upload Paul.

  183. This shit is so scripted, I’d never put that amount of money down on computer black jack 🙁

  184. Are you streaming tonight buddy

  185. attempting to get a big balance for the Stream is not an excuse paul….idk the balance matter that much from the jumpbut how far the jump is gonna be on Streamnow whatching thishey peaplo dont play that game loll

  186. You a need a 6 months break ! You need to relax , and fix your financial life so you will be able to play again

  187. This should be on youporn. That was a proper fisting mate

  188. Execution Vid

  189. Mate that’s disgusting, computer BJ should be banned! How often face card or hit 21? Odds definitely stacked against the player

  190. It’s morbid to watch the losses, I have a strange feeling.
    there is a vergence in the Force

  191. Not trying to be rude it’s your money but if yer betting high limits do you honestly trust computerized blackjack? I used to play all the time also but now with live dealers everywhere I feel way more comfortable that I’m not being ripped off by guaranteed money making software

  192. That was brutal. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but from my own experience (identical to the above), it’s hard to conclude that online blackjack’s not rigged.

  193. Rolla, was that an approximate loss of 10.5k?

  194. Common dude, don’t play virtual BJ, play live, is much better and authentic!

  195. Easy money for the casino, totally rigged.

  196. Makes me feel much better about cheltenham, thanks man ?

  197. If you buy a few thousand scratch cards i think you have a better chance of winning a top prize

  198. When are you streaming again? My balls are aching

  199. Mate I’ve signed up to Lv bet and just had a win and I’ve had to send my documents in and they said it will take 72 hours and my account will be locked until then is that right?

  200. How you feeling paul? In the mood for a stream tonight ?

  201. Why is this slingo advert blocks my view,can’t se no videos when this stupid ad starts

  202. Some of the draws there are unreal!!!!

  203. More slot videos please

  204. Online or live same shit . We are always loosers with this game..

  205. Hi, can you send me deatails on how i can get into the home game, i couldnt find it anywhere last week even under the home games section. cheers mate

  206. this is virtual money, don’t worry about him

  207. Why don’t you open a casino n at least profit from this only way your going to win is to have a rocknroller online casino. You know which games you like think you would do well

  208. I won big on slots Jan Feb and March last year including 4k off lucky 247 on sign up and hit the Royal bronze pot on sky Vegas winning 2.5k on small bets no more than 3.00 spiny, Iv been consistently loosing 2-300per month since it just seems that when you hit a bonus now it pays nowhere near what they used to anymore on any site. It’s not fun anymore. When the fun stops stop. Enjoyed watching Paul your a very likeable guy. Hodně štěstí

  209. I’ve been there before for losses. Computer blackjack does some devilish things

  210. Odpověď
    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノAlizs březen 22, 2018 na 1:51 am

    Who the fuck plays against a computer and thinksThis is profitableif you Want to Play BJ do IT live or in a casino. The computer Will always win.

  211. Virtual blackjack is by far the biggest con in gambling

  212. Never play vs bj cpu, its fucking impossible to win

  213. Rigged to bits

  214. 8500 ?? lost

  215. Dont play computer bj

  216. Easy money…. yes for the casinoes not the player thats rare

  217. Rigged always play live man

  218. Fixed shit on the computer right?

  219. Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel I have a feeling you are going to hit big tonight. 10k cashout and a Kentucky bucket

  220. Get in Paul hope your well mate !

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