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140 Komentáře
  1. Love u bro shoutout to northern Dan & Gerry ! Legend of a specimens

  2. when will you stream again m8?

  3. love your streams. me and the bandit?

  4. Evening Paul gl tonight

  5. that’s why I think the automated blackjack machine is rigged Paul. I once won £300 off £40 deposit but it took hours! what’s your thoughts?

  6. Epic mate! Can we see some Jose tonight?

  7. happened to me on blackjack with betfred. rigged to fuck paul

  8. love your videos mate

  9. From 14:01 your balance went down about a grand from a £6 bet ? .. edited ? Just wondered ..in case you were ripped off !?

  10. That’s why you go to live casinos

  11. Bandit will be mad for wonky!!

  12. The 21 casino sign up link won’t work. Please advise

  13. whats the biggest win you have had on wonky?

  14. Finally the Wabbits paidand a nice run on fruit warp too. Good luck tonight, look forward to the stream later.

  15. proper roller coaster, good luck with the remaining balance..

  16. I like your commitment there mate stick at it and sometimes it pays off !!!!

  17. Nice nice…..looking forward to tonight’s stream now mate…????

  18. Hey. pěkné video. can you withdraw the Bonus money or is that not possible

  19. You played every blackjack hand perfectly too, such bullshit sometimes! great vid!!!

  20. You are a jedi among us!!! more videos please love you!!!!

  21. Haha so fuckin your reactions man

  22. You will hit 10.000 subs this night, Congrats in advance bud, you deserve it!

  23. epic vid paul how much did you deposit all in all?

  24. Hey paul, you messaged me about 2 months ago and I never realized. I messaged you back. Just saying so you didn’t think i was trolling or something

  25. Oh and great video so far (I haven’t watched it all yet)

  26. Epic win, I reckon you will reach 10k subs tonight. congratulations in advance.

  27. Nice degen there! Paid off as well! Gl tonight pal

  28. Wow, definitely a rollercoaster mate. Nice bloody balance for tonights stream though!
    Wagering left is basically £4k too so go get that decent cashout for some profit after all them deposits lol

  29. Nice one Paul! Finally 3 wilds! Get in there!

  30. forget fobtsfuck the hulk nuts!!

  31. about time those wilds landed in wonky, good hitting lad

  32. when u start the stream man ? Dont want to miss it today and good luck !

  33. gratz in the 3 wilds finaly ! haha looking forward to the stream ?

  34. very nice. was worried for a start but you took over 😉
    well done

  35. Epic video blackjack was well rigged but atleast you got something out of it. Nice hits on Fruit Warp but that hit on wonky at 15 pounds was brilliant really enjoyed seeing ghat wildline cant wait for the stream see you there.

  36. BJ wich u play is computer is FAKE and RIGGED, u should know this

  37. Great vid mate. Those crazy bastard rabbits done good !

  38. your balance dropped twice like 800 dollars ea?

  39. How does it give you match bonus every time you deposit on this site??

  40. more of the same later mate bit less degenerate though lol

  41. never EVER seen a run of hands like that b4 smh pisstaking fuckers

  42. Sorry but i couldnt help laugh with you at those blackjack handsbeen there got the t-shirt m8

  43. thought it was going south at one point but what a balance to start with tonight get the fudge in there the wonky was definitely a Ronsa moment to start the stream with

  44. about time that 3x wildsnice win buddy..

  45. congrats on 10k subs mate

  46. stream tonight paul? appologies if youve mentioned in vid i aint watched with sound

  47. That 1St bin omg lol sorry paul but it was funny .

  48. holy fuck man that bj dealer run :0

  49. fruit warp n wonky r the best. enjoyed it

  50. what a win paul! wonky paid off!

  51. Hey mate great vid, standard! All the best and keep em coming f the FOBT’s!

  52. Taking a page out of Bandits book i guess. Awesome hit mate!

  53. dude that wonky wabbits seems like the best

  54. Paul that blackjack was something else mate, 100% rigged

  55. congrats on 10k

  56. Love these type of vids mate , defo your style

  57. Play more roulette mate love watching them

  58. video blackjack is just fixed as fuck. play it live or do not bother or you will get FUCKED!

  59. mate your playing computer blackjack what do you expect

  60. Odpověď
    Parker Says Play Casino and Slot Channel January 12, 2017 na 11:08 am

    wild lines on the DRUGGO wrabbits . GTfudgeIN. grats on 10k sub mate.

  61. i signed up to this casino through your link and it seemed alright then i started putting money into it and now i know why its called 21casino because everytime i play blackjack on it all he seems to get is 20/21 fucking rip.

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel only computer blackjack which is obvious the odds will always be against you but honestly I’ve never had such a bad run like what I’ve had on this site. If your gonna play computer blackjack try switch blackjack it’s only on certain sites but it good only problem is if the dealer busts on 22 it’s a push stupidity enough.

    • Odpověď
      RocknRolla je Hazardní hry Channel January 13, 2017 na 4:35 odpoledne

      do you play live or this computer stuff? I’ve found both to be on some crazy runs lately! (against the player)

  62. That’s the reason I never play black jack huge bets does it to me all the time dealer always beats me with 1 card 20 all the time dealer pulls 4 card 21

  63. blackjack was harsh as feck. nice result in the end though mate

  64. God, that was some awful rigged blackjack play.

  65. Not in an offensive way but I was laughing when that bj kept hammering you id of smashed the computer up knowing me. Honest you couldn’t hav had worst look on that rigged fucker. Pleased it worked out ok in the end tho

  66. thought the max bet with a bonus was 150 but u doubled on blackjack?

  67. Funniest video yet LMAO

  68. He touts the casino!



  71. U know what u should do, get insurance when dealer gets an ace, do it 20 doba. Count how many bjs dealer gets, pak 20 without insurance to se if it’s rigged.

  72. Insanity is when u do the same mistake twice and expect something else to happend

  73. Never use the non live blackjack tables,only ever the live dealers.

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