Charity Stream Update and Final Totals!!



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152 Komentáře
  1. Odpověď
    RocknRolla je Hazardní hry Channel duben 13, 2017 na 5:47 odpoledne

    So let me know what you think and prefer for the final part and I will do it! Once again thank you all so much!!

    • Please get the bandit on stream with you, would be the best banter on youtube.

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel you gotta do it with the Bandit mate. Pure comedy gold the pair of you

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel good on you mate and great to see you back on twitch top bloke

    • thats really quite a staggering amount you raised Paul in 24 hours and over the internet, ive seen a lot of gofundme pages struggle to reach £500 in a week. Maybe you could do a short interview or something with the people you are donating too so that they can explain what it is they actually do there and how the money would help them most. Would be nice to see their reaction to receiving the money too 🙂 you should be very proud, £20k is a hell of a lot of money and now thanks to you they are £20k better off 🙂

    • get the bandit down. watched the 24 hour stream and was quality and everyone done amazing raising a lot of money for a great charity. be proud of yourself!!

  2. Awesome gesture paul

  3. Fekkin awesome effort Paul kudos my friend ? yet another debilitating illness we need to crack.

  4. Nice one Paul top bloke

  5. £19,960 Holy fuck mate. Well done.

  6. Bandit n rocknrolla + booze n slots (think I’ve just dribbled)

  7. amazing paul to a good cause your the man

  8. well done Paul

  9. You could make a poll to see what the community would like to do.

    • Odpověď
      RocknRolla je Hazardní hry Channel duben 13, 2017 na 6:12 odpoledne

      Yeh was a good idea and was just about to do it but having seen the comments so far I think people want to see the stream with the bandit

  10. If my vote counts. Wait and do a stream with Bandit. Awesome total, well done. Much love from TheShed xx

  11. Through all the shit and bad times, whenever things get tough just come back and look at this video Paul and be super fucking proud of yourself. You’ve done an amazing thing and I couldn’t be happier for you. Much love mate x

  12. never use a google calcuator

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel just use the windows or Mac version or my phone. Never considered online version.

      20k raised. An amazing feet. You should so proud of yourself and your followers

  13. What’s that other 8 grand im a little confused..
    but even still I have to say absolutely fantastic Paul a real well done on a fantastic job for a great cause!

  14. Legend ????

  15. OMG how long have we been asking for this joint stream hun! So I would obviously vote to do it with the Bandit x

    • how much for tickets to see? you and bandit are top dogs and worthy of the amounts given to charity. you both need recognition for a great job done both in making those donations and giving us some never to miss vids and all for a good cause.

      good luck for the meet up with bandit he and yourself are gods to us mortals, you tube would certainly miss you

    • Odpověď
      RocknRolla je Hazardní hry Channel duben 13, 2017 na 6:15 odpoledne

      Looks like it will actually happen this time!

  16. Amazing amount paul and an amazing achivement of which is so close to your heart . I lost both my parents to cancer aged 53 a 55 so people like you doing theese things for good causes really is brilliant . ?

  17. Great Job Pauil.. my advice is to wait and do it properly.. us fans want the knob jocky Bandit involved. (cos he’s such a legend)
    We can arrange for some heavies to knock his door down to get him out of bed.. no problem.
    This has gone so well, you will feel dissapointed if you don’t do it EXACTLY right.. its not like the money is going anywere is it.
    Take your time, do the presentation properly. make an awesome YouTube Video. = job done.

  18. get in rolla great total. well done buddy. something to keep with you for life. think all of us want a dual stream with you and the bandit. that would be great ! much love as always.

  19. Wait until you have the bandit with you mate will be worth the wait and well done on raising that much ❤️ I donated twice ?

  20. Good effort mate I’m sure the charity will appreciate that huge donation. maybe when you do the stream with the bandit you could also use that as a charity stream top up for those who maybe missed the original charity stream. good luck anyways

  21. Odpověď
    Stake and Chips Gambling Channel duben 13, 2017 na 6:03 odpoledne

    First of all a BIG WELL DONE you and all who donated ! Secondly I think a stream with the bandit would be great buddy ? ?

  22. Get the Bandit down Paul, will be fucking awesome mate ?

  23. Good on ya u effin ledge

  24. Fantastic effort frommy manand everyone who donated.

    Glad to see it helping a charity out so close to you

    All the best mate

  25. Top man for doing this rocknrolla 🙂 great cause

  26. BanditNrolla in one stream fuck yeah GTFIT ????

  27. Amazing achievement mate. you should be very proud of yourself. A Ron Zacapa moment in itself!!! GTFIT & fuck the FOBT’S

  28. hey , leave it for Tuesday to go live..

  29. Well done you should be well proud of yourself :).. You should do a stream with Bandit to wrap it up.. I will look forward to seeing you together hahahaha

  30. Well done Paul Legend. Get the bandit down and smash his head with that pan. Great amount for a great cause. Much love

  31. Holy shit what a result man!! Congratz again buddy!! And you and fuckface?!?! Ahhhhhhh that would be amazing!!!!! The banter, the big bets, the big wins!!! Cmon!!!!!

  32. amazing amount! get the bandit down and do it! dont think people are going to mind waiting.

  33. Congrats mate!

  34. Stream tomorrow anyway and save the live charity thing for later

  35. wowwwwwwwwwwww myyy mannnnnn that is a ridiculous amount to raise for a charity massive well done im sure that will make a huge diff to your chosen charity

    ps how did you get back on twitch or did common sense just prevail

  36. Absolutely amazing amount of money for a well deserved cause Paul, well done to all who donated ????it would be great fun to see you an the bandit doing a live stream, enjoy the rest of your weekend Paul x

  37. Stream together with the Bandit ? Live Donation to the Charity and see their Reactions ?
    Absolutely *YES* ! Please do it !

  38. I’m a 42 yr old hardened gambler with a tough side of me and this has brought a tear to my eye pal. I emailed the Bournemouth gazette at the time of the live stream and mentioned it at the time and heard back from them and since been emailing then to mention this. A gambler through his/her life is ashamed of things they do bit once in a blue moon they do something that chalks off some bad things and you my friend have got major credits in the bank of goodwill in the bandit of selflessness when many times we truly are selfess. Love to you and your family

  39. unreal wp top man

  40. wait and do live and do a bullet with the bandit. that sounds the best option to me. just rounds the whole thing off nicely and gives it the ending the huge effort deserves

  41. You are an inspiration Paul!! Well done ?

  42. #fingerthebandit

  43. stream tonight and tom 🙂

  44. Get the bandit down get leathered have some fun !

  45. As I mentioned Paul, my dad died of huntingtons so I’m proud of you mate for what you did, great achievement and a stream with the bandit would finish it nicely!

  46. Wow Paul fucking amazing job mate huge ❤ to you what a legend!!!!

  47. Do it tomorrow! Lets get the Bandit day-time drunk!

  48. Top man, top donations and a very worthy cause.

  49. Get the fudge In there Paul Wd,Great result from a Top bloke?@#RocknBanditstreamHype!

  50. Amazing, nice job!

  51. Great work Paul. All the best. Looking forward to the joined stream. Much love 😀

  52. Great idea with the Bandit stream to finish it off, it gets my vote. What a fantastic total, really glad I donated..Well done Paul

  53. What a brilliant amount well done Paul that’s amazing, not forgetting the 24 hours you streamed for. I would love to see you and the Bandit do a big bullet on novamatic slots that would be epic.

  54. Rocknrolla you are amazing, well done! Please please please team up with the Bandit that would be epic as you are both my favourite YouTubers!! Streaming together would generate so much support I just know it would so please make it happen! Much love ?

  55. rocknrolla it’s better than a kick in the dick

    joint stream please 🙂

  56. unreal. you and the bandit on a live stream. literally couldn’t think of anything better. just go fucking ape shit on wonky and dead or alive!! gonna be the stream on the year!

  57. Massive achievement congratsVoting for the bandit to appear although to protect his identity he should have to wear a pigeon mask through the stream..

  58. drag the bandit daaan saaaf for a stream 🙂

  59. get the bandit down. Paul a rekon on your stream you could help him get to the 10k by giving your followers more of a nudge in his direction.

    great effort on the charity stream

  60. wow, awesome job. Well done and a huge hats off to everyone that took part in this…………… over 20k is an awesome amount and it would be great to do a live reaction stream with someone from the charity.

  61. sounds a good watch ..

  62. anyone on here play GTA5 Xbox 1

  63. Top man really!!! Can’t wait as well for you to stream w bandits , gonna be tomorrow?? Please say not I am working till late…!!!:(

  64. get that bandit out of bed lol congratulations to all who donated wot an achievement and we’ll done paul for doing this for this charity

  65. well done everyone. that’s an amazing amount for your charity. I’m happy for you to do your stream with the bandit

  66. gotta go with the bandit mate would be brilliant

  67. Gotta be with the Bandit mate. There’s no rush so another couple of weeks won’t matter

  68. anyone says anything against you now then you genunely have a reason to tell them to fuck right off this is a fantastic effort mate top man

  69. Fantastic total, I’m not free tomoz so from a selfish point of view if u could put the last bit back I’d be delighted

  70. wait for bandit

  71. great work and well done again paul

  72. wow amazing amount raised !! do a joint live donation with the bandit would be amazing to see live

  73. bandit all the way!!!!

  74. Thank you for doing an amazing thing, something what can be negative for people turned into something thats just great. Big inspiration Rock And Rolla, keep the good things comming I’ll be following, and contemplating my own good thing!

  75. Amazing Paul you should be very proud of your self buddy better make it an evening stream so you can get the bandit out his bed lol

  76. Nice to see you back paul! Maaa maaaan


  78. Huge achievement to raise that much money Paul. Hope your extremely proud of yourself.

  79. I would like to see a stream with the Bandit. Well done on the total raised.You should be proud of yourself.

  80. Paul, fantastic total, the idea of you and the bandit on a charity stream is fantastic, we can all wait till then buddy.

  81. Legend mate well done

  82. Amazing amount .congrats, looking forward to seeing a reaction from the charity.

  83. Get up Bandit lol

  84. What knobs have thumbed down this great news.
    Well done on a great result.

  85. Well done Paul mammoth effort! Great cause!

  86. Well done Paul amazing work! God bless ??

  87. nice job mate!!!!

  88. You and the bandit joint stream will be an epic ending to the charity stream Paul…….I think I speak for every 1 when I say that 🙂

  89. Absolutely awesome what you’ve done Paul seriously and if you and the bandit could do something together……… Well that would be unreal. Hoping I speak for everyone but thank you for the entertaining content you provide and work you do for others. So nice to actually see genuine people, top bloke

  90. Odpověď
    LetsGiveItASpin - Casino Streamer duben 13, 2017 na 11:18 odpoledne

    Amazing paul, well done buddy!

  91. wait and do one with the bandit. both of you s on a stream will be epic

  92. paul you’re far from perfect and you made a mistake with your reaction to the trolls , but this effort for charity is fantastic and will make a significant difference, your frankness about the swings of gambling is honest, stay strong, stay true and look after yourself!

  93. Odpověď
    andrew phillips slot wins duben 14, 2017 na 2:54 am

    You and the bandit would be brilliant, big respect for the amount u raised 🙂

  94. Can the bandit wear a slipknot mask and do the big reveal when you hit a certain point lol?

  95. you should do it as i live steam paul. that’s the way you wanted to do it at the start mate!

  96. obviously a joint stream!!!!!!! 100%

  97. Make it together and also make it stream the donation live to get the reaction

  98. You should be really proud of this Mate, it’s an amazing result for an amazing cause, this is what sorts talkers from doers, so go ahead and put bandit through the sliding for in an epic finale and live stream the donation to get the reaction, get the fudge in there mate

  99. great work Paulawesome stuff

  100. Great effort. Well done RnR. Glad ur back on twitch to keep me entertained bi weekly.

  101. You and the bandit defo it will be EPIC!! get it sorted if you can, everyone would love to see that stream!! ronza cappa head to head and the winner gets to choose a forfeit for the one who loses

  102. I am a fan mate and watched about 18 hours of your streamdon’t blame for doing what u did at the end ..we are all human and it is what it isgreat total….and who the FUK are the 14 people with thumbs down???…keep it coming Pauland stay real and in control..ishhh!!
    cheers Steve….degen addict and loyal viewer!!

  103. A lot of respect for this ??

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