£3,000 vs Roulette!!!!


The reality of high stakes roulette! Should have walked??

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Zodpovědné hraní – Hazardní hry je vysoce návykový a může způsobit vážné finanční problémy, upozorňujeme, pokud nechcete riskovat, jen hazard, co si můžete dovolit ztratit a nastavit limity! Hazardní hry by neměla být vnímána jako způsob, jak vydělat peníze, ale jen jako zábavu a pamatovat si kasino bude vždy vyhrát na konci vzhledem k jejich domu hran! Pokud hazard se stal problémem pro vás, pak můžete mluvit s GamCare: nebo může být Gamble Aware: www.begambleaware.org/

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179 Komentáře
  1. Boom 1st comment c’mon rolla

  2. 1st been sat looking at your name all day for an upload haha much love bud

  3. fiiiiiiiiirst my maaaan

  4. How many reds in a row!!

  5. waiting for your stream man

  6. Is there no live stream today? And when comed rock’n’rolla merchandise? Hahaha

  7. Paullll pleassseeee uploadddd the SteeeeamTowrrrr

  8. You streaming tonight Paul?


  10. be careful paul mate.

    • saying that you wouldnt have mind if 17 rolled in instead of 25, for a 15k payout, thats a good raise in 2 mins with 2k, and if you dont bet big you cant win big

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel true. thanks for the replies by the way paul

    • Odpověď
      RocknRolla je Hazardní hry Channel duben 22, 2017 na 9:02 odpoledne

      nature of the gambleris right mate! Brutal loss mate, get them sites restricted and get them limits on?

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel agree buddy. did £2100 in 30 mins myself last week. had a great aintree on the horses and blew it on betfred live roulette. i dont know why i continue to play a game ive lost on for 35 years. i do ok on the horses too. suppose its the nature of the gambler eh. take care and again be careful mate. youre a cracking bloke and young enough to succeed without degen.

    • Odpověď
      RocknRolla je Hazardní hry Channel duben 22, 2017 na 8:55 odpoledne

      Thank god for deposit limits mate

  11. paul You have to steam tonight

  12. ya stream toninth will be fun

  13. Hard luck rocknrolla the big win is coming and i hope to see it on one of your live streams.

  14. hard luck mate. You will get it one day.

  15. 17 NOOOOOOOOOOOO, So close mate

  16. unlucky Rocknrolla, I watched this convinced you were gonna go on a winning streak, and win a big cash out!! I like how you show both the ups and downs with gambling…….

  17. this shows how dangerous is martingale system,guys, one must have BIIIG bankroll and metal nervs no chase the black color

  18. So close thought you was going to hit 17 pak, btw this is my new name, mrswallowssaltythings aka Mrchokesondicks. Take care man.

    • Rosie Brown you are very kind, I like to think of myself as being creative. I only seem to be creative when i’m drunk, when i wake up the next day i usually regret the name change. But thanks for the compliment x.

    • mrChicken4ker Not to sound creepy, but all your names are very…. *CREATIVE*! ??
      Na zdraví!?

  19. got my hopes up there with the notification coming up, thought it was stream time. unlucky on the roulette Paul, not much play for your money. Monday night comeback on the slots I can feel it

  20. heart was in mouth when it landed next door

  21. Unlucky go for 9red next time ?

  22. One word DEGENERATE. 🙁
    Bet is 2000 and win is 4000 hahah
    You are playing 2 much nubers mate. 17 is great but how can you have only 4000 in the number near best number.
    My advice is try to play 17 a 20 but only with 3neighboors left and right so you have total 14 nubers.Thats how this is playing trust me i won a lot of money just to play like that.Because when roulette wants to give you money you have to play tight and win as much as you can in that period.

  23. u mean $2000 not 3000

  24. 3k lost, “not too bad not too bad😀

  25. Tread carefully rolla !!! You’re going down a dark path again my son !!!! Seek help fast !!! Iv quit gambling and you can too

    • Telling someone to quit gambling with that name!? PISS OFF!

    • He use the most stupid way to win ! Idiot, idiot, idiot !!!

    • Hyperfuse fuc you rokenrola

    • He gets a 100% bonus on every deposit with low wagering requirements from 21Casino, plus all the money he makes from people signing up via his affiliate link and losing (he gets a % of those people’s losses).

      With all those advantages, which are HUGE, why would he stop?
      Everyone could be up and actually make money gambling given those advantages.

      If you don’t have them though (99.9% of people don’t, including me and you.. unless you’re a streamer / casino affiliate), you better fucking STOP because you’re gonna lose.
      For him with those bonuses and advantages gambling has a positive expected value, for us it’s negative. He can actually earn money with it, we’re gonna lose. Simple as that.

      I just wonder what will happen to rolla when his deals with the Casino dry up, I mean it’s not gonna go forever. There’s a life after streaming and youtubing. The advantage play for him will be gone, but his addiction won’t.
      Then it iswelcome to the real world of gamblingas for everyone else 😀

      Hodně štěstí…

  26. Gotta be in it to win it, fuckin hate Monday streaming i finish work at 11 then start 9am Tuesday im wrecked all day? love them really? cant wait to see you smash it and u will some day? good luck mate

  27. Holy macaroni that 17 would have paid a moutain of money

  28. smůlu Paul! You win some you lose some! – J4kal.

  29. When is this from Paul?

  30. hollyshit paul the luck isnt on ur side lately the fucking TIER worst section atm screwed me other week £600 all in then same 19 come up ,gl on big hit and get it all back m8

  31. Ramen for the rest of the month

  32. unlucky this time.

  33. maaa man! diggin n now thanks for the vid

  34. ever think of trying a different casino? i honestly think your being had sometimes.

  35. That streak of reds was insane

  36. Odpověď
    Stake and Chips Gambling Channel duben 23, 2017 na 12:34 am

    Unlucky buddy this time , cheers for the vid ?

  37. I bet someone was betting huge on black so they used the jump trick to make it red

  38. Paul, anyway to send you a screenshot?

  39. dude whou mate that big bet if that just come in it would be hudddgggeee oh man…..
    but 17 did come in at begining lol:) dude one day one day!!!:)))

  40. rolla your a top dog

  41. Rolla your a legend weather your doing £1 spins or £1000 spins your true fans will still be watching all the best man the real OG??

  42. So there was a lot of reds doesn’t mean it’s goin to be black unless it’s fixed of course.if you flip a coin and get 20 heads in a row it’s still 50/50 on the 21 st flip . Obviously with zero taken in to account. Mind you a grand up and it wasn’t enough

  43. casinos love people that use the gamblers fallacy. betting black just because the last few spins have been red. advantage remains with casino regardless.

  44. the odds of 11 reds in a row are astronomical

  45. yes m8, i love how you show both sides, but what was your target with this session?
    i think you’ve gone big too fast. whyall inon the last spin, it wasn’t hopeless already!!!!????
    příště víc štěstí, Paul

  46. that was a bad game dude i would have use those chips much better but sadenly i dont have it

  47. You have serious problems. My friend:gamcare.org.uk

  48. Love you vids but you make me sick as a dog ?

  49. you got to quit this, 3k in 7 min is madness, i earned 5 k for the year working 2 days a week a couple of years ago, if u did cop on to yourself, u would have more financial freedom and more power in your finances, your wife could use that against you in your relationship, the money and the gambling, it will come up in every argument.you could stick with using the bonuses that the casino gives u as a streamer, that should be more than enough to feed your fix, this is also why i don’t give to charitys because if u can afford to waste all this money, not much is going to the actual cause. the thing about gambling is even if your winning, it is hard to stop, so your bound to lose most of the time and even if u do win its hard to cashout, thats the trap

  50. Boy how that 2k raise could help me out in life right now. I’m crying to see it go loll

    They have manny ways
    The onley thing you need to be lucky at is they not using it at time of play

  52. daym theres some serious people on this chat. some people take comments way to seriosly. and as for rollas videos being fake.. well pfft. how many times does the guy need to show you his bank statments and casino account transactions for you all to get a grip and enjoy the channel/streams ? grow up.. its ammusing to see but get a life haters.

  53. How about low-rolling for a while and saving some up for a big run?

  54. From what i’ve seen you never win anything on roulette.

  55. This isn’t a personal attack on u Paul !!! You’ve got to sort out your degenerate gambling on roulette, you seem to have no respect for your money ( it’s seems your money is just digits on the screen) no amount of money seems to satisfy you!!! On your last session u had 4 grand !!!!! 2 spins later your stream is over!!! I love to see u big!!! But weirdly it hurts when your degen head gets the better of u!!!! Best wishes paul

  56. Been following u eversince, don’t waste ur time with negative comments. Its gambling. It is what it is. i wish u could do me a charity stream to get my life sorted to get married. my £1k to &10k lol

  57. lost £3k not too bad? Lend us a tenner then Paul :)

  58. I’m fairly new to the channel really enjoying it so far. Was just wondering is there a certain time and day he live streams ? Or is it just as and when. Either is fine with me. Just a general wondering cheers

  59. paul mate, what is a good rum to combo with coke? I see you drinking it in every stream just wondering what you would rate as a good affordable option? or anyone else that can help out thanks

  60. Yes, is all about gambling, if not, we won’t even want to watch any video stream, one thing for sure, roulette can’t be beaten, but it can be sometime makes amazing profit. Looking at the ball going in to our big wages on certain number can be quite orgasmlols.

  61. Subscribe 😀

  62. Just signed up to 21casino using your link. Keep up the good work.

  63. 5 25 15 19 you stupid ???

  64. I wouldn’t play roulette on line after watching the video of the remote vibrating ball which I see you have followed but you still play m8…. I take it your a non believer of the remote ball then???

  65. can you withdrawal with your bonus balance?

  66. hi Paul when are you next streaming mate

  67. if we flip a coin. and its either head or coin. its 50/50 chance. so if it is 20 times head in a row. what is your chance of hitting coin next round? bigger or smaller. the answer is 50% so stop with the tier is due, nothing is due. its all equal chance of dropping on it. roulette is purest form of gambling without any logical reason in it.

    • Odpověď
      RocknRolla je Hazardní hry Channel duben 26, 2017 na 12:09 odpoledne

      When I say its due I’m taking the piss as I obviously know the probability of each spin but its just my way of deciding what to bet on. With the 50/50 chance yes thats true but did you know 20 heads in a row is around 2,000,000/1, so people use the gamblers fallacy to bet on that not happening, so same with the red/black situation, yes its 47.4% every spin regardless of the history but based on the odds before that first red goes crazier each time black doesnt come in and have yet to see a roulette history made up entirely of red, but like I said I just use it as a way of deciding what numbers to bet

  68. 1)The roulette wheel in this video is not a true roulette wheelIt is a RRS Cammegh….It has the ability to speed up and slow down the wheel whilst it is in play….
    2)The Pill or Ball they are using is not what you think it isIt also has the ability to move while in play with the use of a gyro inside the ballhere is proof https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=51bc1ypNsrU
    Net Ent is located in Malta where the Gambling Regulatory Authority has their own rules,rules that would be unacceptable anywhere else

  69. Why are your streams never available to watch? Na zdraví

  70. I was wondering why there are so many dislikes.

    I think people can relate when your not so non-nonchalant dude. Theres playing sensibly, playing risky, then there is putting 2000 on53 numbers because i got it.

  71. 1:10 There you kids, another proof this is rigged, like the Ball was already in and the Ball somehow jumps out quite weirdly. So ridicoulous!

  72. Check the jaw bone on that bird haha

  73. you say its so sick when it lands next to your numberbut you do realise that its more likely to land in the adjacent pockets to your number than the number you want right?!

  74. This guy is the definition ofNo Fucks Given “.

    Rock on!

  75. i won $2k last week, and i lost $4k this morning on poker, tonight i’m gonna bet my last $5k hope my money back to my bank acc.

  76. Is that a real live person or scripted?.

  77. bro make a giveaway 🙂

  78. vibrating ball

  79. Ahahahha

  80. This is not a gambler should act. This is dangerous !

  81. Please stop gambling I just lost 150 pound and it’s killed me from now on I will never ever play gambling it’s affecting my daily life and I have a little baby boy what if he find I am gambler no good guys these sites should be banned gamblers always lose can’t believe what I done

  82. This bloke is so lost
    Even if he won 50k
    Within week it wud hav gone
    Look at maths at vagas
    Even before you start you will lose €15 outta 100.
    Thats if uou play it once
    Doing thisby 40 years oldpoor guy

  83. She’s a liar I can feel that to my bones the spinning ball is weird..

  84. Painfull to watch…..

  85. Fuck It, fuck It, fuck it. Water off a ducks back ?

  86. 3 months wages for some in one spin. Sicko

  87. I can’t wait till I can bet $2,000 in 5 minutes and just say fuck it

  88. Gambling is really bad.But there is something even worse,and that is to be afraid to gamble over losing control. Every grown man that considers himself adult should be able to gamble any amount of money without getting addicted.Otherwise you are still kids with adult body. Period!

  89. You’ve done crazy spins, 5k, 12k, 20k, 30k spins on your other videos, and not once have you placed a single £1000 chip on a number, come on mate, if you’re gonna risk that much money at least stick one or 2 chips that will give you maximum return if your lucks in

  90. Online casinos must be the most dodgy thing on the planetshud be banned!!!!

  91. Where u from & what do you do for a living? It’s fucking murder init I’m deep every week

  92. you sir a stupid fool atleast u kept the 58 pound or was it pence? shouldnt mattet u only lost £4 grand lmao

  93. gambling on the house

  94. I love watching him lose as his bets are ridicules.

  95. bro she was throwing quarters the whole time. It’s all bout watching her spins and going opposite.

  96. Hillarious watching people who can’t play.

  97. Massive Grambling problem I do the same shit ? with the all in shit and never works.

  98. 4k hahahahahahahahaha rip

  99. Odpověď
    Ruleta logaritmus Výhry říjen 20, 2018 na 9:46 am

    So you begin with 2k and you end up having 0. In my videos I begin with 10€ and at the and I have over 500€

  100. A greedy idiot.

  101. Why did u not take it when u was up a grand

  102. smůlu kamarád

  103. Best Roulette Simulator @ @t

  104. You don’t know shit about roulette

  105. Stop betting online ,you all loose,this sites are all cheating,if you bet red comes black if you bet black comes red if you bet zero ,zero don’t come if you don’t bet zero ,zero will come

  106. Lmao winning a big zero at the end ?

  107. comment if came here from autoplay

  108. to play on this you would have to be ill, its pre recorded , it gives u a bit then fucks you over, to get fair play go to a casino

  109. Son u need serious help

  110. never bet against the wheel

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