1000 spins on The Phantom’s Curse: final review

1000 spins on The Phantom’s Curse: final review

The Phantom's Curse by Netent: the opera is haunted.

The final The Phantom’s Curse is set in, how could it be otherwise, a spooky opera. If you look closely, you can even see the dust clouds gently rise from the stage. The nice soundtrack is just as spooky and nice and mysterious.

Fortunately, this slot is not full of crazy, incomprehensible features, on which slot developer Netent seems to have a bit of a patent lately.

No. The Phantom’s Curse is a sizzling, original and beautifully designed slot machine, on which Mr. Casino has played with great excitement.

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How does The Phantom’s Curse work?

The Phantom’s Curse has 5 reels, 4 symbols per reel and 40 paylines. The minimum bet is € 0.20 per spin, the maximum bet is € 200 per spin.

All paylines count both from left to right and from right to left. You know that principle from the popular slot game Starburst, not entirely by chance also from Netent.

Mr. Casino thinks this is a pleasant system, because every spin is exciting right up to the last moment.

The symbols on the castle come from the famous story Le Fantôme de l'Opéra (The Phantom of the Opera) by the French writer Gaston Leroux (1868-1927). Yes, Mr. Casino has its classics!

The most expensive symbols are of course the mysterious Phantom herself and his unattainable sweetheart and opera star Christine. In addition, a hand mirror, a yellow rose and a mysterious knife come along.

There are also wilds (jokers). And that is paying attention on The Phantom’s Curse.

  • A mask always counts as wild.
  • The Phantom counts as wild when it has a golden frame. This only occurs on the first roll.
  • Christine also counts as wild when she has a golden frame. This only occurs on the last roll.
1000 spins on The Phantom’s Curse: final review

If the Phantom has a golden frame, it counts as a joker.

Finally, there is a golden chandelier that acts as a scatter. Three scatters give you access to free spins.

Free spins

How many free spins do you get? With a bit of luck a lot. Very little with bad luck. That's how it works:

When your free spins start, you see five ropes hanging on the left. The large golden chandelier hangs above the stage of the opera on these ropes.

Every time you spin a masked Phantom on one of the reels, the Phantom cuts one of those ropes loose. In exchange, you get extra stacked wilds on the relevant roll. For convenience, the roll is also illuminated with a spotlight.

1000 spins on The Phantom’s Curse: final review

One rope left: only on roll five has not been a Phantom.

This continues until the moment that a masked Phantom has appeared on each of the roles. It cuts the last rope, the chandelier falls down and your free spins are over.

That hassle with that rope is a bit curious. The advantage is that you can continue endless in theory with your free spins. The maximum number of spins that Meneer Casino was able to spin is 15 (see below in this slot review).

And then this slot has two other bonuses that you can get during the regular basic game.

Pick and Click

Two golden Phantoms on roll 1 and two golden Christine’s on roll 5 yield the Pick and Click bonus.

You end up in Christine's dressing room (in terms of animation, that is very nicely done). Eight roses are waiting for you here. Each rose is good for a sum of money and you click on the roses until you get an X in the picture.

1000 spins on The Phantom’s Curse: final review

Each rose is good for a sum of money, until you 'pick' an X.

After the X you get three mirrors. Click on one of the mirrors to reveal a multiplier: x1, x2 or x3. The money that you have earned with the roses is multiplied by the multiplier

Masked Phantom Re-spin

If you spin two golden Phantoms on roll 1 and two masks on roll 5, the Masked Phantom Re-spin starts.

You get a free re-spin while the four wilds remain standing. That can give you big cash prizes, Meneer Casino can tell you from experience …!

1000 spins on The Phantom’s Curse: final review

The wilds remain standing – that can lead to big prizes.

The 1000 spins from Mr. Casino

Mr. Casino played 1000 spins on The Phantom’s Curse for this final review. He bet € 0.20 per spin.

What stands out immediately: the basic game is exciting! The hit frequency with 18.95%, this slot is a lot lower than you are used to from Netent. That means: not every spin a few nonsense prizes, but more regularly nice prizes around € 3. With a bet of 20 cents that is great.

With many recent Netent slots you almost only have to deal with the bonus rounds, but luckily that is not true with The Phantom’s Curse.

On the other hand, the bonuses may be slightly less generous. Mister Casino receives the Pick and Click four times, with the highest price being € 5.40. Mwah.

The free spins start six times. On average, Mr. Casino manages to extract 10.7 spins. And the average profit: € 5.31. Nice but not spectacular.

No, then the Masked Phantom Re-Spins. These come very regularly (during these 1000 spins 22 times!) And can really set you on fire in terms of yield.

There are brochures of € 7.75, € 7.15 and € 12.25. And as an absolute highlight € 29.10. That is 145.5 times the stake. Yummy!

1000 spins on The Phantom’s Curse: final review

Big win thanks to the Masked Phantom Re-Spin: € 29.10.

On the other hand: sometimes you win exactly € 0 with the re-spin, that is also possible. It happened to Mr. Casino five times.

After 1000 very nice spins, Mr. Casino cannot say otherwise, there is a profit on the screen of € 10.45.

The results on The Phantom’s Curse

  • The profit after 1000 spins at € 0.20: € 10.45
  • The 5 highest wins: € 29.10 / € 12.25 / € 7.75 / € 7.15 / € 6.40
  • Pick and Click: 4 times (average profit € 3.50)
  • Masked Phantom Re-Spin: 22 times (average profit € 3.14)
  • Free Spins: 6 times (average profit € 5.31)
  • According to Netent, the payout percentage (RTP) of The Phantom’s Curse is 96.57%
  • Hit frequency: 18.95%

About the payout percentage of The Phantom’s Curse

For the sake of clarity: the theoretical payout percentage (also known as RTP or return to player) for the The Phantom’s Curse slot is 96.57%. That means that in the very long term, measured over millions of spins, this slot machine will pay out 96.57 cents again as prizes of every euro wagered.

If you play a smaller number of spins, the actual payout percentage may be much higher or much lower than the 96.57% – a matter of luck. Or bad luck.

Mr. Casino had more luck than average in the 1000 spins he played for this slot review: he finished with a win. That says (unfortunately!) Nothing about your chances of winning at this slot.

Final consideration

Mr. Casino thinks The Phantom’s Curse is a very successful slot machine.

Finally a slot from Netent where you don't have to wait endlessly for a bonus, because the basic game can also be lucrative. In addition, The Phantom’s Curse is simply incredibly beautiful, both in terms of graphics and sound.

And in terms of playing pleasure, this new slot is one of the best games that Netent has in its range.

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