1000 spins on Swipe & Roll: final review

1000 spins on Swipe & Roll: final review

Do you swipe big prizes together on this slot?

Swiping. Ten years ago nobody knew what it was, in 2018 you do it all day long. On your phone (Tinder!). On your tablet if you have one. And, why not, on slots.

Netent has released an online slot with a bonus game in which you can swipe roles. And since a fifties sauce has been poured over the slot machine, with retro symbols and rock and roll music, this slot is called: Swipe & Roll.

2018 meets the fifties, is that a success? Read more.

How does Swipe & Roll work?

Swipe & Roll is a well-arranged and easy-to-play slot machine. There are 5 reels, 20 paylines and the minimum bet is € 0.20 per spin.

You play with symbols that you know from old slots: melon, orange, plum … The famous yellow bell counts as a scatter symbol. Finally, there is a sparkling diamond that counts as a joker.

There is also a diamond (joker) with "X3" on it. If you score a prize with that diamond on your payline, your prize will be multiplied by three.

1000 spins on Swipe & Roll: final review

A diamond with X3 triples your price.

If you turn three or more diamonds in one spin, you will get a free re-spin. The diamonds remain during the re-spin.

1000 spins on Swipe & Roll: final review

Three or more diamonds in the picture? You get a re-spin.

If you spin a bell 3 times in one spin, the bonus round starts. Now the swiping is discussed.

You see three reels with amounts and arrows on it. You can swipe each of the reels up or down once with your finger or mouse.

If a roll stops on an amount, you immediately win that amount. If you swipe an arrow on the payline, you win the amount of money that is above or below the arrow plus the amounts that are on that spot on the other reels.

1000 spins on Swipe & Roll: final review

The arrow provides extra prizes in the bonus round.

And this is not all, because there is a third feature. During the basic game, just one wheel can emerge: the Coin Wheel. The wheel stops on an amount of money, on an arrow or on "SCATTER". If you run "SCATTER", the swipe bonus starts immediately.

1000 spins on Swipe & Roll: final review

The Coin Wheel appears completely random …

The Coin Wheel usually only runs once. But sometimes you get several turns in a row. Rock & Roll!

Clearly? The video shows you all again:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLPk15yvtSo (/ embed)

1000 spins on Swipe & Roll

Mr. Casino played 1000 spins on Swipe & Roll for this slot review with a bet of € 0.20 per spin.

Little happens initially. Many small prizes, nothing spectacular. Only after 195 spins are there three bell symbols for the first time and therefore the bonus round. The profit is reasonable, but also not to pop the champagne for: € 5.48.

About 100 spins later, Mr. Casino will get a nice prize. The free re-spin yields a bunch of plums and three diamonds with a multiplier X3. Cash desk! The profit: € 14.70.

1000 spins on Swipe & Roll: final review

Big win on Swipe & Roll: € 14.70.

That is the highest payout of the entire test session on Swipe & Roll.

The Coin Wheel appears 15 times. Highest win: € 8.20. Lowest profit: € 1. It keeps you in the race, but it doesn't make you rich.

The bonus round then. It only starts four times. The highest price: € 11. Lowest price: € 3.20.

After 1000 spins, Meneer Casino is losing € 11.31 and is quite tired of the rock and roll soundtrack. Time to stop!

The result on Swipe & Roll

  • The loss after 1000 spins at € 0.20: € 11.31
  • The 5 highest winnings: € 14.70 / € 11.- / € 8.20 / € 6.90 / € 6.00
  • Bonus Game: 4x (average profit € 6.42)
  • Coin Wheel: 15x (average profit € 2.93)
  • According to Netent, the payout percentage (RTP) of Swipe & Roll is: 96.35%

About the Swipe & Roll payout percentage

To be clear: the theoretical payout percentage of the online slot Swipe & Roll is 96.35%.

This means that in the very long term, measured over millions of spins, this slot machine will pay out 96.35 cents again as prizes of every euro wagered. If you play a smaller number of spins, the actual payout percentage may be much higher or much lower – a matter of luck. Or bad luck.

Mr. Casino had less luck than average in the 1000 spins he played for this slot review. That's a shame, but the loss of Mr. Casino says nothing about your chances of winning at Swipe & Roll.

Final consideration

Swipe & Roll is a spectacular event. It seems to Meneer Casino a "snack" that is quickly put together by the developers of Netent.

The design is pretty fresh, but the soundtrack gets boring quickly and the swiping adds little to the game.

If you like online slots with retro symbols, then opt for Super Flip or Twin Spin Deluxe, for example.

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