1000 spins on Second Strike: final review

1000 spins on Second Strike: final review

Second Strike: always a second chance when you win a prize.

Second Strike from game developer Quickspin is an easy online slot without many bells and whistles. And yet Second Strike is very exciting.

If you play a winning combination, you win a prize. But it doesn't stop there. You always get a chance to win another prize that is many times bigger. Hence the name: Second Strike.

Thanks to that second strike, a small prize can grow into a big jackpot in one fell swoop.

How does Second Strike work?

Second Strike is a pleasant, simple slot machine with a standard layout: 5 reels and 3 rows. There are 10 paylines and the minimum bet is 10 cents per spin.

There are retro symbols on the reels: diamond, sieves, star, bell, melon, grapes, plum and cherry. In addition, there is a joker, the symbol with the word WILD on it.

At the edges of the slot, around the reels, there are boxes with these symbols. Here it is determined whether you win the "second strike".

If you spin a winning combination, one of the boxes in the border lights up. The illuminated box quickly runs around the edge and stops on one of the symbols after a few seconds. If this is the same symbol as your winning combination, you win a second strike.

The second strike is a second spin. Your winning combination remains and before the second spin starts, a number of the same symbols appear on the reels.

  • If you had a price of 3 symbols, you will get 6 symbols.
  • If you had a price of 4 symbols, you will get 8 symbols.
  • If you had a price of 5 symbols, you will get 10 symbols.

Complicated? No, it is not! Watch:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7zaaBUQ038 (/ embed)

Thanks to that second strike you can win huge prizes, even if you initially received a small prize. For example, three diamonds yield 10x your bet. If you get five diamonds on a payline thanks to the second spin, you suddenly win 100x your bet.

If you spin a prize of 5 symbols, the second strike guarantees a screen full of the same symbol. After all, the slot only has room for 15 symbols on the reels (5 + 10 = 15). Then it is very thick cashing!

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cX-KKdD8WM (/ embed)

Clearly? Okay, then we will play!

The 1000 spins from Mr. Casino

Mr. Casino played 1000 spins on Second Strike for this slot review with a bet of € 0.10 per spin.

And that starts well.

Because after five spins there is a winning combination on the screen of Meneer Casino. Or rather: two winning combinations. One with 2 grapes and a joker and one with 2 bells and a joker. The box for the second strike also stops on a bell. Beautiful!

The second strike yields 6 extra bells, which fall favorably on the paylines. In the two spins (the regular spin + the second strike), Meneer Casino wins a total of € 3.10. 31x his bet. That is a great start.

Unfortunately, it soon becomes apparent that there is not an exaggerated second strike in this test session.

Mister Casino takes a second strike 28 times with a payline that initially consists of three identical symbols. The highest price with that (measured over the 2 spins together, the first and the free second strike) is € 3.60. Fine. The average profit of those 28 times is € 1.52. Tidy in itself.

Regarding the number of second strikes of a payline with four of the same symbols: 6 times. The highest price: also € 3.60.

1000 spins on Second Strike: final review

Big win on Second Strike: € 3.60.

Unfortunately, Mr. Casino does not score a second strike once with a payline consisting of 5 identical symbols.

Ultimately, after 1000 spins, Mreer Casino is in the red € 6.22.

The result on Second Strike

  • The loss after 1000 spins at € 0.10: € 6.22
  • The 5 highest wins: € 3.60 / € 3.60 / € 3.60 / € 3.60 / € 3.45
  • Total number of second strikes: 34 (average € 1.64)
  • According to Quickspin, the payout percentage (RTP) of Second Strike is: 96.22%
  • Volatility / variance: high

About the payout percentage of Second Strike

To be clear: the theoretical payout percentage of the online slot Second Strike is 96.22%.

This means that in the very long term, measured over millions of spins, this slot machine will pay out 96.22 cents again as prizes of every euro wagered. If you play a smaller number of spins, the actual payout percentage may be much higher or much lower – a matter of luck. Or bad luck.

Mr. Casino was slightly less lucky than the average in the 1000 spins he played for this slot review. That is a pity, but it is also good news. Because the loss of Mister Casino says nothing about your chances of winning on Second Strike.

Final consideration

Second Strike is a pretty volatile game. You can win almost nothing for a while, but suddenly: pats, a field full of the same symbols. Then it's cash register!

Do you like slots with that kind of high spikes? Then definitely try Second Strike. The slot seems simple, but after every prize you win, you will have tension again: will you get that second spin or not? And if so, where do the extra symbols land on the reels?

If you prefer an even slot machine, where you often get medium prices, then a less volatile slot like Starburst is more suitable for you. But Mr. Casino is playing even further on Second Strike!

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