1000 spins on Epic Joker: final review

1000 spins on Epic Joker: final review

A slot machine with old-fashioned jokers, sevens and fruit symbols.

While some game developers are making more and more complicated and sometimes almost incomprehensible online slots (do you read, Netent?) There is also an opposite trend: super-simple slots with classic fruit symbols. No bells, no bells.

Game supplier Relax Gaming is participating in that trend with the new slot Epic Joker. Ideal for beginners: on Epic Joker you can play from as little as 5 cents per spin and thus cover all paylines.

How does Epic Joker work?

Epic Joker is an unprecedentedly simple slot. Three reels, three symbols per reel, five paylines. Ready.

You play with 3 roles and 3 rows. It does not get any clearer.

The number of symbols is also minimal, namely seven. From high to low:

  • Joker
  • Star
  • Seven
  • BAR
  • Orange
  • Plum
  • Cherries

You win when you spin three of the same symbols on one payline.

1000 spins on Epic Joker: final review

Three in a row is a prize. It doesn't get any simpler.

To make it a little bit alternating, there are two simple features.

Joker Re-Spin

If you spin one or two reels full of jokers, you will get a free re-spin while the jokers remain standing. This is the same principle as on the well-known slot Starburst.

1000 spins on Epic Joker: final review

A free re-spin, just like on Starburst.

Super mode

If you spin nine of the same symbols, you get five free spins. During the free spins you can again score 5 free spins and also get the Joker Re-spins. In this video you can see how the lock works:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dALWdeeTSa4 (/ embed)

The 1000 spins from Mr. Casino

For its slot reviews, Meneer Casino always plays 1000 spins with real money, in this case with the minimum bet of 5 cents per spin.

The very first spin on Epic Joker is an instant hit. Nine equal symbols, Super Mode, 5 free spins. That yields a total of 10 cents. No, no jackpot!

During the 1000 spins it is precisely that image that lingers: something that comes very close to a jackpot wins Mr. Casino during no spin at all. The highest profit is € 2.46. More than 49 times the stake so not unkind. But creating money is something else.

1000 spins on Epic Joker: final review

Big win on Epic Joker: € 2.36 plus € 0.10 of the original spin.

The highest win during a regular spin does not end. That is only € 0.80, thanks to a handful of stars in a row.

The features then. Mr. Casino only receives the Joker Re-Spin twice. The winnings: € 0.10 and € 0.14. Well!

The Super Mode comes very regularly. 48 times in total. The average profit does not end with: € 0.48.

Remarkable detail: even during the very last spin, Mister Casino turns nine equal symbols! And again the final win after the free spins is only € 0.10.

After 1000 spins, Mr. Casino is € 13.05 lighter.

The result on Epic Joker

  • The loss after 1000 spins at € 0.05: € 13.05
  • The five largest winnings: € 2.46 / € 1.90 / € 1.84 / € 1.66 / € 1.46
  • Joker Re-Spin: 2x (average profit € 0.12)
  • Super Mode: 48x (average profit € 0.48)
  • According to Relax Gaming, the payout percentage (RTP) of Epic Joker is: 97%

About the payout percentage of Epic Joker

Just to be clear: the theoretical payout percentage of the online slot Epic Joker from Relax Gaming is 97%. This means that in the very long term, measured over millions of spins, this slot machine will pay out 97 cents of every euro bet again as prizes.

If you play a smaller number of spins, the actual payout percentage may be much higher or much lower – a matter of luck. Or bad luck.

Mr. Casino had less luck than average in the 1000 spins he played for this slot review. Fortunately, the loss of Mister Casino says nothing about your chances of winning at Epic Joker.

Final consideration

Epic Joker is simple, or rather very simple. That is quite refreshing and nice for a short bet. But after 1000 spins you know this slot inside and out and the fun is honestly finished. Especially because you get so few bigger prizes, not even in the features.

If you are looking for a simple fruit cupboard that remains exciting, check out Vegas Diamonds.

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