1000 spins on Book of Dead: final review

1000 spins on Book of Dead: final review

Hey, what does this lock look like?

One of the most popular slots in casinos is Book of Ra from Novomatic. Even Holland Casino nowadays has slot machines on which you play this classic.

And as so often in the casino industry, success also provokes copycats. You can find dozens of Book of Ra clones online with names such as Book of Romeo, Reels of Ra, Secret of Ra and Book of Anubis.

The best-known Book of Ra clone is Book of Dead, from game maker Play’n Go. Is this slot as exciting as the original? Mr. Casino figured it out for this slot review.

How does Book of Dead work?

The online slot Book of Dead has five reels with three symbols per reel. There are ten paylines. You play from 1 cent per payline.

On the reels you will find the adventurer Rich Wilde, three Egyptian symbols and the famous A, K, Q, J and 10.

And of course, just like in the original, there is a golden book. The book counts as Wild (joker) and as scatter.

If you display at least three gold books, you win the bonus round. You get 10 free spins. But before the spins start, the book opens and one of the symbols on the slot is chosen: the "special symbol".

1000 spins on Book of Dead: final review

The higher your special symbol, the more lucrative the free spins.

The special symbol folds out over the entire role if at least one winning combination is involved. Extra special: to win a prize, the special symbols do not have to be on adjacent reels.

For example, if the 10 is your special symbol and a 10 falls on reels 2, 3 and 5, you win the prize for three 10s: five times your bet per line. And because the 10 and fold out, you win on all ten pay lines. Yummy!

1000 spins on Book of Dead: final review

With the special symbol you always win on ten paylines at the same time.

If you get Rich Wilde as a special symbol, then the real money is raking in during the bonus. With five Rich Wildes as absolute hit, good for 5000 times your bet.

Watch the official video of Book of Dead from Play’n Go here:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qw_3z8WaI40 (/ embed)

The 1000 spins from Mr. Casino

For its slot reviews, Meneer Casino always plays 1000 spins, in this case with the minimum bet of 10 cents per spin.

It soon becomes clear what Book of Dead is about: the free spins. The regular game hardly produces any significant prizes.

In 1000 spins, Mr. Casino never wins more than € 1.50 in the basic game. So put that new Ferrari out of your head …

The free spins then. Thanks to the folding symbol, that is a nerve-racking experience in itself. Unfortunately Meneer Casino only got the bonus round three times and every time with a low symbol as a special symbol.

This resulted in: € 4.30, € 7.95 and € 17.05.

1000 spins on Book of Dead: final review

This bonus round yields 170.5 times the bet.

That's a shame, because Mr. Casino plays Book of Dead more often and knows from experience that the free spins come about once every 200 spins.

Ultimately, there is a loss of € 22.45 after the 1000 spins for this slot review.

The result on Book of Dead

  • The loss after 1000 spins at € 0.10: € 22.45
  • The five highest wins: € 17.05 / € 7.95 / € 4.30 / € 1.50 / € 1.50
  • Free spins: 3 times (average profit € 9.77)
  • According to Play’n Go, the payout percentage (RTP) of Book of Dead is: 96.21%

Book of Dead vs Book of Ra, which is better?

Book of Dead is very similar to Book of Ra, but there are a few differences:

  • Book of Dead has one more payline.
  • The paytable is slightly different.
  • Book of Dead pays better than Book of Ra (96.21% against 94.26%).

The last point, the higher payout percentage (RTP), is particularly important. If you play € 100 on Book of Dead, the house advantage is € 3.79 on average. If you play € 100 on Book of Ra, you will lose € 5.74 on average. That is more than one and a half times as much.

Furthermore, the graphics of Book of Dead are slightly more modern and slicker and the soundtrack also sounds better than that of Book of Ra.

Meneer Casino always opts for Book of Dead!

Final consideration

The Book of Dead slot is almost a one-to-one copy of the popular Book of Ra slot machine. Only: the copy is better than the original.

Not only the graphics are slightly more modern and slicker, but especially the higher payout percentage makes Book of Dead much more attractive.

Mr. Casino is a fan of Book of Dead. It is often a long wait for the bonus, but if you turn a high symbol, the wait is very rewarding.

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