Wow: that's how they build mega casinos in Las Vegas (video)

The local concrete pourers, masons and carpenters know it: if a mega-casino has to be rebuilt in Las Vegas on The Strip, the casino should have as little trouble as possible. Close temporarily? No way. Because no turnover is not a profit.

And winning, that's what it's all about in Las Vegas.

That is why casino resorts that are being renovated are almost always stripped per floor. The other floors can then remain in use. But the floor that is being renovated must also be reopened as quickly as possible. That is why there is a clock that counts down the hours and minutes that construction workers still have at their disposal. So a nerve-racking exercise.

Late delivery is not an option. This is one of the reasons why veek projects do not go beyond the drawing board.

Casino complexes that are newly built must open as quickly as possible so that the roulette discs can start spinning. So it is bizarre to work hard at a height of 50 meters in a shaky steel construction …

Discovery Channel presenter Danny Forster took a fascinating look at two mega projects with his Extreme Engineering program: the ingenious renovation of The Venetian and the construction of the adjacent Palazzo. [/ embed]

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