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There are players at roulette, poker and blackjack who use a strategy. Some lottery players have been playing with a fixed number series for years. And there are players who control their favorite game with the help of natural forces.

The latter players win with the Law of Attraction. For some, that method is dismissed as hovering. But the fact remains that they win more often than can be explained statically.

The secret

win with the law of attraction

Win with the law of attraction by visualizing piles of money

Most players who now win with the Law of Attraction got to know it ten years ago. Then the film and the book The Secret became popular. In it, writer Rhonda Byrne tells about a recovered secret, a secret method for having happiness and success.

The secret is based on the Law of Attraction, or the law of attraction. With the rules of that law you can acquire wealth, health, property and freedom. And as a roulette player, you can win with the Law of Attraction.


The information from The Secret soon got a lot of followers. Several entrepreneurs and writers used it for their own gain. There were workshops where you could learn and practice the rules. And there were popular books about the law in general. Other books focused on specific practice, such as winning with the Law of Attraction in blackjack or roulette.

In the Netherlands, the books of Patty Harpenau and Annemarie Postma in particular were successful. The book “The Deeper Secret” by the latter even achieved international success.

Helene Hadsell

In the Netherlands we are probably too sober. Or we keep “the secret” to ourselves when we win with the Law of Attraction. In other countries, occasional winners are mentioned who win excessively thanks to the “technique of attraction”.

A controversial example of a little longer ago is Helene Hadsell. She stood out because she won almost every competition in which she participated. In 1982, when she came out into the open, she had already won more than 5000 prizes. She had developed her own method for this, the SPEC (see below).

Silva method

Helene Hadsell once started applying parts of the Silva method. With this technique, developed by Jose Silva in 1940, you lower your brain waves to alpha frequency, the hypnosis level.

In his books, Silva also gives examples of people who, for example, won a lottery with his method. But the self-proclaimed parapsychologist is more concerned with extrasensory perception than winning with the law of attraction.

The origin

The Law of Attraction, as it became popular a few years ago, finds its origin in Wallace Delois Wattles. He wrote the book “The Science of Getting Rich”. In it he describes a method to attract wealth and success. We recognize winning with the Law of Attraction.

Wattles belonged to a movement called the New Thought Movement. Supporters of that movement, which began around 1850, believe in infinite intelligence. Everything is connected by energy. With the right technique you can attract something to you, for example your chances of winning roulette or poker.

Science of Getting Rich

The life of Wallace Delois Wattles was a succession of bad luck. And financially it did not go well for him either. He started reading the work of famous philosophers. In it he discovered the power of thoughts. He applied his own method and acquired wealth.

At the end of his life, he described his method in the book “The Science of Getting Rich.” It inspired many after him, such as Anthony Robbins from NLP. And several writers used Wattles' insights from their own perspective, for example:

Catherine Ponder – The dynamic laws of prosperity
Neville Goddard – The Law and the Promise and The power of awareness
Dr. Ernest Holmes – Change your life by changing your thoughts
Wyane Dyer – Wishes fulfilled, mastering the art of manifesting
Christie Marie Sheldon – Unblock your abundance

You can download the full book “The Science of Getting Rich” here for free.

Looking back

win with the law of attraction

Choose your lottery numbers with the law of attraction

Whoever makes a study of winning with the Law of Attraction probably recognizes a common thread. You can go further back in history than Wattles. Because the ancient Greeks were already discussing matters that later come back to the law of attraction.

But if you start with Wattles and his contemporaries, you can discover a way to now. In the variants that later emerged, new scientific insights and discoveries from, for example, physics and psychology were added.

The variants were naturally given different names. And the theory and practice often became more extensive … while the original Wattles method was simple.

SPEC method

The book by Wattles is worth reading, but perhaps somewhat old-fashioned. We therefore stick to the SPEC method of Helene Hadsell. SPEC stands for Select, Project, Expect and Collect.

– Select what you want, for example winning with roulette, blackjack or a lottery
– Project it by imagining that you have won. See it for you and feel it
– Expect, or expect it. Be absolutely sure that you are going to win
– Collect it, do what it takes to win (if you don't buy a ticket, you can't win the lottery)

A comparison is sometimes made at SPEC with making an online purchase. You select a product, for example a bank. You imagine how things are in your room. With a little imagination you can already see how you feel when you watch television or play a game. After the order you expect it to be delivered at a certain time. And if it is there, do what it takes to use it as you imagined.

Win with the Law of Attraction

Is that it? Yes, the Law of Attraction is about as simple as the SPEC method. As stated, each variant makes it increasingly larger. Because the writer or trainer wants to distinguish himself, all kinds of things are picked up or made up.

But the Law of Attraction is close to SPEC. With the Law, after selection, it is about affirmation and visualization, expectation, gratitude and receiving.

Does it not work …

There are many scientists who win off with the Law of Attraction as nonsense. According to them, it cannot work for all sorts of reasons or they explain the behavior of a user of the law from their field of expertise.

However, many people say that they owe their success to the Law of Attraction, for example Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay-Z, conor McGregor, Lady Gaga and Will Smith. So as a roulette, poker or blackjack player you can easily think “it doesn't help, it won't harm …”.


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