Why do gamblers think they can beat the casino?

The casino almost always has a house advantage and because of this mathematical advantage a casino will always win over the players in the long term. Many players think that the casino exploits unfair (rigged!) Casino games. This is misleading in my opinion and is simply called house advantage. This has nothing to do with unfair casino games. Of course, the past has sometimes shown that there are unfair games or casinos, but this is really very limited!
Many players think that they know something that other people do not know and that this knowledge will give them an advantage in the casino. Most players overestimate themselves and are less skilled than they actually are. This effect is also called the thinning-kruger effect. This phenomenon has also been observed by numerous philosophers, one of whom said; "In today's world, the stupid ones are overflowing with self-assurance, while the smart guys are all doubt."Why do gamblers think they can beat the casino? 1What is the house advantage with craps?

Win with knowledge at the casino

If a player wins at the casino, his "knowledge dexterity" is confirmed. With casino games, it is precisely the mobility (volatility) of the winnings and losses that makes gambling so attractive. And if the same player enters a loss period, he or she will fall under the heading of bad luck and not through their own ignorance. The idea will then be that next time everything will be won back, because the players know exactly what he or she is doing and think they know what other players don't have.Why do gamblers think they can beat the casino? 2What is the house advantage with Blackjack? The casinos distract the players with colors, scents and by really giving you the feeling that you are welcome. With a little alcohol, players really estimate the odds a lot higher that they are going to win. Walk into any casino and walk to a roulette or blackjack table and watch it for a while. You will then hear sounds such as; "Red must really fall now, since black has fallen 7 times in a row." "Because the last player (box) of the blackjack table has drawn an extra card, the game is completely ruined and we are all losing now!" That this real nonsense is a fact, but for the vast majority of players, these are their own assumptions and they can't get away from that. Overestimation in their (in) expertise comes together here. And if I hold a mirror in front of the player, you always get a comment in the sense of, I've been playing this for 25 years and I really know how it works. The automatic roulette is also such a wonderful example, as far as I am concerned it is one of the most honest machines in the casinos and yet 95% think it is an unfair casino game. But am I wrong now, or the other 95% of players.Why do gamblers think they can beat the casino? 3Automatic roulette with a house advantage of 2.7%

The entertainment gambler

Fortunately there are also many players who simply go to the casino to take a gamble and see this as a kind of entertainment and pastime. These people already know they are going to lose money and are happy when even after a night of gambling. But the casinos live on the gamblers who overestimate their skills and don't shrink from proving that by betting thousands of euros. They see their entire working career in the casino what happened to the guests and yet they regularly visit the casino. And the great thing is that when we play along with them, they also try to use their extra knowledge to beat the casino. They are just like people 🙂Why do gamblers think they can beat the casino? 4A beautiful croupier

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