Which themes are often used for (online) slots?

In recent years, more and more slots have appeared based on a certain theme, such as popular TV shows and films. Providers find it a bit appealing to use a popular theme, for which players get excited. In this article you can read about the themes that are often used for (online) slots.

Why do people play theme slots?

Slot themes have existed since the invention of one-armed bandits. At the time, the games were still dominated by the various fruit symbols, such as cherries, lemons and melons. A manufacturer of chewing gum already produced a gaming machine at the beginning of 1900 with which chewing gum could be extracted. The symbols that were chosen corresponded to the different flavors of chewing gum. Moreover, the symbols such as cherries have become very recognizable and the fruit symbols hereafter have never disappeared in the (Dutch) casinos. Nowadays you see a variety of themes. Slot developers want to be able to offer a slot for every consumer, with which they can identify themselves. It is therefore no wonder that the larger providers have developed a slot for every popular theme. And certainly given the current developments in data collection, it is very easy to see which theme scores well.Which themes are often used for (online) slots? 1Fruit symbols

Slots that have a temporarily popular theme

There are plenty of slots that are very popular throughout the year. In addition, there are slot providers who know that certain slots are doing very well during a certain period of the year. Players want to play these slots and there are many reasons for this. Moreover, it allows lock developers to build perfect marketing campaigns around it. Easter and Christmas are good examples of themes that can be very "hot" over a period of time. The NetEnt "Flowers Christmas Edition" slot is a perfect example of this. Live casino entertainment provider Evolution Gaming had set up some gaming tables during the football world championships that football fans had to entertain. The game was based on Dragon Tiger, which again looks very much like Punto Banco. Of course there are also countless slots that are not popular during a certain time of the year. For many different games, specific activities or hobbies of players were looked into.Live Football StudioLive Football Studio

The most popular theme slots

In the Netherlands we still see the fruit theme predominating in the Dutch arcades. But outside of this old-school theme, only new themes have been devised:

The old Egypt

A lot of slots are based on ancient Egypt. This theme has something mysterious about it and that apparently impresses players. Symbols such as pyramids, pharaohs and dung beetles are often used for these slots. A very popular slot, based on this theme, is Book of Ra. And as avid players know, Book of Ra has quite a few variants. These slots also try to get their share. Book of Dead is the best-known example of this. There has also been a wildly popular slot from Microgaming, which had received an Egyptian makeover, because the slot developers realized that the theme appeals to many players. In this case we are talking about the Mega Moolah, which has a jungle theme in the original version. This slot is also known for its grand jackpot, which can go up to several millions.Winplan Book of DeadBook of Dead


Slots with symbols such as dragons, Chinese characters, the lucky symbol "8", cherry blossoms, etc. are hugely popular. China and gambling, that goes well together. Macau is the place where legal gambling is allowed in China, and since the Chinese are rather superstitious, many slots are being developed specifically for this target group. The slots that are being developed are showy, with many bling bling of golden elements. One of the popular titles is '88 Fortunes', for example. Holland Casino has this top spot and you can hardly ever play it, so popular.


Horror is not only very popular as a film theme, but many slot developers also make good use of it. The horror theme naturally lends itself super well to the necessary effects in slots, such as screams, flashes of light and zombies. This in combination with being able to win (large) prizes is of course great. Some horror slots that have scared many slot aficionados are: Immortal Romance, Blood Suckers & Gothic.Immortal romance video slotImmortal Romance


Some blockbusters benefit from the success through the sale of merchandise. And there are some slot developers who have bought the rights to design a certain slot with the characters from a certain movie. For example, Bell Fruit Games managed to get the rights of certain Batman expressions, with the result that these multiplayers are now shining in the Dutch arcades. And we also have some slots that are very popular, due to the cool characters, soundtrack and cool video clips. Consider film slots such as The Hulk, Planet of the Apes and Jumanji!


Gambling and fantasy: a fantastic combination. Slots where you go back to childhood, or where you can escape from reality. Magicians, mythical beasts and fairies, just some characters you might encounter. A theme on which slot developers can go completely loose, use all their creativity.Which themes are often used for (online) slots? 2Fairytale Legends starting schedule

Money & luxury

Many slot aficionados sometimes dream of winning a big jackpot. Providers anticipate being able to become rich. Such slots are full of dollar signs, luxury yachts, expensive watches and celebrities. The "bling bling" pops off your screen and you step into the skin of a millionaire. Just because it's possible! And that you then lose your bet again, you accept! 😉

Which theme should I choose?

It is entirely up to you to decide which slot you choose. Each his or her preference! The advice is to look at which online casino you will play. Watch out for unreliable online casinos. Onetime has a large database with independent reviews, so you are sure that you will not be fooled. There are also a number of online casinos where you can select by theme, such as at BetClic!

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