Which Las Vegas casino pays the best

Every gambler sometimes dreams about it, where are the best paying slot machines? The house advantage for a slot machine is also called the "hold" for the casino. This is the percentage of the casino on average with regard to the turnover that players throw in. A slot machine that is "loose" paid out on average better than a slot machine that is tightly adjusted. But where are the so-called "hot" slot machines in the casino that have the best payouts? The lower the payout percentage, the more money goes back to the players.Gamblers at the slot machines

The slot machine manager

Each casino has its responsible manager for the slot machines. It is not strange to ask this person where the best paid slot machines are in his casino. Even some waitresses know by experience where the best paying machines are. But the best way is to sort out the annual accounts and reports to see exactly in which casino they have the best paying slot machines! We can give you a tip right away, the higher the throw-in value of a slot machine, the higher the payout percentage. So we immediately see that the Jackpot slot machines pay the least and that is because there is an x ​​amount of each spin percentage goes to the big jackpot! Of course there is a very small chance that you will hit a monster at these slot machines – Jackpot. If you look purely at the payout percentage, it is best to ignore the pennies cupboards. But let these cabinets be the most popular in the Holland Casinos and in Las Vegas. A 'hold' of 10% is very normal and this means that you leave 5 of every 50 cents spin (in) immediately behind casino. And if, for example, you play $ 5.00 per spin on a penny slot, you better switch to a $ 5 slot because you then have 2 x more left with a payout percentage of 95% instead of the 90%. Of course you should not play the maximum bet on these $ 5 slots but with a throw-in of 1 per spin.

Payout percentage example

A player throws € 20 into a slot machine at Holland Casino. After an hour of playing he has lost his money and has played a total of € 180 with that initial throw-in of € 20. Then the machine has a "hold" of 11.11% (20/180 * 100). The more and more often you play and this would calculate on this specific slot machine the closer you get to the actual payout percentage. Of course it goes in waves of profits and losses and that also makes it a slot machine and certainly not an ATM.Top dollar is our ATM 🙂

Slots in Nevada

Las Vegas, just like the Reno and Laughlin gambling sites, is located in the wild American state of Nevada. So we see that in Reno there are the best slots with the highest payout percentages. In Las Vegas you can therefore gamble best in North Vegas where, for example, the casinos Poker Palace and Jerry's Nugget are located. And as you know, it is best to avoid the Strip – Las Vegas Boulevard if you decide to gamble on the slot machines. In practice, this means that the dirtier the carpet, the better the slots pay out. Beautiful casinos such as The Wynn naturally have to pay for that splendor.Payouts per region in Nevada

Casinos with extras in Las Vegas

Of course it is not only about the payout percentage of the slot machines and many casinos in Las Vegas also have extras for their guests. If you are ever in Las Vegas you should not miss these 10 top casinos if you want to become a real Onetimer. El Cortez casino Caesars Palace Red Rock casino South Point Casino Palms Resort The D Casino The Mirage Aria Casino The Venetian The Golden Nugget

If you don't want to play slot machines in Las Vegas

I myself love the latest slot machines such as the 007 – James Bond slot machine or Willy Wonka. However, it is not smart to play them, but value for entertainment is for us. If you want to handle your gambling money smarter in Las Vegas then you can play the best Blackjack and / or Craps. Here you can spend much longer with your money than on the slots as they have a "hold" of around 2% if you play the games well. And don't miss out on the Money Wheel!Beautiful 007 slots

Return To Player

The RTP is also determined by the manufacturer who makes the slot machines. They are delivered in a certain RTP range of say 86 to 94%. A casino can then choose which payout percentage will go in this range. And the big question is of course where you can play the best in Las Vegas. Well at least not at the Mc Carran Airport there the slots are the worst set so better wait for your flight in a restaurant than at the machines. For the Las Vegas Boulevard – Strip you can play best in the Mandalay Bay and at the neighbor Luxor for the best payout of slots! And if you go to Downtown you go directly to Main Street Station 🙂 But if you look deep into the heart of a gambler, it does not matter what percentage of a slot machine has. He looks more at the preconditions in the casinos and atmosphere. Jackpot HIT in Bellagio

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