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Virtual Reality Casino

The first virtual reality casino Experience SlotsMillion In VR with Oculus Rift... or in 3D on your PC (No goggles required)   You can play with or without goggles   Use your keypad or a ...

The first virtual reality casino

Experience SlotsMillion

In VR with Oculus Rift…


or in 3D on your PC


(No goggles required)

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You can play with or without goggles

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Use your keypad or a controller


Discover the first VR/3D online casino application that allows you to play for real money. Enjoy your own private casino room with more than 40 of our most popular games available. Download the app, log-in with your SlotsMillion account, and experience your favourite online casino like never before – it’s a virtual new world.

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Experience real online casino in VR

It is a new term that we increasingly encounter today in many different fields that are focused on the internet. Of course the online casino market can't fall behind. Behind the scenes, a virtual reality casino is already being built. Slotsmillion were very fast at making a casino application where players are able to play all their games in VR.

It looks like the virtual reality casino will be a huge success!

Certainly now that we are already seeing that a free virtual reality tool and glasses are being given away with the newest Samsung phone. It is expected that it will be a new hit in the near future. As an online casino player it is therefore smart to pay close attention to this. The gaming experience will only get better with virtual reality glasses. It is nice and good to discover the various options. Also know that nice bonuses are going to be awarded when the virtual reality online casinos are started. We are perhaps in the forefront. It is probably because we already know that our high expectations will be exceeded by the makers of online casino games. Net Entertainment and Microgaming are already busy developing online video slot machines that can be visited with the help of virtual reality glasses.

What is virtual reality?

gear-let's tell you more about virtual reality. If you translate the words from English into Dutch, it means virtual reality. The most popular way to experience a virtual reality is by using virtual reality glasses. This gives you a screen with two images. Due to the special calibration and the fact that they are very tiny, a special 3D effect is created. It is possible to look around with virtual reality glasses as if you were really in a room. The images change with the twists and turns of the glasses, which makes it feel like you're actually in the room. Something that is of course great. It is therefore possible to imitate that you are in a real casino. Something that is nice and good. It is wonderful to discover what options there are.

Microgaming and the online virtual internet casinos

At the end of 2015, various parties expected the first virtual internet casinos to be launched in 2017. However, it seems that Microgaming wants to be ahead of the market and would rather start an online virtual casino as soon as possible. With this they can quickly conquer a large part of this new market. It is expected that they will already come on the market with a virtual casino game in 2016. Maybe we will already experience it at the ICE fair.

The virtual online casino games

bean machine One of the games that people are already busy putting on the market as an online virtual reality internet casino game is the roulette game. Perhaps the question is, why not another game. However, it is one of the crowd pullers in every casino. Fortunately, Microgaming has opted for the European roulette wheel and not the American roulette wheel. After all, the advantage of being able to win is much higher for the online (or virtual reality) player. Wouldn't it be great to be able to walk through a virtual casino with a virtual reality pair of glasses and then step towards the virtual roulette table? It is wonderful to see what options there are. The technology appears to stand for nothing.

The new gambling!

With the arrival of the live casino, many thought that the online and live internet experience could not get better. It was possible to see the dealer or croupier for the first time. We could all see the roulette wheel spin and where the roulette ball ended up. Blackjack, roulette and punt banco suddenly became much more popular games in online casinos. Many online casino players quickly decided to switch from the casino software games to the live casino.

A point of attention!

vr-blackjack To switch from the flash software casino to a live casino was easy. You don't have to do anything for it or change anything for it. However, if you want to go to a live virtual reality online casino then you will need to have virtual reality glasses. It is a gadget and tool that you need to go to a virtual reality internet casino. The prices may still fall. However, the question is whether the masses will have the money to buy virtual reality glasses in order to have a better casino experience.

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