Top 5 of the best classic online slots!

There are so many online slots nowadays that it is difficult to make a choice. Many online casinos make a distinction between classic and modern slots. The different types of slots have their own place within the online casino. Today, there are still plenty of fans of classic slots. Providers still make them. In this article you will be introduced to our top 5.

What do we mean by a classic lock?

A classic online slot is a simple slot that can be compared to the well-known one-armed bandit. A classic slot has a limited number of paylines in most cases. The majority of these slots feature typical symbols such as sevens, bars and fruit symbols. Where modern slots are full of features, functions and gimmicks, you won't find this with a classic slot. Many players therefore prefer a classic slot because the game is easier to understand. A classic slot revolves around collecting an x ​​number of identical symbols on a payline. In addition to the classic slot being very easy to understand, many players prefer this type of slot for the same reason people prefer classic cars and classic films. Players feel that the creations of that time were everything at that time and would not be overtaken by technology. Many have nostalgic feelings with the old-school slot machines and see it as a fun pastime. Moreover, many players are very conservative and do not deviate quickly from old playing habits.

Top 5 of the best classic online slots!

# 5: Joker Millions

Joker Millions is a classic slot released by Yggdrasil. This provider is best known for its innovative, modern slots, stuffed with the most crazy features. And this provider also made a trip to the classic slots department. The slot is very simple in design. It uses standard symbols such as fruit that runs at a good pace. If you come up with a prize, a lightning bolt will shoot through the screen. The game is accompanied by a wonderful jazzy tune that is present in the background. This slot has just a little more than most classic slots, since it does have a bonus feature. A simple but awesome feature! The feature kept us in the grip. From left to right you need to get a joker on every roll. If you find one on each roll, the so-called jackpot round starts. The jokers that you already have are changing into prizes. Then the reels spin for as long as needed until no more jokers are added. The higher goal is to collect all jokers. This can just be good for several million euros.Joker MillionsJoker Millions

# 4: Jackpot Jester 50,000

This classic comes from the box of Nextgen and is one of our favorites. The slot takes you to a casino-like environment. Jackpot Jester 50000 is a classic jackpot slot. The slot is equipped with an upper and lower game. Downstairs you play for smaller prizes and you are dealing with a somewhat lower payout percentage. It is therefore the art to be allowed to play upstairs. To be able to play upstairs at all, you have to choose 20 credits. The moment you score at least 100 points below, you can play above. To do this, press the up arrow. Then you see that the prize plan increases exponentially and you now also have a chance to win the possible jackpot. The nice thing about this slot is its simplicity and the crazy sounds. Especially the upper game is very entertaining to play.Jackpot Jester 50000Jackpot Jester 50000

# 3: Super Nudge 6000

The first time we played this slot, it was right: we managed to collect three dollar signs in the down game. Totally unexpected, so extra fun. Super Nudge 6000 seems to be positioned in a hotel, where you can play a few coins just before check-in. The game is subdivided into an upper and an upper game. In the under game you save points and then play them in the top game. There you get the most action, because you have more chance. This is due to the nudge function. Depending on the stake, you can get a nudge up to three times. With a bet of 60 credits, the slot machine can push a roll up three times, resulting in a combination. It is therefore advisable to always choose 3 nudges. The largest prize can be made by collecting three crowns in the upper game. With that you get a mystery prize between 300 and 6000 credits.Super Nudge 6000Super Nudge 6000

# 2: Fire Joker

Fire Joker is a classic slot with 3 reels, with 3 symbols on each reel. The slot is made by Play'n Go and you play on 5 paylines. You can play from as little as 5 cents and for the high-rollers there is the option to push away € 100 per spin. The slot is equipped with the well-known fruit symbols with the best paid joker. that you see two roles on the screen with identical symbols. Normally this is just bad luck. However, with Fire Joker it is the case that the missing third role gets a second chance, which means you still have a prize. And if it is the case that the third reel provides a full screen with identical symbols, then you can turn the wheel of multipliers. During this bonus round you can multiply the amount won x times. And this can easily increase to a factor of 10x!Price at Fire JokerFire joker

# 1: Mega Joker

This is the absolute winner and favorite of many players. NetEnt has managed to put down the real old-school feeling. Mega Joker really looks like a slot that you can come across at the casino. Mega Joker uses classic symbols such as melons, grapes and bubbles. The joker is the symbol that generates the most money. You can play this game with just one coin and bet 10 coins. The lower game has its own prize plan which is lower than the prize plan for the top game. The top game can be played by scoring at least 20 points in the under game. Above you can bet up to 200 points per spin. From bet 100 you only need to get 1 joker in the picture to score a mystery prize. This makes it very attractive to play big. Mega Joker is a super attractive slot to play, partly due to the high payout percentage (in the top game) of 99%!Mega JokerMega Joker

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