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2019 seems to be the resurrection of the Bitcoin and some other altcoins. The huge hype is still missing, but it is starting to resemble something. At the time of writing, the bitcoin is about $ 10,000, but we are approaching the end of 2019. Yet there are a number of well-known, but also unknown crypto coins that have our attention. They are all crypto coins that have a certain potential, because they have added value, or purely as an investment tool. Buy or sell your crypto easily now, via IDEAL. Open a Bitvavo account for free now! There is now an Onetime Cryptopool, where we will buy crypto coins with experts. You can still participate! What is your favorite crypto coin? Bitcoin Ripple I don't believe in cryptos at all Other altcoin Zilliqa Ethereum Tezos Every crypto is good

Best crypto tips

Now that the media is slowly coming loose to report on the course of, in particular, the Bitcoin, the internet is breaking apart. There are articles popping up everywhere about potential coins that you, as a fan, should have. We have scoured the internet, taken our knowledge into account and are coming up with the next top 10 crypto coins. Our urgent additional advice here is to only invest with money that you can miss, as well as to ensure a good spread in your portfolio.

1. Bitcoin

The favorite simply remains Bitcoin. It is and remains the mother of all crypto currencies and is even compared by some experts with the new gold. Predictions range from a few thousand euros to a value of 1 million dollars per Bitcoin. Yet it is still not the solution for payments, because payments do not make it to the speed of transactions as we are used to with, for example, credit card payments. Only 21 million of this currency will eventually be released. And let it be that people lose Bitcoins, die and as a result the currency will become increasingly scarce because bitcoins simply cannot be found anymore. The new gold? Rate at the time of dollar disks: $ 9,508.23

2. Zilliqa

Meet the better version of Ethereum. A coin that is more scalable and the coin that can potentially manage more data throughput than all other decentralized block chains! Zilliqa is the very first crypto coin that applies sharding to the blockchain. This principle ensures that the blockchain will be more scalable, without this being at the expense of the decentralized nature of the blockchain. With 2500 transactions per second, it surpasses Bitcoin that can only handle 3-4 transactions per second. Price at the time of disks in dollars: $ 0.015299Top 10 crypto tips for the future - HOT! 1Zilliqa focuses on developers and opens up the fast blockchain for development

3. GET Protocol

GET is a Dutch initiative and is working on tackling the ticketing industry. The GET protocol is used for this, in combination with the Ethereum blockchain. The token used for this is the GET Token. It is the tokens that serve as fuel for the distribution of tickets and ensure that changes to tickets can be implemented in the event of resale. The aim is to prevent extortionate prices when reselling tickets, but also to prevent fraud with tickets. GUTS is the first platform to use the GET protocol and has been in existence since 2016. Up to mid-2019 more than 185,000 tickets have already been sold. Price at the time of the dollar disks: $ 0.362347

4. Binance Coin

Binance is one of the largest exchanges in the world and has its own coin: the Binance Coin. A token based on Ethereum that gives users a 50% discount on fees during the first year. In the following years, the discount is reduced. In addition, Binance uses 20% of its profit to purchase and destroy part of the tokens after each quarter, also known as "burnen". This is a process that continues until a total of 100 million of these tokens have been destroyed. The result is that the currency will become scarcer and will increase in value. Rate at the time of disks in dollars: $ 24.24

5. BAT

Basic Attention Token is "on a mission". The token (BAT) was created to compete with the current advertising market. This market is a major source of irritation for many internet users. With this project they want to set up a new decentralized advertising platform in order to turn the current online advertising market upside down. Advertisers pay BAT to be allowed to advertise on the specially designed platform, while allowing its users to earn money by viewing ads. It is a completely voluntary choice to view these advertisements as a user. This eliminates the need to install certain ad blockers. Watching advertisements becomes fun again! Price at the time of disks in dollars: $ 0.231895Internet with Brave BrowserInternet with Brave Browser

6. Monero

Monero is and remains one of the bigger boys among the crypto coins. It is a coin built on blockchain technology and with which payments can be made. It is a coin with which you can do transactions completely anonymously, using various advanced technologies. As a result, transactions can no longer be traced. Moreover, Monero is easy to mine because no heavy computer is needed to mine this coin. This way, every consumer must be able to get their share. In addition, transactions are much faster than with Bitcoin and the transaction costs fall into nothing compared to Bitcoin. Price at the time of disks in dollars: $ 83.11

7. FAT

VET, the former VEN coin, thinks it has the solution in its hands, which ensures that manufacturers can provide each product with a coded chip. The product can thus be followed, from production, and added to the blockchain at a later stage. It enables consumers to gain insight into the process, so that the authenticity of products can be established. Different brands can also follow their products, so that all kinds of information becomes available. In this way, brands can recognize and anticipate certain trends. Price at the time of the dollar disbursement: $ 0.006934

8. Bancor

Bancor has its own token, the Bancor Network Token. A smart coin that is deployed on the Bancor network and acts as a base currency. The smart coin can, among other things, create different kinds of local currencies and decentralized index funds. This of course offers a lot of possibilities and these are in fact endless. The tokens on the network can all be converted to their own Bancor Network Token, to be subsequently converted into, for example, Bitcoin. To convert this, Bancor uses its own formula. Rate at the time of disks into dollars: $ 0.644511Easily convert tokensEasily convert tokens

9. Enigma

Enigma can be described as a protocol that can be placed as a layer on top of every blockchain. Moreover, so-called smart contracts can be programmed completely anonymously, thanks to this layer. Nobody can view these smart contracts, which means there are countless possibilities for certain applications. In addition, the blockchain is much more scalable, because Enigma handles the small transactions itself, while the main blockchain handles the more important transactions. Above all, there is a very strong team behind Enigma. Price at the time of the dollar disks: $ 0.434649

10. Tezos

Project Tezos shook the cryptomarket to its foundations in 2017: during the ICO, no less than 232 million dollars was raised at the time, which at that time represented the highest amount ever collected with an ICO. And this showed that the project received sufficient support and trust from all angles. Tezos is a platform for building decentralized applications and can therefore be seen as a competitor of Ethereum. The difference lies in the fact that Tezos also carries out its upgrades in a fully decentralized manner, by reaching agreement with stakeholders. The upgrade is then carried out fully automatically, without the need for a hard fork. Price at the time of disks in dollars: $ 0.93 Now also trade in the most popular crypto currency yourself! Simply deposit with iDeal

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Investing in the top 10 crypto coins?

We will of course continue to follow the above coins and are therefore very curious whether we can score a nice plus in 2019. You can also invest in these coins and this is not as difficult as you think it is. The adventure starts with the purchase of (a tuft of) Bitcoin (s) via our favorite Dutch exchange Bitvavo.We have made a step-by-step plan for this, so that you can then purchase and sell your favorite currency via one of the exchanges.Of course you hope on a course that is rising, but it is also possible! You can also respond to a fall in the exchange rate via CFDs:Top 10 crypto tips for the future - HOT! 2Plus500Act DirectTop 10 crypto tips for the future - HOT! 3LibertexAct DirectTop 10 crypto tips for the future - HOT! 4IQ OptionAct Direct"80.6% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk or losing your money.We hope for a good 2019 and we wish you lots of wisdom and pleasure while trading with these beautiful coins. Make use of our cryptocurrency tips and sign up. Make sure you do this with money that you can of course miss! What is your favorite crypto coin?

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