Tim’s Palace at the Drafcentrum Alkmaar

At the end of August we drove to Alkmaar to visit Tim's Palace, which is located on the trotting track in Alkmaar. We had already visited the trot center at the end of 2018 and had a great day here, with beautiful rates. At the moment you can only bet on horses through Runnerz in the Netherlands. This is possible both online and on race days at the various trotting tracks in the Netherlands. However, there is still one betting office open daily where you can take a chance at the national and international horse races. And this takes place at a beautiful location on the trotting track in Alkmaar, with the name "Tim's Palace".Entrance at Tim's Palace

Tim's Palace

Tim's Palace is run by Gijs and, the name of the palace says it all, Tim. They went operational in June 2018. During our visit, only Gijs was present and this friendly young man explained everything to us. There is total space for around 40 guests. On 12 television screens you can see live horse races that are held all over the world. The common thread of Tim's Palace is that you can watch and bet on horses in a cozy atmosphere. You can grab free coffee and there are tables where you can sit comfortably. On the warm Monday afternoon that we were there, several friendly people were quietly enjoying the rates. Everyone from the age of 18 can go here and although betting on horses is no longer as popular among young adults, they can certainly go here. At first it reminded us a bit of Bingo Broza in Den Bosch.Tables at Tim's Palace

Horse betting at Tim's Palace

My colleague Frank had never placed a bet on a horse race. Fortunately host Gijs explained everything very well so that Frank could take his first bet on one of the rates. He started with a Win bet and a Duo bet. We took a seat and saw in video and sound the first game that Frank had bet on. We were able to follow the horse race on the various screens and the tension was noticeably increasing. This is exactly what makes betting on horses so interesting. Following the race and keeping an eye on your horses. The duo combination just went wrong and the race should have lasted 2 seconds longer and Frank had won a great cash prize. Now he took the winning horse with him and this resulted in a free round. Frank was very happy and wanted to place more bites. For example, we played that afternoon on courses in Sweden, France and America. This is very different from betting on the computer from your living room. Here you sit and watch with other enthusiasts, possibly to consult, and you can compare it a bit with a cozy café, but without alcohol.Frank who took his first bet on the horses

Sports betting

Runnerz is the only legal party that can offer this to Dutch players. Tim's Palace has a deal with Runnerz to be able to offer this as an intermediary. However, the systems are simply connected to Runnerz. So you just get the same odds that you would get online or with a price day. A nice business model and beautifully executed in Tim's Palace. I certainly think there would be more demand for this if it were also offered in other places in the country. I myself sometimes took a gamble on horses in the late 1980s in Bussum, where there was a horse betting office. These offices are completely banned and this has to do with the fact that betting on horses is simply no longer profitable because there is not enough interest. The large trotting tracks in the Netherlands are also struggling. The more gambling, the higher the prize money for players and the more payment for equestrian sport in the Netherlands. Hopefully this wonderful initiative by Tim's Paleis may be a harbinger for more of these kind of cozy places in the Netherlands.Bet at Runnerz

Our experiences at Tim's Palace

There is a soda machine and for € 1 you can get a cold can of Coca Cola for example. If Tim's Palace were close to us, we would certainly go more often. It is a very nice experience and even if you have never gambled on a horse race, you can master it with the help of Gijs or Tim. You can bet from as little as € 1.00 and that makes watching a race so much more fun. You can park your car for free at the trotting center and then you walk straight into the park and Tim's Palace is inside. The other visitors were also super friendly and also wanted to explain. You can place a bet in cash or by pin. It is very accessible and everyone is welcome. Thank you Gijs for the friendly explanation and we will definitely be back!Drafbaan in Alkmaar Tim's Palace Kon Willem-Alexanderlaan 41815 LV Alkmaar Opening times: 11:30 am – 10:30 pm Sat / Sun until 7:30 pm

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