The ultimate surprise for casino enthusiasts (step by step video)

The ultimate surprise for casino enthusiasts (step by step video)

Rien ne va plus: this is the ultimate casino surprise.

A little while and it's Christmas. Then ♫ Last Christmas ♪ from Wham no longer beating the radio. But luckily in the Netherlands on December 5 the good old Santa Claus comes by.

Do you celebrate Sinterklaas? Do you have to make another surprise and are you looking for a good idea? Then Meneer Casino has good news for you. Because below you see the ultimate casino surprise for every smaller or larger gambling fan: a real roulette disc!


Or yes, a "real" one … Mr. Casino must say one almost real, because this is made of cardboard. That is a good thing, because if you want to build a professional Cammegh roulette yourself, then you are busy.

But this casino surprise will definitely be appreciated, Mr. Casino does not doubt that. Oehs and aahs on package night are guaranteed.

What you need:

  • Paper
  • Thick cardboard
  • Ruler
  • Protractor or "round geo triangle"
  • Compasser
  • Hobby knife
  • Cylindrical piece of wood (Mr. Casino thinks it can also be done with a good cork)
  • Water ice cream sticks
  • Spinner (such a gadget that you stumbled upon in all school yards in the past year)
  • Marble
  • Glue
  • An ordinary gray pencil
  • Felt-tip pens or paint (and paintbrush) in red, green and black and possibly other colors for the tokens
  • White or silver marker or paint pen

Furthermore, enough time and (a little) patience.

View the video below. Then you see step by step how to make your own casino surprise.

And then watch the video a few more times, because there are quite a few steps to take before your roulette is ready.

Also get enough cardboard at home. Then you can safely make a mistake when cutting or painting. Also very important: start on time! Making a Sinterklaas surprise in all haste, that rarely ends well.

Mr. Casino says: a lot of success and a nice package evening!

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