The opening of Gamestate Amsterdam

On Thursday, November 14, 2019, Gamestate opened its 6th store in Amsterdam. Onetime was there as a VIP guest and was able to enjoy all the beautiful things before it was opened to the public. Hundreds of guests were waiting outside to catch a first glimpse of all the splendor. Upon arrival we receive a delicious glass of prosecco, we immediately take a picture and as a gift we receive a playing card with € 50 playing credit on it. Inside, great music from Kris Kross Amsterdam and none other than folk singer Tino Martin popped out of the speakers. The atmosphere was good.

Invest in new arcades

The VeltMeijer Group continues to invest in new arcade halls and this location is already the 44th. No expense was spared to make this location a reality. Or as arcadeking Roel Veltmeijer himself says: "This location has cost me 4 years of my life." The result is impressive. This arcade hall is the largest in the Benelux and has more than 1250 square meters of fun, where a maximum of 400 visitors (#WNNRS) can be present at the same time. Gamestate Amsterdam has more than 90 arcades to play and if you want to visit this arcade, then you are allowed to enter the house from the age of 18 without being accompanied. In addition, a number of arcades have an age recommendation of 16+. Parents can decide for themselves whether their child can participate in one of the arcades with such age advice.

Modern arcades

The machine park consists of the most modern machines, including Jurassic arcade, Pop It & Win, House of the Dead & Nerf Arcade. But also some classics such as (renewed) Pacman & Mariokart have found a place here. And for those with good endurance and the same reaction speed, one can play at one of the air hockey tables. Gamestate Amsterdam has very deliberately taken away some questionable agility machines, such as coin pushers and grab machines. These arcades are still at other locations.


And as we are used to from Gamestate, prizes can also be "won" here by exchanging tickets. You can earn these tickets by completing the various skill games as well as you can. After each game, the machine spits out an x ​​number of tickets. These can be redeemed at the ticket machines and appear on the pass. The points won can be redeemed at the counter for a variety of prizes. From a bottle of coke to huge hugs. The most expensive items represent a value of no more than € 40. This differs from other locations where even a playstation could be won. They clearly seem to be committed to a safer environment, protecting children from themselves.

Opening hours

Gamestate Amsterdam is open every day of the week between 12:00 and 00:00. The new location of Gamestate is on the Arena Boulevard and the car can be parked in one of the adjacent parking locations. There are various entertainment venues around Gamestate, including a cinema. There are also various shopping options. Gamestate AmsterdamArenA Boulevard 183-187
1101 DM Amsterdam

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