The Jagger Spijkenisse overwhelmed by media attention

In Spijkenisse and the surrounding area they could not ignore it last week: after Onetime The Jagger in Spijkenisse (rightly) proclaimed Best Casino in the Netherlands, a stream of messages and congratulations started. The Jagger Spijkenisse also did not know what happened to them. Everywhere, the media popped up to congratulate the team behind the "Best Casino of the Netherlands 2019". We regularly received messages from branch manager Richard about the attention the casino received, not just from the media. For example, alderman Léon Soeterboek came by to personally present his congratulations. When comedian Philippe Geubels performed in the neighboring Theater de Stoep, named the Best Theater of the Netherlands in 2018, and heard that he was standing next to the best casino in the Netherlands, he also snooped in at The Jagger.

A selection of the messages

Source: AD (4-12-2019)Source: (6-12-2019)Source: (6-12-2019)Source: AD (2-12-2019)


The Jagger is a valued partner of football club Feyenoord. After all, Spijkenisse is under the smoke of Rotterdam. The football club did not want to let this opportunity pass by and offered congratulations to the team at The Jagger. Not only that, The Jagger also received a limited edition shirt from the club, with the earned number 1 on the back! They also know it at Feyenoord Rotterdam! Laat Posted by OneTime on Friday December 6, 2019

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