The Jagger Spijkenisse is the Best Casino of the Netherlands 2019

The Best Casino of the Netherlands … Onetime has combined the results of the jury and the public votes, which has ensured that, drum roll, The Jagger Spijkenisse has won the title 'Best Casino of the Netherlands 2019'! You, the public, voted in large numbers leaving The Jagger Spijkenisse in a deserved second place for you. Holland Casino Amsterdam West-Sloterdijk received the most votes from the public. Because The Jagger Spijkenisse finished in first place for the professional jury, this was enough for the first place together with the audience vote. The stage also consists of Holland Casino Amsterdam West-Sloterdijk (2) and Play World Casino Wormer (3). Holland casino managed to win the title last year with its branch in Nijmegen. The organization Play World has amply improved the result of last year (10th place). A great achievement.Best Casino in the Netherlands - The Jagger SpijkenisseBest Casino in the Netherlands 2019 – The Jagger Spijkenisse

The professional jury

The professional jury agreed: The Jagger Spijkenisse stood head and shoulders above the rest. The extremely helpful staff was mentioned several times. Multiple mystery visitors even got a tour of the casino. Play World Casino Wormer finished in second place with the professional jury. Especially the atmosphere between guests, together with the interaction between staff and guests, was experienced as very pleasant. A medium-sized casino, but with a living room feeling. Gran Casino Nuland achieved third place. Nothing is crazy there: from a drink to a three-course menu. Despite the third place of the professional jury, the number of public votes was not enough for a podium place. And yes, they succeeded. The years before, they remained in third place. The motto in Spijkenisse is "a little better every day." "This title must be a nice boost for The Jagger staff," says Armijn Meijer. This week, Onetime can travel to Spijkenisse to hand over the award to Richard and his team.

The complete result

Below is the full result, with more than 6,800 votes cast by the public, slightly less than last year. On behalf of Onetime, thank you for your votes and the beautiful and exciting days. The opinion of the public (50%) and the professional jury (50%) led to the following result:Ranking

Prize winners Onetime

Onetime has a Staatslot XL ready for 10 voters. Check if you are one of the winners!

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