The election for Best Casino of the Netherlands 2019 is coming!

The battle will begin in a week. Voting can take place at the Best Casino in the Netherlands for two weeks. You can cast your vote from November 18 to November 30.

Which casino takes over from Holland Casino Nijmegen?

Last year Holland Casino Nijmegen won the title. The weeks were exciting and for a long time it was uncertain which casino would win. Eventually Holland Casino won and this was partly due to the high scores of the professional jury. Fair Play Kerkrade finished second and managed to win the vote of the public. The third place was reserved for The Jagger Spijkenisse.Best Casino in the Netherlands 2018 This year no fewer than 9 casinos can compete for that coveted title. Exciting times are coming .. Below are the 9 nominated casinos that compete in random order.Holland Casino Amsterdam West SloterdijkJack's Casino AkerslootPlay World WormerCasino A13The Jagger SpijkenisseCarrousel Arcade CasinoFlamingo Casino NoordwijkerhoutCasino ADMIRAL HoofddorpGran Casino Nuland

You can win too!

Of course Onetime will again ensure a fair fight this year. Cheaters are carefully filtered from our systems, so honestly. Anyone who wants to vote can use his or her e-mail address. This ensures that you can only vote once at your favorite casino. Like previous years, you can also win. You automatically participate when you vote for your favorite casino. The prize package consists of: 10 entire state lottery tickets XL from 17.50 eurosLet The Games Begin

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