The Best Casino of the Netherlands 2019: award ceremony at The Jagger Spijkenisse

After an exciting battle between different casinos, The Jagger finally won the title of Best Casino of the Netherlands 2019 in Spijkenisse. This beautiful arcade left the competition far behind in front of the professional jury and also managed to finish in second place with only a minimal difference in terms of audience votes. All in all a good result for a relatively small organization, which managed to leave the Holland Casino (Amsterdam West-Sloterdijk) and Jack's Casino (Akersloot) behind. 2019 was not the first year that The Jagger entered the battle: in the last two years, this casino finished in third place. Not satisfied with this result, they have always managed to improve themselves a little and have just taken that extra step so that they have blown everyone over. On Saturday, December 7, the time had come: Onetime naturally wanted to hand over the deserved cup and The Jagger invited us to a party evening. And it was indeed a party to be in Spijkenisse!The JaggerFlowers for The Jagger, there is certainly something to celebrate in Spijkenisse

A week full of attention

From the moment the winner was announced on Monday December 2 in the morning, congratulations and attention to The Jagger have not been heard. The local media all paid attention to the casino that won the coveted title. Richard, branch manager of The Jagger, was crazy and shared photo and press release one after the other. From Philippe Geubels who came to take a look to a unique Feyenoord shirt that they received from the Rotterdam club, the Jagger team is so incredibly proud! Rightly so…

David versus Goliath

The Jagger calls it so beautiful: we, David, have defeated Goliath. Who does not know the (Biblical) story: Goliath is the giant who is beaten by the shepherd boy David. That's how The Jagger feels: with just two casinos, they are a David in the Dutch casino country. In the election they compete against the larger organizations such as Holland Casino and Jack's, but also against Play World, ADMIRAL and Flamingo. Holland Casino won the title in 2018 with the Nijmegen branch, in 2017 Fair Play Rotterdam was the best and in 2016 and 2015 Jack's was the best (Oostzaan and Nijmegen-Dukenburg). In other words, Goliath has won every time so far. The Jagger Spijkenisse was determined after winning third place twice this year to win that coveted victory. The five-person professional jury noticed this: we unanimously agreed that Spijkenisse had the best for each individual visit. I consciously say we and us, because I was part of the professional jury for the first time! My personal experience in Spijkenisse was therefore special. It was the third casino of the nine we visited for my boyfriend and me, and as soon as we were outside again I applauded The Great One that this could be the winner. Everything was right during our visit. It worked so well that we suspected we had understood as a mystery visitor, but we later learned that this was not the case. They just did so well. What we noticed most were actually two things: hostess Laura, who wished us a nice evening after her service was over. And the fact that we are new visitors and we still received several invitations to be sure to stay until the buffet and no was not actually an option. In any case, they really took that extra step that afternoon that we sometimes missed a bit in the other casinos.

The party evening

After a week full of enthusiasm from both sides, so both The Jagger and Onetime, it was time for a festive evening on Saturday night. The more souls the more joy so I accompanied the team to Spijkenisse with my other half. Jackpot and his future wife were also present, and The Great One and his Renate could not be missed either. Onetimers came from all over the country to attend the party.The JaggerGold, feathers, glitter: the reception splashes off the screen! In addition to a beautiful display window, a balloon arch and a red carpet, we were welcomed by two beautiful ladies in Brazilian carnival style, in gold of course, full of feathers and glitter. From behind the piano Rens de Ronde provides wonderful December music, we get champagne and there is a showcase waiting for our jar. The entire staff is present to receive the coveted title, Richard bounces with enthusiasm and there is an exuberant atmosphere. Guests come in with flowers and congratulations and everyone is looking forward to it. Halfway through the evening almost every playground is occupied and the atmosphere is good. Laura comes to visit me and still recognizes me from our first (and until then only) visit. She honestly admits that she later realized that I am One Lucky Lady of Onetime and that I was a mystery guest. But, she says: we treat everyone as a mystery guest. I must honestly say that this is precisely why I placed The Jagger in one: you are not a number here, but a real guest, and with a hostess like Laura who even recognizes you two months later, The Jagger holds gold!The JaggerRichard thanks the team

The presentation of the cup

And then follows what the whole team of The Jagger has been waiting for: the official presentation. The Great One has put on a casino jacket and his golden patta especially for the occasion and I have been asked to be his sidekick. Richard kicks off with a short speech, Armijn takes over and doesn't come halfway through his speech.the cupRichard no longer wants to hear what Armijn has to say: after almost a week he only wants one thing! That cup …. The team can't wait and Richard almost attacks me to take over the cup. Time for congratulations and handing over, the team cannot be more proud. As if it is the Champions League cup, the glass jar goes around all employees. The team behind the team, the employees behind the scenes but also supporters, is present and is thanked by Richard. Without them this would not have been possible. For us, what the Best Casino in the Netherlands stands for: teamwork, because you can't do it alone. We can see the passion for the profession on all proud faces.the cupThere it is: the well-deserved cup is for Richard and his team at The JaggerChampions LeagueIt feels like they have won the Champions League: David has defeated Goliath, but the guests are also enthusiastic. There is a wonderful festive and almost cheerful atmosphere. They play well, enjoy a snack and drink, but certainly also the music.


In addition to the title and the cup, which quickly appears in the display case at the entrance, we have another surprise for The Jagger. Thanks to the thick 8 the jury of experts has given the casino, they are one of the few in the Netherlands to receive the coveted five star review from Onetime. And let's not go unnoticed, that includes a gold plaque. This then also presents the Great One during his speech. In this way (new) guests can see before they come in that they are dealing with a top player in casino country!Five starsSurprise! In addition to the cup, The Jagger can also show that they get 5 stars from Onetime

Lottery @ The Jagger

And of course those guests can also participate in the party. Not only with a snack and drink, with pleasant music but also with a nice lottery. Richard is giving away no less than 20x € 100 this evening. Upon arrival, everyone gets a ticket and they go crazy. Armijn has the honor to pull out the first 10 winners. And where lottering sometimes comes across dissatisfaction, everyone here, this evening, is genuinely happy with the prize won. In addition to the € 100, each winner will also receive two tickets for a performance by Kinky Boots in the adjacent Theater de Stoep, which was named Best Theater of the Netherlands in 2018. And The Great One has an extra surprise for a few winners.The JaggerAnd there it is shiny, the cup is for The Jagger. The lottery draw takes place in several rounds and at the moment we are about to go home, hostess Laura draws a few more winning numbers. And it is then a number of Onetimers who have a winning number on their cards. Fortunately, a number of regular guests have also been able to win a great prize!

Just to Spijkenisse, we will certainly do that again!

Now none of us, Team Onetime, has Spijkenisse next door. But due to the positive experience, we will probably get there someday. Tonight you could also taste and notice the hospitality in everything. And, on December 28, they raffle not one, not two but no fewer than three new cars at The Jagger. Each visit earns you a ticket and you must (of course) be present to receive your prize. Our agenda is still empty that day, so there is a chance that we will take a look and try our luck with the lottery tickets that we have …

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