That is how much Ajax earned from the Champions League adventure!

It was the surprise of the past football season: Ajax reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. They stranded there against Tottenham, but not without a struggle. In the run-up to this semi-final, they were in charge of Juventus in Turin, they immediately played in their own house against the Old Lady and they managed to play completely in Madrid Real. The team from Amsterdam had wings, but eventually had to beat the Spurs, who then played a final against Premier League colleague Liverpool. I had previously made an estimate that the European adventure Ajax would have yielded around € 100 million, and I was not very far off from the club's annual report. Time to take a look at the figures!

Ajax season 2018-2019

The annual report covers the financial year 2018-2019 and is therefore in line with the football season (1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019). The season starts at the end of July with the qualifying rounds for the Champions League. Given that Ajax eventually manages to make it to the semi-finals, it is no secret that they survive the preliminary rounds. And they do that brilliantly. Both Sturmgraz and Liège see a strong Ajax facing them, in the play-offs against Dynamo Kiev the Amsterdam team is also the winning team. In the meantime, the Eredivisie has started, where Ajax is the first to draw against Heracles. After that VVV Venlo, FC Emmen, Vitesse and FC Groningen are the lesser team, against PSV Ajax only loses 3-0 in Eindhoven. This could be a prelude to the struggle between the people of Eindhoven and the people of Amsterdam, but afterwards another streak full of winnings in the Eredivisie. It is not just a 1-0 win, but victories of 7-1 (away against Exccelsior) and 8-0 (at home against De Graafschap) show that the team is able to score. Ajax will not be lost until the winter break but Ajax will be celebrating Christmas as number 2, PSV will have to tolerate it for itself. In the Champions League they also manage to achieve good results in the group stage, which means that they spend the winter in Europe. They are second in the group, behind Bayern Munich and that means they can compete in February in the eighth finals. In the meantime, Ajax has also won the first two rounds and the quarter-finals of the KNVB cup and can therefore continue to play for the cup after the winter break. It looks great for the club.

After the winter break

The first two matches in the Eredivisie after the winter break it seems as if Ajax has to get going again: against Heerenveen they play a draw at home with 4-4 and in De Kuip Feyenoord is a size too big with 6-2. VVV then has to face 6 goals against in the ArenA, but Heracles appears to be Ajax's Achilles heel and wins 1-0 at home. Then only victories follow until the end of the season, with the exception of the match in Alkmaar against AZ, which is lost 1-0. In the end it is enough to conquer the national title, since PSV also has difficulty with their form after the winter break, in April Ajax will take the first place and will remain there. With a difference of 3 points, the team from Amsterdam are the best in the Netherlands. The cup is also prospering and Ajax always knows how to win, which means that after a final against Willem II they can also take the KNVB cup to Amsterdam. But the big venom of the team is in the Champions League. Where no one expected them to go far after the winter break, they turned out to be a size too big for Real Madrid and even for Ronaldo's Juventus. They stumble against Tottenham but can be proud of the result. And all these wins apparently do no harm to the team! In the annual report you can read that the result compared to a year earlier can be called very positive. Don't feel like going through the entire annual report? Of course your Onetime friends will do that for you 🙂 Read more quickly.Champions LeagueEl Ronzo

The figures for 2018-2019

Let's start with the aforementioned Champions League. That ultimately earned the Ajax players € 95.3 million. I gambled on around € 100 million, so I'm not that far off. Why we didn't know exactly? This is mainly due to the distribution of the market pool, or the television fees. An undefined distribution applies here. Furthermore, the € 95.3 is structured in a similar way: € 77.9 million in premiums. These are the prizes for reaching the semifinals (more than € 47 million), earnings for group stage winnings (almost € 10 million) and the UEFA ranking (almost € 20 million) with the ticket sales for the European matches being € 17 , 4 million earned television fees for European football amounted to € 1.4 million (and that is less than expected) The sale of merchandise amounted to € 21.2 million, which is more than 7 million euros more than a year earlier. This is largely due to the results in the Champions League. The more than 95 million that were transferred from UEFA to Ajax contributed to an increase in gross revenue from almost 93 million euros in the 2017-2018 season to € 199.4 million in last season. After deduction of the costs, this left € 34 million. This does not include the incoming and outgoing transfer fees.

Transfers Ajax season 2018-2019

The total transfer fee is (very) positive for Ajax, which left them with no less than almost 34 million euros. As a result, the net result, after deduction of taxes, is more than € 51 million. Which transfers have led to such a result? On the revenue side, the transfers from Justin Kluivert to AS Roma and Davinson Sánchez to Tottenham raised € 17.25 and € 40 million respectively. the player fees are no less than almost 72 million euros. On the expenditure side, Daley Blind cost € 16 million, Lisandro Magallan € 9 million, Zakaria Labyad € 6 million and Dusan Tadic € 11.4 million. According to the budget, € 38.8 million went out transfer costs How this is calculated in full, for example over the years, is always somewhat unclear. Because more came in than went out, a positive result of € 34 million remained. With the sale of Frenkie de Jong, which they themselves call The Gifted in the annual report, they are raising € 75 million in the current season, Matthijs is raising the same amount with his transfer to Juventus. The incoming amount will therefore be many times higher in the coming annual accounts (it would not surprise me if it comes to € 200 million or even more!) Edwin van der Sar, general manager at Ajax, calls the best last season from this century, until now. And that shows the annual statement. With such a positive result and a good selection of young talent (mostly from their own stables) Ajax may be able to show much more in the coming years. And that currently keeps 374 FTE employees working in Amsterdam alone. In addition, an Ajax office has been opened in New York and the Asian market is being played.Max Pixel

Ajax season 2019-2020

We will be writing in mid-October 2019. The new season has since kicked off. With the transfers, talent was lost, but that does not automatically mean that Ajax is not doing well. How is the club doing now The fight for the Johan Cruijff Scale normally goes between the cup winner and the Eredivisiewinnaar, but since Ajax both won, they played against the number 2 in the league: PSV. On July 28, 2019, Ajax was too strong for the people of Eindhoven and won 2-0. The Eredivisie, just like last year, the Amsterdammers start with a draw, with and against Vitesse. The club then shows Emmen in-house that they are good at scoring goals, it becomes 5-0. The next three matches are also won with sounding numbers (always 4-1), until PSV throws a spanner in the works and manages to make it a draw in-house. After that there is again won 5-0, this time against Fortuna Sittard (which also received so many Amsterdam goals last year). Groningen and ADO were also unable to win and so Ajax is once again in good shape. They are equal to PSV in terms of points, but the goal difference is better so they are first. It is now important to keep this up … Ajax will meet OFC, the local football club from Oostzaan, on 30 October. It would be strange if they didn't win this one, but it hasn't been played yet so we can only watch coffee grounds.

Champions League

In the Champions League the Ajax players had to play a qualifying round and a play-off, a round less than last season. At PAOK Saloniki Ajax played a 2-2 draw, at home they won 3-2, so they were allowed to continue one round. At APOEL Nicosia it remained 0-0 but at home Ajax won again, 2-0. With these results, they are once again in the group stage of the Champions League. This means that they have € 15.25 million in the pocket anyway, as this is the starting premium for the group phase of the Champions League, plus the coefficient for the ranking, which can also add up considerably. In the group they are now first after two games played: a win at home against Lille and against Valencia, the club already scored 6 points. And that also means cash again, because a profit in the group phase yields at least € 2.7 million per match. Overall, the counter for Ajax in the Champions League is therefore at least € 30 to € 35 million, depending on the coefficient ranking and excluding the marketpool (television fees).

Betting on Ajax this season

With such a great season behind it, what does that mean for the sports bets for the current season for Ajax? Ajax is the Toto favorite for the national championship: with odds of 1.46 the PSV (2.37) and Vitesse (35.00) are ahead. That the championship between the Amsterdammers and Eindhovenaren will be decided, is already done for the bookmaker, other clubs are not even really involved. For the Champions League, unfortunately, the Toto sees no top prize for Ajax, with odds of At 40.00 they are in a shared 12th place with Chelsea. They do see the Amsterdam team as the winner of their group, with odds of 1.60 they leave Chelsea (3.35), Valencia (5.50) and Lille (60.00) behind. That they end up in the top 2 of the group, and therefore continue to the eighth finals, yields odds of 1.12 and is therefore very likely. Also the international bookmakers do not see it happen that Ajax wins the Champions League. With odds between 34.00 and 41.00 the Amsterdam club is also in 12th place here, shared with Napoli. Surprisingly, Chelsea is usually here under Ajax with odds between 40.00 and 51.00. We will only know (much) later whether Dutch or foreign bookmakers are right. But that Ajax may still play European football after the winter break seems very likely. And maybe they know how to stunt again …

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