Story of a room chef: "Arie Tulp"

It was out before I realized it. "If Arie Tulp comes again today, I will address him". I saw the faces of my two colleagues involved. If you know me a little, I usually do what I say and even if that is difficult or difficult. I never shy away from confrontations, I'm not the late type, but “Of course I don't feel like getting hit by someone I don't know. So we are going to do it as follows ”: As a leader you have to lead, that seems logical. Or not. By the way, I am not a boy who needs to be physical. I am certainly not the smallest, but I simply do not have the urge to make violence. There is a lot of aggression in me, but it is mostly verbally ventilated. In the room chef's room at one o'clock in the afternoon, half an hour before the casino was opened to the public, all the chefs were on duty for a brief consultation. I chaired that that afternoon because I was the head of room manager. My fellow room chefs were waiting in the game room for the staff. In addition to the gentlemen of the Horeca and Slot machines, the on-duty Kas and Beveiliging chiefs came to sit down.

Police officer

The consultation was intended to catch up with everyone about the previous day and to exchange information that could benefit everyone. My agenda point was clear. When everyone had their say, I decided with the remark that today it could storm and that I could use help from everyone. I looked at Hans Zoet, the duty manager of corporate security, with an oblique eye. Hans had been working at casino Scheveningen since the beginning. An old police officer who had joined as security officer. He was tired of the street and wanted more stability. The job at the casino seemed like an ideal escape and it was. Hans was a beautiful man to see. Always tanned and a cool face, he still had some hair on both sides of his temples. He always hummed when he passed you and he laughed a lot. He was having a good time and it turned out he was good at his job. Always willing to help with an upsurge and, if necessary, he stuck his arms out of his sleeves and also helped physically.Story of a room chef: "Arie Tulp" 1Kurhaus Holland Casino Scheveningen

The preparation

If Hans was after you, it wasn't your birthday. He then stood behind you and looked at you with those dark eyes and told you it was time to leave. His physical helped with that. It also always seemed like Hans wanted people not to listen initially, because then he could continue his question in a different way. Hans was of the type don't make me angry. I always got along well with Hans and I was happy that he was on duty that afternoon. After our consultation, I picked him up separately and told him what I intended. "Are you sure?" He asked me. "Because that guy seems unmanageable." Hans knew exactly who I was talking about and had always been surprised that no one had yet shown the courage to correct Arie. "I just want to talk to him first," I continued. “I invite him for a cup of coffee in the restaurant and we'll see. But I think it's handy if you are on standby and you pay attention, because I have no idea what that guy does when I start ”. That was then agreed. The cafe / restaurant adjoined the games room and had an open character. An ideal environment for talking. There was also a room at the reception for this type of conversation, but that immediately set the tone.

The entry

In the meantime the casino was opened and I went inside to see if everything went as planned. At that time, as room manager, you had to make the table layout for the staff for the day. That was a source of annoyance for many colleagues, because this administrative process is time-consuming and your work is actually in the casino on the gaming floor. Presence is important and there is always something to do. You talk to your table leaders who control the game at the tables, and you are the host of the players for the rest. With the manager of Horeca, which also included the reception, I had agreed that I would get a signal when Arie came in. That message came at a quarter to four. The receptionist had seen him come through the revolving door and called me. All game tables were open downstairs in the game room and it was nice and busy. Not too busy, but nice and busy. If you wanted to gamble, you could reach everything and that is excellent for a gambler. You don't see most gamblers at the weekend, because then it is actually too busy. Arie came every day, so also during the weekend. It had to happen on this Thursday afternoon.


I felt the tension in my body increase, the adrenaline started to come off anyway. Not strange of course, because you start something that you do not know the outcome of and that is exciting. I had prepared well in the past hour and I had a nice battle plan in mind how I would approach Arie. Now we just have to wait for the right moment. Arie went to a French Roulette that had just been opened. The table had a minimum bet of 10 and he exchanged a bill of 100. He gave an announcement to the dealer and did not get any money back, so he immediately risked 100. Arie never looked when the ball was turned, so his face was facing the Black Jack pit. I was in the middle of the pit. Nice and central and not accessible to guests. I winked at him as he looked in my direction and approached him.Story of a room chef: "Arie Tulp" 2Roulette table – LeRoy_Neiman "Hello", I opened neutrally. "May I introduce myself, my name is Ben Nuis and I am responsible for the game room this afternoon". I paused for a moment and saw that he was listening. “I have heard a lot about you and would like to drink a cup of coffee with you. Do you have time for me? ”I heard a croupier shout in the distance:“ six, noir, pair and manque ”. Number six had fallen on the table where Arie played. Judging by his reaction, he was not among them. "Goddamn cancer casino".

A cup of coffee

"Sounds like you weren't there," I started seriously. “That is crazy. Time for a cup of coffee? ”I couldn't see Arie directly in his eyes, because he was a head taller than me. He looked at me once and sighed: "Come on, I just paid for that coffee." I led him to the restaurant and sat at the front on a table for two. Everyone in the game room could see us well. In the corner of my eye I saw Hans taking a position among the pillars of the Black Jack pit. He was watching me, luckily. I asked Arie what kind of coffee he wanted and beckoned the waiter. He came quickly and gave him my operating number so that he could put my order in my account. Before I joined the room chef club, I had talked extensively with Bob about the fact that so little was given away to guests, as we called the gamblers. Eventually Bob discussed this with the director and a test period was announced in which three room chefs, including me, could spend a budget. Now as room manager you finally had the opportunity to offer guests something to drink, or treat them to dinner. The waiter, a boy from The Hague with a gypsy appearance, put the two cups on the table and winked at me. "Thank you Henk, you know my number, I guess?" I responded. "How can I forget that song, Chef, it's the most used song in ages," he laughed and left for his bar. "On your health," I spoke to Arie and I started with my cookie. Arie looked at that for about a minute and also started his coffee. He seemed speechless and that was not for him.


"I'll tell you why I invited you," I started. "I started as a room manager for a few weeks and I hear stories about you from a lot of people in the casino." I stopped for a moment. Arie sat up, but continued to drink. “And those stories aren't that fun. We don't know each other now, so I thought it was time to change that. " That was how it came out, I thought, and that actually came naturally. Arie looked at me a little more penetratingly. He read my name on my lapel and started: "Well, Nuis, I am brave that you are sitting here with me," he answered with a genuine Hague accent: "What exactly do all those people say about me?" . "The biggest problem I always listen to is that you become aggressive when you lose and that you bring an atmosphere that doesn't feel good to you." I talked calmly and timidly and could have talked about the weather. I stared straight into his eyes as I spoke the sentences and made sure he listened well. I saw him thinking. I estimated him in his mid-forties in terms of age, but he could as well be over fifty. There you are opposite a man in his thirties with a nice suit and you get to hear as a little boy that you did not do well. I waited a few seconds.Story of a room chef: "Arie Tulp" 3Leroy Nieman – Green table His roaring laugh was overwhelming and lasted almost a minute. He got tears in his eyes. I kept up well but felt the tension fade away. "You're okay," he said after a while. “I have already seen that. You dare to come and talk to me. Those other gays are just talking about me, but no one dared to do what you are doing now. Give me a hand. I shook his hand and laughed. The ice was broken.

Small heart

Eventually we sat together for an hour and talked about anything and everything. Arie looked dangerous, but also had a small heart. The reason for his flying behavior was that he felt robbed. Shortly after the official opening, he had played at one of the roulette tables and, in his own words, he had missed a bet. He had placed a token of 10 on a number and that had fallen. He had not been paid because another person claimed the piece. The table chef responsible for that roulette table had agreed with the other guest and he could whistle for his money. From that day on his behavior went downhill. Every time he lost he had to remember this injustice. It made him surly and surly and that is why he could not be enjoyed. During his speech I looked at him and listened. It is actually a little boy who wants attention and has not received it. Why is it always the same song. Just give those people some space to tell their story.

leniency payment

We were now at Ben and Arie level and I said: "So Arie, if I understand correctly, you are still hurt from the payout of that square with 10?". A full number on a roulette is officially called "en plein". but was pronounced in the Hague. Arie nodded. I stood up and thanked Henk for the service and took him by the arm and walked to a roulette table. "Just stand still and I'll be right back with you," I asked him. I walked over to the table chef who sits on a chair behind the table to check the game. “After this spin, do you pay this guest, I pointed out to Arie, 350 and write in your report a back-up payment. Understand me well. This did not make Arie a lap dog, because he could still have a good verbal shot from time to time. But when I was on duty, he was always around me. He played little, but found it interesting to have a drink with me. He also gave me advice about boys from The Hague that I didn't know and who were gambling heavily. Because Arie knew the whole of The Hague and otherwise he managed to retrieve the information somewhere. I, in turn, used it as a kind of lightning rod and he liked that a bit. "I do everything for you," he declared solemnly, while at the same time pounding me on my shoulders. I have watched Arie go from Kurhaus to the new home, but then the tough, strong bear of a guy had already changed in a wreck. A year after our conversation, he suffered a stroke and was paralyzed in his legs. He was then still in the casino. His wife, who had never come before, pushed him forward in his wheelchair. He would often sit there for hours watching a game. Playing it yourself was no longer possible. And scaring people was over too. The bear was finally tamed. A few years later I received a message that he had died.

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