"Slot cheat" reveals tricks with which he cheated casinos (video)

"Slot cheat" reveals tricks with which he cheated casinos (video)

These good players have no idea of ​​the tricks that Mr. D. does.

Cheating in casinos is becoming increasingly difficult. Anno 2016 there are cameras in every conceivable corner and at Holland Casino you are listened to at the roulette table.

Yet there is a cheater who claims to have earned money for years by manipulating slots in casinos in Las Vegas. He calls himself Mister D.

National Geographic made a documentary with him in the lead: Casino Wars, Beating Vegas.

This slot cheat has 26 indictments in Nevada for cheating on its pants. So his claim must contain some truth.

Mister D. himself is certainly "I don't gamble." I cheat. That's what I do. "

How does he do that, cheating?

Cheater D. discovered, among other things, that older slots used a light signal to record how many coins they paid out. This light signal is hidden above the payout bin where the coins fall with cheerful roar, as soon as a winning combination falls.

What did our cheat do? He manufactured a small device with a strong light in it. He put that device through the payout bin in the slots, causing his light to "blind" the light signal from the slot.

As a result, the slot machines went completely empty as soon as Mister D. won a prize. Until there was no coin left in the payout cylinder. After all, the slot machine itself no longer knew how much money had already been paid out, and how many coins still had to follow …

With the newer generation of slot machines you will not get away with this, Meneer Casino can assure you. If only because almost all slots nowadays pay in the form of a printed ticket.

That's okay, because Mister D.'s cheat has a lot more tricks to influence slots.

Such as the 'credit blaster', a device that you put into the slot where banknotes normally go.

Fascinating. But that's not all. Because the documentary also reveals shark tricks at the roulette and craps tables. And professional blackjack player Josh Axelrad comes by to explain how he earned around 700,000 dollars in card counting.

Watch it for yourself in this remarkable 45-minute video: Casino Wars, Beating Vegas.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0Z5_Hk8IpM (/ embed)

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