Rules of an online casino that you need to know!

Everywhere you have laws and rules, and so also when playing in an online casino. Whether you are a starting player or an avid player, there are rules and terms and conditions. It is therefore good to keep this in mind before you come back from a cold funfair. After all, you don't want to be faced with surprises, and certainly not because it involves money.

Online gambling allowed?

Many people think that when you can play at an online casino, it is also permitted. Nothing is less true. The Netherlands is an excellent example of this. For the time being it is not allowed to take a gamble online. Many people are not aware of this, mostly because the relevant online casinos are accessible. In the future it is also allowed to take an online bet in the Netherlands. Enough licensed parties will soon appear on the market where this is possible. Nevertheless, there will still be a number of online casinos without a permit. Onetime is on top of this and through our website you can read which parties it will soon be legal for. The expectation is that the first licensed online casinos will open its doors on January 1, 2021. It is also stipulated by law that in the Netherlands you can only play at one of the online casinos from the age of 18 or older. You must also be able to demonstrate this.

Bonus Terms

Many online casinos give away a so-called welcome bonus to win you over as a player. Although it sounds very loyal, there are some snags in it. It is absolutely advisable to study the bonus conditions thoroughly before you accept a bonus. All online casinos have terms and conditions described around these bonuses. From this you can conclude which requirements you must meet before the bonus money can be paid out. Free money does not exist: this bonus usually has to be wagered a number of times, whether or not in combination with a certain maximum bet. You also cannot use all games to play a bonus. This is all described in these terms and conditions. If you have accidentally accepted a bonus and the conditions are downright bad? Then you can possibly try to get the bonus from your account. This can be arranged by a service employee of the relevant casino. In some cases you can cancel such a bonus yourself within your account.Bonus playBonus play

Number of accounts per online casino

There are quite a few players who want to spin the casino. For example, because they want to receive that great welcome bonus again. It encourages players to create another account. This is strictly prohibited. As a player you can only open one account per online casino. If the online casino suspects that a person can be linked to the same device, household or IP address, the relevant online casino can block the account. Besides that you as a player do not get access to the account, any winnings are withheld. An online casino can even (temporarily) block an account if there are some suspicions. You can challenge this as a player, but in 99% of the cases, you will be unsuccessful.

Account verification

Online casinos must adhere to strict rules. For example, an online casino must be sure that the winnings are paid out to the right person. Shortly after you as a player have requested a payment, the online casino can therefore request various documents. However, this is not limited to a copy of the passport. No, you are often asked for documents that can prove where you live. And a copy of a possibly used credit card is also among the required documents. Most online casinos have a specially designed upload page for this. There, tips are also provided about the material to be supplied. For example, about how you provide a copy of your credit card, so that fraud can be prevented. Only when the online casino has approved all documents, will it proceed to a payment. Until then you will be kept informed.Verifying documentsVerifying documents

Unused accounts

Just like the rules for playing the bonus, the general terms and conditions may also describe something about inactive accounts. Some online casinos prefer not to have too many of these inactive accounts and may decide to close these accounts. A specific period of half a year is indicated for this. Not infrequently, even a small fee is withheld. Online casinos will not immediately close an account, but first try to make contact with the relevant customer. If an online casino subsequently fails to respond, they have the right to close an account. Or any credit that belongs to the owner is included in the terms and conditions. It may just be that an online casino also removes your credit.

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