Roulette 73: the casino game of the future? (video)

Roulette 73: the casino game of the future? (video)

No, you don't see double. This is Roulette 73.

18 red and 18 black numbers on a round disk plus a green zero: roulette has been like this since time immemorial. A roulette table from the casino of Monte-Carlo in 1863 could easily be placed in a Holland Casino in 2017.

Innovation at roulette? Forget it. Okay, American casino bosses mixed up the numbers and added an extra double zero. That was about 'renewal' in the last two centuries.

But now a Slovenian inventor, Eric Joseph Kriznik, has given the roulette game a drastic makeover. His new variant is called Roulette 73 and has – as the name suggests – a roulette wheel with 73 numbers. From 1 to 72 and the zero.

Because the number of red and black numbers has become twice as large, but no extra zero has been added, the house advantage of the casino is practically halved.

Normal roulette has one house edge of 2.7 percent. With Roulette 73 that is only 1.37 percent. So much more attractive for the player.

How does Roulette 73 work?

The number ring of Roulette 73 is based on the traditional roulette cylinder.

Only: next to every "normal" roulette number a box has been added with that number plus 36. So next to the red 1 you will find a red 37. Next to the black 2 there is a black 38.

So there are two red and two black boxes alternately on the disc.

Roulette 73: the casino game of the future? (video)

Red and black numbers are two on two on the disc.

The table you bet on is of course twice as large as normal, with six columns instead of three.

For experienced roulette players it will take some getting used to, because many songs that normally adjoin each other (for example 5 and 8) don't do that on this tableau.

Roulette 73: the casino game of the future? (video)

Getting used to it, six columns instead of three.

The betting options are almost the same with Roulette 73 as with traditional roulette. You can bet a chip on one number or on a combination of multiple numbers.

For example, a straight (a bet on one number) pays out 71 against 1. A split (two numbers) pays 35 to 1. And so on.

The traditional outside bets (single chances) are also available: red / black, even / odd and manque (1-36) / passe (37-72). These simply pay 1 to 1.

Even the well-known series have been thought of: large series, small series and orphelins.

Roulette 73: the casino game of the future? (video)

The famous series on Roulette 73.

The zero game is not specified separately, but would cost ten pieces on a Roulette 73 table: 0/3, 12, 15, 26/32, 35, 39, 48, 51, 62/68 and 71.

It looks slick

Kriznik takes his invention seriously. He has a patent registered on Roulette 73 in all EU countries, including the US, Canada, Australia and Macau. A prototype of the table was built by Cammegh, the best roulette table manufacturer in the world.

The Slovenian showed his game to the public for the first time at the ICE gambling fair in London last February. And Mr. Casino must say: it looks slick.

Now it remains to be seen whether casinos dare to place the game on their floor. Mr Casino would like it to be a nice innovation, but in general casinos are not that keen on new table games, certainly not when they result in a lower house advantage.

Judging yourself? Watch a demonstration of Roulette 73 in this short video:

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