Red Bull drinkers take more risk in the casino

"Red Bull gives you wings." Especially in the casino.

This is claimed by scientists who have conducted research into the energy drink that is particularly popular among young people.

Red Bull drinkers take more risk in the casino

Men who consciously drink Red Bull take more risks while playing games for money, such as roulette and blackjack.

At least, that's the conclusion of the study (take a breath) Placebo Effects of Marketing Labels on Perceived Intoxication and Risky Attitudes and Behaviors.

What did this investigation entail? Well now. Scientists had 154 men who regularly consume alcohol ("social drinkers") drink a cocktail. These cocktails consisted of vodka, fruit juice and Red Bull. The test subjects were all told that their cocktail contained alcohol.

Subsequently, a number of participants were given a glass with "vodka cocktail". Others received a glass with the "vodka-Red Bull cocktail" label. And the rest received a glass with the designation "exotic fruit cocktail."

After this, the test subjects were asked, among other things, to play a gambling game on the computer: the Balloon Analogue Risk Task.

In this game you inflate a virtual balloon by pressing a pump. Every time you pump, the amount you can win goes up. You can have the money paid out at any time, but the balloon can also snap if too much air enters it. In that case you have lost everything.

Fired faster

And what do you think? Yes, the men who had read that they were drinking a Red Bull cocktail took more risk in playing the game. They further inflated the balloon: on average, they gave their balloon 12 percent more pumps of air than the other participants. They also blew the balloon more often.

Also interesting: the Red Bull group felt more tipsy than the other groups, while they had been drinking exactly the same drink.

The researchers think this is due to the Red Bull advertising campaigns and media reports about young people who would get drunk faster through the combination of energy drinks and alcohol.

So you would say that Holland Casino is smart to stock up on a number of long drink glasses with the Red Bull logo. The more the better. Good for the turnover.

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