Police Las Vegas puts unprecedented amount on main scammer

Police Las Vegas puts unprecedented amount on main scammer

Looks like a reliable business partner, right? (photo: Facebook)

Suppose you are in the casino. You see a player who attracts all attention. He wears extravagant clothes, has two bodyguards with him and bets very big at the roulette and blackjack table.

You start talking to him. He says he studied physics at the prestigious Princeton University. This is even stated on his Linkedin profile.

And that he has subsequently developed a system with which he always wins in the casino.

Baccarat, roulette, blackjack, craps, no matter what game. The casino loses and he wins.

And the good news is: he wants to share that system with you.

You just have to give him a few tens of thousands of euros – or rather a few tons – as basic capital. With that he earns hundreds of millions in no time, which you then receive.

And keep it quiet, but George Clooney and Matt Damon are also "customers".

Would you give him money?

"Revenge on Vegas"

If you are somewhat in the right mind, of course, don't give this man a penny. Systems that always win you do not exist in the casino.

Only when you can count cards very well can you make a profit in the long term with blackjack. But not hundreds of millions.

And yet there are people who have given money to Mark Georgantas based on these talks.

Georgantas – who himself also Gigantis and Mr. Smooth calls – tells his victims that he is busy developing a reality show called Vengeance on Vegas ("Revenge on Vegas").

In that show, he says, he goes down a series of casinos in Nevada to drag millions away from the gaming tables in each casino. After Nevada, casinos in the rest of the world have to believe it.

The result: worldwide fame and immeasurable wealth, in which his investors naturally share.

Reward of $ 500,000

At least two residents of Las Vegas fall for it and together have invested $ 350,000 in this scam. That is probably only the tip of the iceberg, since Georgantas also actively marketed his system in all sorts of casino forums on the internet.

But recently this bottle puller seems to be losing hands.

The Nevada public prosecutor has sued the scammer for theft and fraud and the police have issued an arrest warrant.

In addition, a reward of $ 500,000 is available for those who can provide the police with crucial information that leads to the arrest of Georgantas.

Can you still earn money from Mr. Smooth.

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