Playing together in an online casino? [out-of-the-box tips!]

Going to the casino with friends, having a drink and then attacking the roulette; for many it is a nice night out. This is where land-based casinos have an advantage over online casinos. Most people play from behind the PC only in the online casino. Yet there are also possibilities to attack the online casino with several friends.

Online casinos in 2019

Nowadays there are a lot of online casinos equipped with the latest techniques, so that you can also experience the real casino experience at home. You do not count as an online casino without a live casino. Here you play against a real croupier or dealer and it is even possible to take on the interaction. Admittedly, playing with chips and the ambiance is not yet like in the casino, but it still comes pretty close. Virtual Reality then comes even closer to the live casino experience. This may be mainstream within the next few years. For now the online live casino gives the best possible experience.Play together in an online casinoPlay together in an online casino

Play together in an online casino

There are various options for playing together in the online casino. We describe the options below.

Together for the television

You can only play in the online casino, but playing together is much more fun? Pick up some friends and put some money in the pot, buy some drinks and snacks and go! A little TV has the ability to receive images that you send from the PC, for example via Bluetooth or a cable. From that moment on the enjoyment is blown and you can shout the ball in the right song from the couch together, or hope for a golden combination on that one online video slot. You could even organize your own online slot tournament among each other. Everyone places an x ​​amount and together you determine the stake on a certain slot. The winner is the one who manages to collect the most money during an x ​​number of spins. And there are countless examples of bets that you can place. And don't worry, in private circles this is allowed: you are not involved in illegal activities. However, it is still not legal to play in an online casino in 2019, although as a player you will not be called to account for this. At least, we have never heard about it. If you would like to do it properly according to the rules, you can bet at the TOTO or bet on horses through Runnerz. You can follow the horse races live on the Runnerz website. Moreover, Runnerz makes it possible to participate in so-called group games. This allows you to participate in bets that are normally very expensive.Gambling together at RunnerzGambling together at Runnerz

Live streaming from the online casino

In addition to being able to meet friends, it is also possible to set up a live connection. You can stream images via various channels, which can then be viewed by several people. Onetime has done this before and has used streaming platform Twitch for this. As a user, you can create a live broadcast here that uses the images from your computer to broadcast. You can then let your friends know through which channel they can follow live casino adventures. The great thing about Twitch is that you can chat live with the streamer, but you can also make donations. Twitch has a function for this where you as a viewer can donate money at the touch of a button. And this does not only have to be your friends, but strangers can also make a donation. Another nice side effect is that you can even paste live images of your friends into the screen. That way you, your friends and strangers can follow all emotions live. In addition to Twitch, you could also use YouTube or Facebook live as a platform.Live streaming from the online casinoLive streaming from the online casino

Whatsapp you rich

Whatsapp has a video function, so you can make video calls. This allows you to let several friends enjoy the events on your screen. The player himself ensures that the screen is recorded, after which the rest can enjoy. And it doesn't matter where you are, you can watch from anywhere in the world. There are also rumors about the possibility of making payments via Whatsapp.Whatsapp video callingWhatsapp video calling

Which online casino do you use to play?

Every online casino has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is also a matter of taste, because not every online casino has the same range of games. What is especially important is choosing a reliable online casino. On the internet we still come across stories from people who have not received their money, because the online casino in question turns out to be rogue. Onetime has reviewed dozens of online casinos and tested them on all fronts. If the online casino turns out not to be good, this is stated in the review.

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