Playing poker for the first time (at Holland Casino)…

I've been playing poker for half my life, about 17 years now. Started with a couple of friends on Friday night; cozy with a jar of beer and a few dimples. I fell under the spell of this beautiful game. Many Friday nights I could be found at the poker table: those were good times. Playing poker became more and more popular at the time, the media jumped on it and it even appeared on television. I could watch it for hours – and still.

Study and poker

A card was also regularly placed during my studies. At that time I only had an account with Everest, I remember that well. I only played free tournaments, but for real cash prizes. My bankroll shot up. Some of my roommates played on Pokerstars, I also had to create an account. I ignored Everest, because there was a much larger offer via Pokerstars. I liked the online poker, a few times I received nice prizes. That worked out well at the time, since I had a girlfriend in Sweden. I often called: "I can come again, have enough money for a ticket". During my studies I, like many others, played too much poker. I played poker well into the night, but had to appear in sports kit the next day at the sports academy. After my studies I stopped playing for a few years, until I came to work in the casino industry.2019/12/Playing-poker-for-the-first-time-at-Holland-Casino….png" alt="Pokerstars "width =" 1024 "height =" 556 "srcset ="….png 1024w, https: //cdn.onetime. com / wp-content / uploads / 2019/11 / Pokerstars-300x163.png 300w, 768w, https: // 752w, 1197w "sizes = "(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px"> Pokerstars


From that moment on I picked up the game again. The Stars account was dusted off again, YouTube was hurled to follow live streams. The game is beautiful and will always be part of my life. During my casino career I have been to Las Vegas several times. I spent hours at the tables there, often in combination with a nice free beer. Not the best combination of course. In the meantime I have spent a full month in Vegas together, a large part of which at the poker table. I noticed that it went well in Vegas. I've beat Vegas all the time. Every time I thought again …. would my level be enough to break a game at Holland Casino?World Series of Poker Las VegasVegas Poker

Holland Casino

Strangely enough, I had never played poker live at Holland Casino. I went to investigate, because how does it work there? It soon turned out to be wise to create an account via the Holland Casino website. Once you have an account you can register for cash games and tournaments. I know that I am not a tournament player, so I went for a cash game. Holland Casino informed me via an e-mail that I was signed in. Holland Casino Nijmegen became the place for my first live adventure at one of the Holland Casino locations. At the cash register I bought chips for the poker table, it turned out to be impossible to do this at the table. I was there in good time and waited for any signal from the speakers announcing players. I was used to this from Vegas. That just wasn't the case here. So I took a seat at one of the tables, where some players were waiting at that moment. I saw one of the players put over € 800 in chips. On the website I had read that you could sit at 2/2 nlh with a maximum of € 400. So I was sitting at the wrong table. Unfortunately, there was no enthusiasm for a lower limit. Completely against my principles, I took a seat at the 2/4 nlh table. Together with three other players I was sitting at the table, with only € 200 in chips for me. The small number of players disappointed me, so on a Saturday night. Still I thought it was a shame to leave, I just wanted to play. Anyway …. not even an hour later I was only in the plus ten. One of the players left and that was a sign for me to stop.Playing poker for the first time (at Holland Casino)… 1Pokerroom Nijmegen The first experience at Holland Casino disappointed me personally. Perhaps a bit ruined by Vegas. It is very well organized there and you can play poker 24/7. Quickly on the road again, but then I visit another branch. Which branch of Holland Casino do you think is worth it?

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