Playing at an online casino for the first time

Once 'must' be the first time, so also playing in an online casino. For many this is exciting, because they don't know what to expect. Certainly if you are totally unknown in the world of gambling and casinos. Many people think that online gambling is permitted. Onetime regularly asks people and almost everyone thinks it's allowed. "Is Unibet therefore illegal?" We often hear this comment. Not strange if you are not at home there. It is therefore good to know that you are acting illegally as a consumer, although no one has ever been arrested for it. It is good to know that you as a consumer cannot enjoy any protection at this time. This should change at the beginning of 2021. Then parties like Unibet, if licensed, can operate fully legally in the Netherlands. If you want to make a trip to the online casino, then we recommend reading this article. Here you can read what you can expect in an online casino and how you will not be confronted with surprises.

First time playing in an online casino


The choice for an online casino can depend on a number of factors, such as the reliability, the offer or any bonus. Onetime advises first to look for a reliable party. Not that there are many unreliable parties, but still. Based on the reviews that can be found on Onetime, you can get a good impression of a party. We test every online casino on points such as payouts, offers, permits and customer service. An independent review follows. Soon when legal gambling is allowed online, the proportion of unreliable parties will be much lower. In addition, you can go to the Dutch Gaming Authority if something is not right. In addition to reliability, you naturally want to choose an online casino where you can play certain games. If you are a slot enthusiast, you choose an online casino with the largest possible range of slots. If you are a bingo fan, you may choose another online casino. Also for this you can go to our reviews, so you know what you can expect per online casino. In addition, there are various online casinos that are all-round, so that you can find everything. If you are not at all familiar with the entire gambling system, then such an all-round online casino is a great choice.


If you have ever been to the casino, you know that you are not coming in without showing proof of identification. You also need to identify yourself online, although this is not immediately discussed. As a new customer you have to register yourself, compare it to creating an account at an online webshop. You do need to do this with extreme precision. All data must correspond to the data on your passport. Above all, don't get it in your head to use someone else's data. Sooner or later you will fall through the basket. After the registration process you will in most cases receive a message by e-mail. In some cases it contains an activation link, which allows you to activate your account. After you have done this, you can log in. Immediately after you have logged in, it is advisable to send certain details to the relevant online casino. You can only have done this and prevent losing time at a later stage. Uploading documents is often required if you as a customer make a payment. So people don't always ask for it right away. You can upload the documents in your own account, often under the verification heading. If that is not possible, there is nothing wrong. In that case you are aware that you can ask for certain documents, such as a copy of your passport, copy of recent letter with address and copy of a recent bank statement. How you must provide this is described.Upload of documentsUpload of documents

On a journey of discovery

After you have logged in, you will see a pop-up in almost all cases, indicating that you can deposit money. You do not have to do this immediately. First let's see how everything works. You can use the online casino without having to worry about costs. With the exception of the live casino section, you can play any game for free. If you are unable to play for free, you can log out the tip. You can then click on all games and play for so-called "play money." You will then receive an x ​​amount of credits with which you can practice. In this way you learn more about the game. Only when you are completely comfortable with the game, you could consider playing for money.

Play for money

If you want to go for the real thing, then it is a matter of depositing money. Sounds simple, but this is not entirely true. Here you can make mistakes as a beginner. To deposit money, click on "deposit" or a similar term. You then choose a payment method such as iDEAL or a credit card. It is important that the payment card belongs to you. So do not use a business card or someone else's bank card. When you have made a choice for a payment method, click on the desired amount of money. Start small, you can often deposit from a euro or € 10. Note that most online casinos have a payout limit of at least € 20. So if you are stuck under € 20, you cannot pay this. During the deposit process you are often given the choice of whether or not to accept a welcome bonus. As a starting player, we would advise you not to take it. Indeed, there are quite a few hooks on such a bonus. If you are a more advanced player, you can always consider this, although at a different online casino. When you choose to deposit via iDEAL, the money is directly in your account. This applies to all payment methods, except when you make a bank transfer. Do not make a bank transfer if you want to play immediately.Deposit money at Big Apple CasinoDeposit money

To work

Now you can enjoy the game, knowing that you can earn or lose money. Every game has its own minimum bet, as well as maximum bet. Play a bit with the settings to arrive at the correct bet. Start small and if you find yourself doing well, you can always increase your bet. If you get an error while playing, there is nothing wrong. You can refresh the page, after which the game starts again, where you have finished. And if you do not fully understand something, you can still approach customer service. Often there is a chat present that can answer your questions.

Pay out

If you have succeeded in collecting a nice amount together, you can choose to have (a part of) paid out. As you know, there is a minimum amount that you can have paid out. To cash money, choose "withdrawal" or a similar term. There you choose the payment method that you also used when depositing. If this is not listed, choose an alternative. You could also ask customer service for advice. Information such as SWIFT or BIC may be requested during the payout process. You can look this up at your own bank. Make sure you fill it all in properly, don't make mistakes. After you have pressed the payout button, you will often be notified that the payout is being assessed. This can take some time. As already indicated, it saves when you have already loaded data from yourself, such as a copy of your passport. If it has been rejected for some reason, it is often up to you. If you have read this article properly, it cannot actually happen. In most cases, payouts are approved and you have your money in the account within a few days. This is entirely dependent on the online casino, as well as the bank where you are affiliated.Pay out "width =" 975 "height =" 639 "srcset =" out.png 975w, wp-content / uploads / 2019/07 / Payout-300x197.png 300w, 768w, https: // cdn. out-752x493.png 752w "sizes =" (max-width: 975px) 100vw, 975px "> Pay out
<h2>Don't be put off</h2>
<p>Sometimes we hear messages from our community about online casinos. Often these are complaints that they post on our forum to warn others. In almost all cases such a complaint is not justified and the fault lies with the player himself. So don't be put off by such messages. In addition, something can happen in the online casino where you play for the first time, which means you no longer feel like it. We often hear the stories of players who lose all the money they have won. In all cases, stay calm and catch your breath before you start doing stupid things.</p>
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