Party at Lucky Flipper Amsterdam!

Last Wednesday, December 11, team Onetime was invited to share prizes at the Lucky Flipper casino. Thegreatone, Thegallant & Peter de Valsspeler had flown in specially to put the guests in the spotlight.

Lucky Flipper – a concept in Amsterdam

Lucky Flipper is a household name in Amsterdam. This slot machine casino is located in the heart of Amsterdam. You can walk to this casino in less than 5 minutes from Central Station. It is a small casino with less than 100 player places and where personal attention predominates. Some guests have been coming here for more than 35 years and come here precisely because they feel safe there. It is a cozy casino where you can go to gamble every day of the year. The slot machine park mainly consists of new slot machines, but also some classic slot machines (including multiplayer) can still be found here. New machines are also regularly installed. At the time the Onetime team was there, there were just two new machines from Eurocoin, the Onyx SlantTops, both equipped with the game bundle “Summit Games”.Living slot machine

Showmasters & cheating in the casino

The weeks before the festive afternoon, the guests were informed so that they would not forget it. What was going to happen was a mystery. In the casino the poster with the text “win a lot of extra prizes” hung up. And the guests knew that. On that particular day the men entered the casino. All put in a beautiful casino jacket. Thegreatone & Thegallant were the showmasters of this day, with Peter de Falsspeler by their side who showed his skills as a cheater to the guests. Guests were allowed to try and beat Peter in playing various games. And as his name suggests: nobody could beat him. Fortunately Peter was not the worst and he also had some tricks in store, where every guest had a chance to win a nice amount. Peter's tricks were greatly appreciated by the guests. Both showmasters were there to hand out the somewhat larger prizes. The idea was to let all guests win something, which was also greatly appreciated.Armijn & Frank (show masters)

Prize festival

The central theme of this afternoon was the Lucky Wheel. The numbers 0-36 were marked on it. Every few minutes a guest was allowed to spin the wheel after the corresponding ticket was drawn by one of the showmasters. On a continuous basis, guests could double the score on the wheel or even triple it by performing certain actions, such as doing a dance. This led to hilarious situations; the atmosphere was good. In between the companies, the guests could expect a lucky coin, with some of them converting the coin into large amounts, often because both showmasters were able to make the correct predictions for the numbers on the roulette. The latest game bundle from Eurocoin ‘Summit Games' was used for a real final tournament, where the three highest scores were rewarded with great prizes. The big winner became a guest who was one of the last participants to show his skills. He managed to leave 40 guests behind with his monster score.Peter the Cheater


The day ended with a whirlwind of prizes. The euros emerged from all corners and gaps. At one point, the money ran out and Thegreatone took a few scratch cards and euros out of itself, just because it was possible. It was a beautiful day in Amsterdam and we from Onetime enjoyed the happy guests in this casino. We will come back soon for a nice cup of coffee and a chat!

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