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Via Onetime we always look for ways to share knowledge with you, in combination with experiencing a great time. On the Onetime forum we regularly see interesting posts and topics in the sports betting section. There are also regular articles on the homepage about sports betting. We also try to stay in touch with our community through our Facebook page and Whatsapp groups. We even have a special cryptocurrency, lottery, casino and an active sports betting Whatsapp group.Onetime Sportsbetting whatsapp group 1Have fun and share knowledge

Tips via our own Onetime Sporsbetting Whatsapp group

The sports betting Whatsapp group has been very active in recent months. Some members have a good deal of knowledge about certain sports components such as cycling, football and darts. We therefore regularly bet on competitions, via the only legal party that is currently available in the Netherlands: the TOTO. The TOTO has made enormous strides in the last year to come close to (illegal) competition such as Pokerstars & Unibet. The odds are regularly better than with other sports betting providers and they have super promotions such as free bets for the players of the TOTO. Furthermore, the TOTO has excellent customer service and you can deposit directly from your bank and also receive it quickly again. In the app group we try to help each other, give insights and transfer knowledge. For example, bets regularly come up that not only feel good but are also well substantiated.Onetime Sportsbetting whatsapp group 2TOTO Profit 2019

Onetime Group Pull

These days we are a big fan of placing a joint bet on a number of competitions that we have selected. In this way, the anticipation and watching the matches become a great feast. Talking about the app and hoping for a good result. This also regularly yields great results and then it really is an Onetime frenzy in our Whatsapp group! Everyone can participate and for a few euros you can bet on the TOTO. This makes gambling at competitions a lot more fun for us and hopefully we can continue for years to come. We do the group pull not only with sports betting but also with the Staatsloterij, Vegas and even with scratch cards.Onetime Sportsbetting whatsapp group 3Joint TOTO bet

Participate in the Onetime Sportsbetting whatsapp group

Onetime user “Predictor”, known for winning his own betting on soccer challenges, manages this group. He is the man who has already won more with sports betting than many others. If you also want to actively participate in the sports app group, laugh and share knowledge, you can introduce yourself on the Onetime forum. In addition, you can send us a message or send a message directly to the Predictor (+31636156116) with your Onetime forum name. Do we speak to you soon?

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