Name Trump disappears forever from gambling city Atlantic City

Name Trump disappears forever from gambling city Atlantic City

No fake news: the name Trump disappears from Atlantic City.

Before becoming the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump was active in the casino world, among other things. In Atlantic City, on the American east coast, The Donald had major interests in a number of impressive casinos, particularly in the 1980s and 1990s.

Only: the casinos are not so happy. One by one they went bankrupt, some even several times.

The last casino where the name Trump hung on the facade was the gigantic Trump Taj Mahal, on the Boardwalk of Atlantic City.

Donald Trump had not owned the Taj Mahal for years. After several financial debacles, the casino had become the property of billionaire Carl Icahn.

Icahn paid Trump $ 172,000 annually to use his "good name," hoping that would attract many casino visitors. That was disappointing, because in October 2016 the ailing Trump Taj Mahal was closed for good.

And what turned out this week? Trump has – very cleverly – included in his contract with Icahn that the name Trump may only remain on the facade in large neon letters if the Taj Mahal is in good condition.

Now that the mega casino with the associated hotel complex is catching dust, that is not the case. And so the name Trump must still be taken from the facade, at Icahn's expense.

Construction workers have already made a start on this job. And that's another, really, job! In total, the name of the president is no less than 17 times in large neon letters on the buildings that together formed the Taj Mahal.

The team of construction workers who have to dismantle the large nameplates takes two weeks in all to permanently remove the name Trump from the street of Atlantic City. That is definitely the end of the casino adventure of Donald Trump.

Watch how the name Trump is literally demolished in this video:

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