My weekly column for the digital medium is already 30 episodes long and also the articles in the glossy Magazine. Besides that, there has been the facebook group page for years that I initiated and manage where colleagues from the industry meet each other. to see again that old colleagues remember events from days gone by, often surprising, sometimes shocking, but mostly interesting. There is even a colleague who has been writing a section about his years of casino experiences, Anton Kruining; take a look at his 82 casino stories.Columns

How do you "sell" a casino?

In earlier columns I already sketched the period in which I received a whole new task within Holland Casino, we opened casino Rotterdam and what happened? "They" didn't come! That was an unexpected and unpleasant surprise, what to do? Up to that point, the information department at the head office mainly used huge job advertisements to draw the attention of the public, but Holland Casino was bound by the law. With these restrictions I was put to work, and oh yes, even without a budget!Course apprentice croupierCourse apprentice croupier

Find coat racks

It was therefore pure creativity, establishing relationships and a large dose of courage to make this task a successful one. Fortunately I knew many journalists from my time as a cyclist, and for example also an old friend, Peter Bonthuis. Nobody was (and is) better acquainted with what is going on in Rotterdam, as the organizer of the six-day event for many years, he showed me the right paths. Even now, after more than 30 years, we still meet regularly.

Radio Rijnmond

Was not all local radio, but was also moving in the area of ​​regional TV in 1986, see the photo for casino Rotterdam with camera crew. In a weekly section on the radio I told about the events that took place at the casino. The story about the chestnut was in an earlier column.RTV Rijnmond Interview

Chinese sailors

I came up with the idea to see if there might be people in the port of Rotterdam to seduce people for a night at the casino. Finally, during that time the crane was mainly loaded and unloaded, so that the ships often lay on the quay for more than a week. I went to have a look and actually got permission to visit the ships. As an old seaman (yes, "tune" in 1969), I knew how things went on the ships. Asked if I had climbed on board to the serving mate and was actually allowed to give invitations to the crew. I had it printed and numbered in several languages, including Chinese, so that we could later determine whether it worked. I visited about 20 ships a day, and yes; During my visit to the Zeeland Hogeschool Vlissingen, they told the students that people were already doing their PhDs at Erasmus University in 1987 with the thesis "how do you sell a casino" ..

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