Mr Green disappoints investors with figures for the fourth quarter of 2017

"Mr Green’s most successful year ever, "Welcomes Per Norman, CEO of Mr Green, in the quarterly report published this morning.

And it has to be said: the figures for the whole of 2017 are impressive. Turnover grew by 28.9% to € 119.7 million and EBITDA by 103% to € 18.6 million.

But if you zoom in on the fourth quarter of 2017, then Mr Green appears to have performed slightly less recently.

The most important results of the October-December period:

Mr Green disappoints investors with figures for the fourth quarter of 2017

Ceo Per Norman.

  • The total turnover amounted to € 33.4 million. That is 25.7% more than in the fourth quarter of 2016.
  • EBITDA increased by 51.9% to € 4.9 million.
  • The number of active players grew by 25.6% to 142,901.
  • Total deposits increased by 20.4% to € 98.7 million.
  • Scandinavia accounted for 31% of sales; Western Europe 44%; other Europe 23%.
  • The net profit amounted to € 2.7 million.

An active player at Mr Green deposited an average of € 691 in the last quarter of 2017. In the last quarter of 2016, that was € 721. So it seems that Mr Green has been attracting on average smaller players in recent months.

Mr Green does not state what share of the turnover is attributable to players on mobile devices. That was also true last quarter.

Mr. Casino suspects that the company would have mentioned the percentage of mobile revenue if it was impressively high. So Mr Green is probably doing a little less well on smartphone and tablet than a big competitor like LeoVegas.

Ceo Norman adds that his casino has performed well in the first five weeks of 2018:

"The new year, through February 8, also started strongly. It is gratifying to also be able to say that Denmark – where we launched the Mr Green casino site on December 28 – had a good start with a strong inflow of customers. "

Investors react negatively to the figures. Mr Green & Co AB's share currently stands at 52.50 Swedish krona. That is 5.9% lower than yesterday's closing price.

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