Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live

Playing monopoly in a casino? For real money? It's possible with the new game Monopoly Live. Read the review and tips to play smarter here.

We love Monopoly and was pleasantly surprised when a brand new concept was presented at the ICE casino fair in London: Monopoly Live.

Monopoly Live is the newest game from Evolution Gaming, market leader in the field of live casino games.

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The game is based on a money wheel. Evolution already had a live version of it (Dream Catcher), but for Monopoly Live a special bonus round has been added based on the well-known board game.

Last week Monopoly Live started at various online casinos, including Mr Green and LeoVegas. We have tested the game immediately.

How to play Monopoly Live?

If you start the Monopoly Live game, you will see a studio with a money wheel and a presenter in the middle. On the left is the mascot of the board game, Mister Monopoly, in a lazy chair reading a newspaper or drinking an espresso.

Mister Monopoly is of course an animation, but the money wheel is real. The presenter turns a physical wheel in the studio of Evolution Gaming in Riga, the capital of Latvia.

The presenter is turning a real wheel in the studio.

The wheel has boxes with different numbers: 1, 2, 5 and 10. If the wheel stops on a number you bet on, you win that number times your bet (+  and your initial bet). So a euro/dollar on ‘2' results in a payout of 3 euros/dollars if you win. Easy!!

But there are also three types of special boxes on the wheel:

  • Chance
  • 2 rolls
  • 4 rolls

Chance: a chance card

If the wheel stops on Chance, Mister Monopoly comes out of his lazy chair to draw a chance card.

Mister Monopoly chooses one of the six cards.

On some chance cards there is a cash prize. You immediately win an amount. The higher your total bet, the higher your prize. It does not matter which boxes you have bet on.

On other chance cards there is a multiplier, for example x3. Your bets then remain standing. The presenter turns the wheel one more time and all payouts are multiplied by that multiplier. If you had bet a euro on “10” and the wheel stops on “10”, then you win, for example, not 10 but 30 euros.

New: Monopoly Live – review and explanation
The multiplier at Monopoly Live can go up to x10.

2 Rolls and 4 Rolls: to the Monopoly board
If the wheel stops on one of these subjects, it will be really fun, because then the bonus round starts. But beware: you only participate in the prizes if you have bet on the correct square (2 Rolls or 4 Rolls).

Mister Monopoly steps into an elevator that takes him to a life-sized Monopoly board. Around the sign you see a cosmopolitan city full of skyscrapers.

That looks insanely beautiful, just look:

New: Monopoly Live – review and explanation
Mister Monopoly naturally starts on Go (Start).

In the bonus round, Mister Monopoly collects prizes on the Monopoly board. Every square on the board has its own value. A roll with two dice determines where Mister Monopoly ends up.

But before Mister Monopoly starts walking, he builds houses and hotels on some squares. Because of these houses and hotels, the value of such a space becomes higher. The most expensive box Mayfair (say our Kalverstraat) is normally good for 100x your bet, for example. With a hotel on it the price is increased to 500x your bet.

Then it's time to roll the dice. Because it is a live game, this is done with real dice in an electronic shaker that a camera is aimed at. That way you can be sure that the game is fair.

If Mister Monopoly lands on Chance (Chance) or Community Chest (General Fund), he draws a card that is always good for a cash prize.

Just as in the real board game, double throwing results in an extra throw.

This bonus round not only looks spectacular, but is also extremely exciting. You are on the edge of your seat when the dice are shaken. Do they fall just at the right number of points? Is double thrown?

Watch a video of a whole bonus round below


By the way: if the money wheel first delivers a Chance card with a multiplier and the next spin 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls, then all prizes on the Monopoly board are multiplied by the multiplier. Unfortunately, the number of throws is not multiplied by the die; that would be a lot more lucrative.

Strategy and tips for Monopoly Live
The minimum bet at Monopoly Live is only € 0.10 per game. With good luck and a nice multiplier you can win hundreds of euros in the bonus round.

Is there an optimal strategy for Monopoly Live? Yes. Every bet at Monopoly Live has its own return to player

(RTP or payout percentage). The best bet is the “2” with an RTP of 96.23%. The “10” with an RTP of 96.02% is close behind. The worst bet you can do is “5” with an RTP of only 91.30%.

Below you can see an overview of the RTPs for all options.


Wager RTP
1 92,88%
2 96,23%
5 91,30%
10 96,02%
2 Rolls 93,90%
4 Rolls 93,67%

But let's face it, you play Monopoly Live for the bonus round. If you only bet on the numbers, you might as well play on a regular money wheel.

Almost everyone who plays Monopoly Live will therefore bet on 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls in every round. The RTP of these bets is moderate compared to many online slots, but you do get a lot of excitement and entertainment in return.

Casino tip: if you want to bet on numbers in addition to the 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls, then limit yourself to the “2” and the “10”.

Final judgment Monopoly Live
Monopoly Live from Evolution Gaming is original and new – finally a totally different live casino game than the eternal blackjack or roulette.

The graphics during the bonus round are unparalleled. You are completely in it, especially if you play this game on a desktop computer with a large screen.

You play this Monopoly Live mainly around the bonus round. It is spectacular and you have the chance to win really big profits. In between waiting for the 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls and that can get boring sometimes. Of course you can bet on the numbers to pass the time, but the house advantage on that is fairly high, so you slowly run out.

Acasino absolutely likes Monopoly Live to play occasionally, but would only be a fan if he just got the bonus every round. Of course the payouts on the game board would have to be drastically reduced, but then you are rid of that rather boring money wheel and you play Monopoly 100% of the time for real money.


“Forget the regular Dream Catcher, the MONOPOLY LIVE version is much more fun,”.

If we had our own online casino, we would add this game directly to our range and praise it to heaven and beyond.

Basically the game is the same as with Dreamcatcher with the difference that you cannot bet on “Ticket 20”, “Ticket 40” and the multipliers 2x and 7x have been canceled.

Players can bet from € 1 on the following 6 options:

Ticket 1: payment 1x
Ticket 2: payment 2x
Ticket 5: payment 5x
Ticket 10: payment 10x
Chance: mystery payout or a multiplier for the next spin
Bonus Game (2 Rolls): payout (?)
Bonus Game (4 Rolls): payout (?)
You start each game by placing a bet, in principle you can bet on everything and you can choose every round again. The more squares you see on the wheel, the lower the payout. After the bet has been made, the croupier will set the wheel in motion by giving it a hefty sweeper. The pallet then lands on one of the squares: a Ticket (x), Bonus Game (x) or Chance.

If you bet on one of the tickets and the pallet ends there, you will be paid up to 10x. The bet then remains.


Completely new is the Bonus Game, something we have never seen before with regular live games. As a player you can bet on “2 Rolls” and “4 Rolls”. Depending on the Bonus Game you encounter, two dice are rolled up to 4 times. Then the outcome of the dice will determine how many steps you can make on the MONOPOLY board. The board is full of prizes and with every throw the possible outcome is added to your balance. The ultimate goal is to hit “4 Rolls”, but this one is only on the wheel once.


In addition to the 6 options that you can bet on, there is a square “Chance” on the wheel twice. You cannot bet on this. It is like a mystery prize: if the pallet comes to one of the 2 “Chance squares”, you will receive a mystery prize.


During the ICE we could not be beat with this game, what an asset! Dreamcatcher was already a big hit, but the Live MONOPOLY version is a hit. The pace of the game, the interaction with the dealer, but especially the extra bonus games that have been added, make this game a success. We can't wait for it to be April and until then we will continue to “dream” about this game!


At the end of March 1919 we played Monopoly Live in the Casumo Casino, this was the first casino where you can play this brilliant Dream Catcher variant. Our first impression is amazing! We played for hours on end and after a short break we went back into the virtual studio to continue playing. The simple game “Wheel of Fortune” has evolved from a relatively boring to addictive game.


Monopoly Live from Evolution Gaming is all about the bonus games. The normal bets are exactly as on the normal Wheel of Fortune as on this Monopoly variant. However, it is waiting for the wheel to stop at the one of the 2 Chance planes. There are 2 options, you win the random multiplier and you then look at your complete bet of the round. Suppose you bet € 2.00 and the multiplier is 5 then you earn € 10.00 and you get your bet of € 2.00 back too. There is also a possibility to get a multiplier for the next round and this runs from x 3 to x 10. All prizes are then multiplied by this multiplier at the next spin. This therefore also applies to bonus games 2 and 4 Rolls! There are 3 bonus areas on the wheel with the 2 Rolls bonus and 1 bonus area with 4 Rolls. If the wheel stops on one of these sections, the Monopoly game starts and this is where it all runs. You have a 7.4% chance (4 of the 54 planes) per spin to reach the Monopoly bonus game. You must have bet on one of these 2 or both betting options. If you have not wagered, the bonus game will just start and you can see what you might have won if you had wagered.


In addition to the physical host in the Monopoly studio is the virtual Mr. Monopoly also relaxes comfortably in the studio. Sometimes it says a nice one-liner such as; “Let's win some money” or “that's a nice win.” When a bonus game is activated, Mr. He gets Monopoly out of his chair and starts playing the Monopoly game or announcing the prize at the Chance bonus. Before Mr. Monopoly is going to walk across the field builds random houses and hotels on the various streets so that potential prices go up. In the studio there is a box with 2 dice and these are activated and we can see the throw (s) thrown live. If a double number is rolled, an extra roll is added and this is an important feature to earn more money in the Monopoly bonus game. If you complete a whole round and pass by, all multipliers on the board are doubled. If you are no longer allowed to throw the dice, the game is over and you get the bet x the total multipliers directly in your account.


You can bet from as little as € 0.10 and the maximum of € 2500.00. The payout percentage of Monopoly Live is 96.23% with optimal play. With the 2 Rolls it is 93.90% and with 4 Rolls 93.67%. The worst payout is at 5 and gives 91.30%. With the Monopoly bonus game you do not want to go to jail, to visit, to park for free or to pay tax. Chance and General Fund again give mystery prizes in the Monopoly bonus game. We regularly grab nice bonuses at the Monopoly game and a game can take a few minutes. It is visually made beautifully and you hope for the doubles and that Mr. Monopoly lands on beautiful streets with a high multiplier. We use the autoplay ourselves so that we do not forget to bet and enjoy the presenters in the studio and chat more. The game is super interactive and you also see exactly what other players win after the spin. With nice music and a drink you can do this kind of entertainment relatively cheaply.


Our experiences with Monopoly Live are very good, we had a great time and laughed. While writing this piece we are even playing and we just grabbed 4 turns, 3 times the bonus game. We have also been through a period in which no bonus game was seen 25 times. The variance is less high than with roulette, for example, even if you do not play it is still exciting to see the bonus game. It is interactive television with an amazing game of chance. I myself have always been a big fan of Monopoly and also of the Monopoly slots that you often find in Las Vegas.

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