Ministry reveals part of new Dutch gambling legislation

The new Betting and Gaming Act, with which online gambling is finally becoming legal in the Netherlands, is not yet underway.

Ministry reveals part of new Dutch gambling legislation

But behind the scenes, officials at the Ministry of Security & Justice are busy working on what the online casino market should look like in the future.

Dennis van Breemen and Frans Maas, two top officials who are closely involved in the preparation of the new gambling legislation, lifted a tip of the veil for the first time this morning at the Gaming in Holland Conference in Amsterdam.

The text of the bill on remote games of chance, which regulates online gambling in the Netherlands, is already known and adopted by the Lower House. We are now awaiting approval from the Senate.

Until now, officially nothing was known about the so-called 'lower regulation'. This is a set of rules, conditions and standards with which the main lines of the Gaming Act are worked out in detail.

Mr. Casino summarizes the most important points of the Van Breemen and Maas presentation:

Registration of new players

  • A new player must provide name, contact information, date and place of birth and social security number.
  • It is immediately checked whether the player is in CRUKS, the central exclusion register for games of chance.
  • Every player must complete a player profile before he / she can start playing. More about that later.
  • The casino must verify the player's details as quickly as possible, at the latest within 30 days. This is possible when a player makes a payment from a bank account in the name of the player.
  • Before the data is checked and 100% certain that the player is indeed who he / she claims to be, a limited amount can be deposited and no payouts can be made.

Player profile

Each player must create a profile and set a number of limits:

  • Number of times log in per day / week.
  • Maximum amount in deposits per day / week.
  • Maximum balance that may be on the casino account.

In addition, possibly limits for the time that you are logged in and a limitation in terms of the types of games that you want to play.

Ads and bonuses

  • Advertising on television is only allowed between 7 pm and 6 am.
  • Advertising may not be aimed at people under the age of 24 and certainly not at minors.
  • Advertising should also not be aimed at people who are in the CRUKS.
  • Bonuses may not be based on gaming behavior, so no compensation for a major loss, for example.
  • Bonuses must be the same for all players. Student bonuses and senior bonuses are not allowed.
  • The bonus conditions must be clear to the player.
  • Players must be able to refuse bonuses.

Other regulations

Of course, the lower regulations also include extensive rules for responsible gaming and the prevention of gambling addiction.

In addition, online casinos must meet strict financial criteria. When applying for a license, the casino must provide the Gaming Authority with a guarantee amount of a maximum of 810,000 euros, including for the coverage of any fines.

Also important: players' credits must be completely separated from the business assets and must be in a third-party account. Suppose a casino gets into financial trouble, then the player credit is safe in any case.

Finally – just like Holland Casino is now the case – there must be at least three seconds between each newly started game round, so for example 3 seconds per spin on an online slot. In the future, Mr. Casino will therefore take a little longer to complete his slot reviews, for which he plays 1000 spins on a slot.

The lower regulations apply in due course to all types of gambling providers except lotteries. So not only online casinos, but also bingo sites and sports betting providers, for example.

Timeline lower regulation

The Ministry expects that the lower regulations will become fully public in August or early September and can go 'in consultation'. Stakeholders can then give an official response to the proposals, after which the rules may still be adjusted.

Dennis van Breemen also indicated that the new Gambling Act could come into force in July 2018 at the earliest. But he didn't sound optimistic: "It's a tight schedule, so I'm reluctant. It's a vanishing horizon every year."

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