Launderers in Holland Casino

Update – April 29, 2019: The 2018 annual report contains new figures on money laundering at Holland Casino.

In 2013, according to the Holland Casino annual report, fourteen customers were kindly requested to avoid the casino's branches from now on because of a suspicion of money laundering practices.

Launderers in Holland Casino

In fact, they were banned from entry. They no longer enter Holland Casino.

958 doubtful transactions

In 2013, at Holland Casino there were also 958 more or less doubtful cash transactions. Think of customers who come to exchange a lot of coins at once at the cash register for banknotes (the slots in Holland Casino have not paid out in sounding currency for years) and customers who are rapidly buying chips, which are paid for with large euro banknotes.

958 suspicious deals, that's pretty much. That is about three transactions with a breath of fresh air every day. In 2012 there were 770 transactions where Holland Casino had doubts. Holland Casino itself reports all doubtful transactions to the government, to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

Holland Casino not only monitors money transactions. It also looks at playing behavior at, in particular, the blackjack and roulette gaming tables. In some locations, extra attention is paid to punto banco, but roulette is without a doubt the most used game for whitening black money.

How were you white?

How do players do that, whiten black money through gambling? With a little patience and a lot of time. There are two well-known ways in which money can be cashed in casinos.

The first: the money laundering customer starts playing at a roulette table. Over time, his (or her) henchmen come to play at the same table. The group of players pretends they don't know each other.

Launderers in Holland Casino

Everyone bets on numbers agreed in advance. The group of players covers all the numbers together.

Most players in the group lose, but there is always one that has set the correct number. The group of gamblers as a whole therefore loses a little bit every spin. With more luck there will (even) be won.

The person with the most "profit" at the end of the evening asks Holland Casino to transfer this profit per bank. That is a friendly service that every Holland Casino branch offers. The person with the second highest profit requires a profit statement that can be shown to the tax inspector. "How did you get your money?" "Won in the casino, check it out."

The money that players in the group lose is black money. The money that is won is white. For the money laundering group as a whole, it is nice if there is one person in a winning mood. He can then bet higher without being noticed; after all, he or she stands for (thick) profit.

How were you whiter?

A player can also try to whitewash black money at the roulette table without help. What does the solo launderer do? He occasionally uses it roughly during the day or evening. Not on the numbers, but on probabilities where he has a nearly 50 percent chance of winning, so red / black, even / odd or 1-18 / 19-36. He also covers the zero (the 0).

At about half of his bets, the player wins big. He loses in the other half. The trick is to make the casino forget those losing bets, so that it looks like the player is really in a win. That is why the player does not play all the time in succession and preferably also at different roulette tables.

Launderers in Holland Casino

When the money laundering player is ready, he asks for a bank transfer and / or a profit statement. If the casino thinks the player has indeed won throughout the day or evening, the casino will provide such a statement. The amount stated on the profit statement is white: playing profit. Ready.

Money laundering: don't

The Holland Casino dealers, croupiers and room managers are intensively trained to detect and see through money laundering players. Reliable online casinos also have extensive anti-money laundering systems. But no matter how well the casinos do their best, money launderers do that too….

Mr. Casino obviously advises every player to put the above money laundering methods into practice. The possible consequences are for the player himself. Good to know: money laundering is severely punished in the Netherlands.

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