Jessica Broekhuis: "I was addicted to the casino"

The former gambling addict TV celebrity Jessica Broekhuis has written a book about her less fun gambling adventures. In addition to the casino, Broekhuis was also addicted to alcohol and drugs, in particular cocaine, for many years.

She eventually kicked off successfully in South Africa.

Jessica Broekhuis: "I was addicted to the casino"

You can now read it all yourself in her book Stop – The sadness of an addiction. The book will be published today by Bruna / Lev and costs € 18.99. It is also available as an e-book for € 13.99.

This article appeared earlier on December 11, 2014:

Jessica Broekhuis, Jessica Broekhuis, Mr. Casino also had to think. But damn it, indeed, Jessica Broekhuis!

Jessica (1969) presented, long ago, the weekly AVRO youth magazine Pauze-TV.

She did that together with Carlo Boszhard.

She then presented the successor Forza TV (this time without a dash) together with Humberto Tan, who made his debut on national television. Then it went a bit less with Broekhuis. She ended up as Call TV presenter with viewing number guns like From 2 to 4 out of 6.

It also went downhill in the personal life of Broekhuis. She recently gave an interview to the Center for Responsible Play where she admits that she has been struggling with addictions for years. She did not control cocaine, liquor, but also gambling. And how.

"I had thought out entire systems. If someone mentioned a number on the radio, I saw that as a reason to bet on that number. Really very special, and especially very scary, how that worked. It controlled my whole life. I gambled for days in a row. "

Days in a row? You can say that. Hold on:

"I went to sit behind my laptop on Monday, and suddenly it was Friday … The panic that took hold of you, if I had lost everything, if I had lost € 15,000 again, cannot be expressed in words. When I lay down in bed I could still see the lights of the gambling machines on my retina, and the jackpot sounds continued to haunt me. I no longer ate and slept. "

Poor Jessica. Fortunately, she is now doing much better.

Mr. Casino loves gambling and even more so casinos, online and offline, but the game must remain a game. The Center for Responsible Play has a self-test: in 2 minutes you know whether your playing behavior is risky.

Also on you will find information about gambling addiction and how you can seek help for it. Read those pages at your leisure, if you think you play (too) much or if you want to know where you can find help.

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