I only went to the casino and I thought so!

It is a rainy Saturday in October. Boyfriend is a weekend away with work and I have not planned anything because I still want to do some work. Well, the life of a freelancer is not about roses, I have just returned from vacation so something needs to be updated. The house could also use a little TLC, so I love having nothing to do for a weekend and just setting my own course. But, again, I don't feel like sitting alone at home all weekend. That is why I went to eat with unplanned mothers on Friday night. And so it was Saturday, late afternoon. All day long I had done nicely for my convenience, worked a bit, cleaned up a bit, and worked a bit. I had not eaten yet, but I was not hungry, and it was a very strange time to invite myself somewhere. But I wanted to get out. And so I put on my (naughty) shoes and went to Holland Casino. I went to the casino alone for the first time. What I thought of it? Read on quick!

Just back in time

When I started writing for Onetime, about 2 years ago already, I had been in a casino maybe 10 times in my entire life. I had never been anywhere else than at the Holland Casino and actually didn't really like it. Yes, it was certainly fun, but I never won and then the game is just a bit less fun. I was talking about The Great One recently, it's great to lose, if you sometimes have the idea that you also win something. If you then play quite, or sometimes go home with a profit, and occasionally also with a loss, the game remains interesting. My bad experiences with losing might also have something to do with ignorance and impatience so I don't blame the casino. But they made sure that I didn't just go to the casino. The cover came a year and a half ago. I had just started my own company and from now on I wrote for Onetime. We were a weekend away, The Hague. Enjoy a breath of fresh air in Scheveningen, go shopping and enjoy culture in The Hague, we had a great weekend. Boyfriend persuaded me to go to the Holland Casino in Scheveningen in the evening and I agreed. You can read the full story here, but the conclusion was that I could win in the casino and suddenly I had fun again. In the meantime I have exchanged my regular Favorites card for a black one and am already playing against a Platinum card. Together with ao The Great One and The Gallant I occasionally visit arcades throughout the country (also new to me) and as icing on the cake this year I spent a week in Las Vegas, gambling capital of the world. Playing goes with varying results and it frustrates me if, like in Vegas, I just don't win, but the fun always comes back.Holland CasinoWhen I visit a casino it is usually a Holland Casino

Only to the casino

But so far I always went to the casino in the company. Together with my friend, or with a group of friends, or with the Onetimers. We often go spontaneously on a Saturday evening when we have nothing to do, and that is of course completely fine. But only, I found a stigma on that. You only go to a casino if you are alone and / or lonely, or a gambling addict. And yet I did it that Saturday in October. I had the feeling that I might win (yes, you should not trust that gut feeling and so on) and I was actually just curious about what it would be like. Because I think it would go a step further to go to an arcade, I went to the Holland Casino. And what I finally thought of that might surprise me the most!

It was cozy!

Yes, you read that right, it was fun! So cozy that I somewhat threw one of my principles, namely no more playing than with a budget devised in advance, overboard. So I was there on a Saturday around dinner time. It was not as busy as a few hours later on Saturday night, but that is actually nice because now there is room to play where and what you want. I am really a vending machine girl so I am the first to dive behind a Dragon Link (Happy & Prosperous) cupboard. He doesn't feel like it at that moment, and the man next to me is grumpy so I lose a few tens and move on to some other cupboards. On another Dragon Link I also have no luck in the game but there is a nice one , older gentleman next to me with whom I exchange 'oh, what a pity' etc. Then I tried my luck on the 3D Sphinx and the Buffalo but they don't give much either. I walk around a bit, play on random cupboards, but win nothing three times; I have run out of my pinned money and would normally drip off and go home with a loss. If I still find € 20 in my wallet and a favorite cupboard on the Dragon Link is free, I decide to go for it. The grumpy older man has thrown in and lost quite a bit of money (he wasn't grumpy for nothing) and I feel that this is going to be him. And I am right! I then play for another hour and a half with my € 20 and see several neighbors coming and going. Most ladies and they are all cozy. We give each other the bonuses and the profit, and although it doesn't get any depth anywhere, we socialize with each other. We pay attention to each other's closets when someone has to leave the place, empathize with each other and just share a moment together. Everyone is busy and wins, which immediately makes the atmosphere better.Dragon LinkA nice bonus game on the Dragon Link cabinet. We are there for the same purpose: fun and maybe winning. The latter works with all of us. I knock it off when I notice that I actually don't win anymore and so I start dropping. Now I keep an eye on my limit. Although I stood somewhere at € 150 profit, I finally go out with € 100 profit. Yes, it could have been more, but I am more than satisfied. And that is not even because of the profit, or well, a bit, it is mainly because of the connection that I found with the people next to me. It might be the audience of that moment, but you won't find it at other times. Later it is too busy and more young people come to it, at other times you will find more rigid gamblers who are not so much waiting for a chat.

What did I think of it now, only to the casino?

I thought it was fun, that is clear. But especially in the beginning, when I lost and walked around looking for a "winning" machine, it felt a bit crazy. I am so used to always being with someone in the casino that it is strange when you are suddenly alone. Not that we are always together, when we are two, we both do our own thing, but you do occasionally visit each other and celebrate your successes together. Because in the beginning there was not really someone sociable, I missed that. I did not feel lonely and did not feel sorry for myself, but I do not know if I had had such a nice experience at another time! I said somewhere in between that I was alone in the casino and my friend thought that so crazy. He was surprised that I had just gone, and I can imagine that. It was an impulsive action, that's for sure. But now that I've done it, I'm not so negative about going to the casino alone. Of course, the reason why you go alone, and in what way, time and where, make it sad or not. Or that you have a problem. But it can also be a social trip where it is all about socializing. Let's all let go of the stigma on gamblers and especially ask why someone is playing alone (without value judgment). I think good stories might come out of it, next to the sad stories of course! In any case, I overcame something for myself again, and so maybe I gradually become a real Onetimer!

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