How to deal with casinos that send you an SMS

I still come from the period that there was no cell phone at all. Nowadays my iPhone is an essential part of my life. Everything runs via the smartphone and we have the world in our palm. Online casinos have also discovered the smartphone and you can simply gamble or look up information via an app. Just place a bet through the TOTO or play a game of poker: it can and does all happen via the mobile phone. You can also easily communicate with the casinos via an app or via WhatsApp. The (online) casinos also make handy use of e-mail to inform us with newsletters and promotions what is going on in their casino. And although SMS is pretty old-fashioned, this is also very effectively used by casino on your mobileMonoar

Text messages sent by casinos

Recently I received a text from the Holland Casino Rotterdam when there was a cash table free when playing poker. An extremely good service that is very customer-friendly and allows you to do other things in the casino instead of waiting at the poker pit.Place free at the poker table. So I get informative text messages from Roman Palace casino and Corso casino if there is a bingo, buffet or a special party evening. Probably I once left my mobile numbers there and they now use this as a promotion channel. You can unsubscribe from this SMS service at Palace casino here.Promotions at Corso Casino in Rotterdam And then there are the (illegal) online casinos that send text messages to their players to lure them with nice bonuses and / or promotions like Casumo does. I understand that it is a nice tool but is always startled by the loud texting noise that my phone always makes. These days I have now also muted these texts so that I no longer hear them.Text messages from Casumo online casino

How do I get rid of these SMS messages?

Most of the time you have given yourself permission to send your text messages. This will undoubtedly have been in the lower case and below that you have given a check mark for approval when, for example, you have created an account. If you have not given permission and / or it is not clear who the sender is, we speak of spam SMS. I also regularly receive text messages in which organizations / people try to get data from you (fishing) and that is just internet scams. If you want to get rid of unwanted text messages, you can do 2 things. You can block the number (s) via your own telephone and / or do this via a special application. Settings> Phone> Block and identify callers or Messages> Open the relevant message> Tap the i at the top right of the circle> press the name or telephone number> At the bottom you'll find Block this caller. Now incoming calls, sms and Facetime calls will be blocked from this number! If you have an online casino account and you receive text messages from this organization, you can log in to your account and if it is good you can also turn this service off. If you receive messages that you do not recognize and are unable to get rid of it, it is advisable to report this to the Consumer & Market Authority and to your own telephone provider.

Future of online casinos in the Netherlands

The expectation is that from January 1, 2021, around 60 legal and licensed casinos will come to the Netherlands to offer their casino goods. Then there will be clear rules regarding the sending of text messages to their customers and not like now that it is a Wild West of text messages that you have not given permission to.

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