how does it work and is it smart to play this gambling game?

The gamble feature is one of the oldest slot machine features. This feature was already on many land-based slot machines. You can still see the feature on many Merkur and Novomatic slot machines in the gambling hall. But also on more and more online slots.

The gamble feature is also known as the "Risiko Game", Double Up, Head or Coin, Head or Tails, etc. The name may differ per game provider, but the idea is the same every time. You win something in a spin, bet it through the Gamble Feature and with a bit of luck you double your bet.

You double up by guessing correctly which side the coin falls on. Or by guessing correctly which color card the next playing card has. So you have a 50% chance of winning. Nowadays there are some variants, such as betting on higher or lower, betting on the correct symbol of the card and "gamble features" with variable odds and prizes.

CasinoJager explains in this article what the "Gamble Feature" is exactly, on which slots you find this feature and whether it is smart to play this gambling game.

How does the Gamble feature work exactly?

How the gamble feature works, of course, depends on the type of feature on the slot. CasinoJager therefore explains how it works on the basis of various examples.

They all have a few things in common. You play the gamble feature after a winning spin. That is, if you choose, because the gamble feature is not a mandatory part of the gameplay of a slot machine.

Heads or tails

In many fruit cupboards from the early days, there was already a cup or coin game. After a winning spin on the fruit cabinet, you could continue playing, but you could also bet on head or coin. You bet by pressing the button with head or the button with coin. Or just hit it hard if you thought it affected your chances of winning. Then the luminous cursor shot up super fast and more between head and coin. To stop at one of the two.

Exactly the same gamble feature is also found on many online slots. We see it mainly on many Betsoft, Stakelogic, Imagina Gaming and older Play'n Go slots.

The design differs per slot machine, but the operation is exactly the same. You bet your winnings on head or coin. Is the coin on the right side? Then you double your bet. And if not, then you have already lost your profit. On some slots you can also choose not to bet the entire winnings, but for example half.

There are two possible outcomes. The chance of heading is exactly the same as the chance of coin. So you have a 50 percent chance of winning.

head or coin slot machine clever to play

Red or black

Another variant is that you bet on the correct color of a card. This variant is especially common on Stakelogic, Novomatic and EGT slots. After a winning spin, you choose again whether you want to play the gamble feature or not.

When you play, you bet on red or black. Then a card is turned over. Does that card have the color you bet on? Then you double your profit.

The chance of winning is 50 percent. A game of cards consists of 52 cards. Jokers do not participate in the "red or black" gambling game. There are 26 red cards, 2 to ace with the symbols hearts and diamonds. There are also 26 black cards: 2 to kick ace in the flavors and clubs.

Red or black on a slot machine

Spades, clubs, hearts or diamonds

You can of course also insert the gamble feature with cards differently. Especially on many EGT and Stakelogic slots you have the choice between betting on the color of a card or the symbol of the card.

A bet on the symbol of the card to be turned over does not double your bet, but quadruples. Suppose you won € 1 with a spin and this bet on the correct symbol, then you are € 4. That is € 3 profit.

Gamble feature smart to play

Higher or lower

You can also play the gambling game at higher or later with cards. You do not bet on the color or the symbol, but whether the next card is a higher card than the one already on the table. For example: you play the "higher or lower" gamble feature and there is n 7. You win if you draw an 8 or higher and you lose if you draw a 6 or lower. With a 7 it is a draw.

The chances of winning differ per game, because you depend on which card you have. If there are two, there are 48 (out of 51) cards that you have higher than one. And if you do draw one of the three other two, then it is a draw. With an ace, the situation is exactly the opposite. 48 of the 51 remaining cards give you a loss, while the three other aces are good for a draw.

This variant of the gamble feature can be found on Endorphina slots, among other things. The nice thing about this "higher or lower" feature on Endorphina slots is that you can first watch and then decide whether you play.

Higher or lower endorphina

Risk ladder

Do you ever play on Merkur slots? Then you have probably also played the "Risiko ladder" from Merkur. You can play the "Risiko ladder" after every winning spin. This is possible on Double Triple Chance, for example.

The winnings that you have taken are on the second last step of the ladder. You play all-or-nothing. Or you come up one step higher and double your profit. Or you come one step lower and you have lost everything.

Then you have the choice again. Continue playing or return to the basic game with your winnings. If you choose to continue playing, then you play to double your winnings. Are you one step higher? Then you have to tackle this profit doubling. Are you one step lower? Then your wisnt will be halved.

Then you continue playing. Just until you are either at the very top of the ladder, at the very bottom of the ladder or in the meantime you choose not to continue playing and therefore return to the basic game. In the middle of the ladder there is a play-off, all or nothing.

Risiko ladder smart to play

Variable odds

One of the newer variants is the variant where you decide for how much profit you play. And you not only play for euros, but you can also choose to play for free spins. This variant of the gamble feature is for example on Book of the Irish.

The basis remains the same: you win a bit on a spin and then you have the choice between collecting the winnings or betting them in the gamble feature.

But then you decide it yourself. It is intended that the pointer ends up in the green box. That green box is half the wheel if you play for doubling your winnings. That's a 50% chance. You can increase or decrease your chances of winning. You have the greatest chance of winning if you play for 1.35 times your bet. You then play with a chance of winning of 74 to 75 percent. You can also try to triple your winnings. Then your chance of winning is around 33.3 percent.

And so you can also play for 5, 10 or 20 free spins. You then play with odds of 5 to 25 percent. Are you winning? Then you get free spins.

wheel of fortune gamble feature

Is it smart to play the Gamble Feature?

Statistically, it doesn't matter if you play the gamble feature or not. Let's start with the gamble feature with 50% chance of winning and 50% chance of losing.

You double your bet if you gamble well and that chance is 50%. The chance of losing is also 50% and then you lose your bet. Statistically you double your bet in half of these gamble features. You lose your bet in the other half. In a simple example, that looks like this:

Red or black gamble feature

So you end up with what you started with: € 10. In practice, things often change. The probability of 5 times red and 5 times black (or 5 times head and 5 times coin) is 24.6%. So you have a 75.4% chance that things will change.

For example:

coin coin slot machine

A black card has been drawn six times and a red card four times. You double your bet four times, but lose six times your bet. That gives you a € 2 loss.

Of course, that can also be reversed if the coin falls in the right direction more often.

Red black header coin probability calculation

In this example you win € 4 profit. You have correctly gambled 7 times and 3 incorrectly. Impossible? No. The chance of exactly 7 red in 10 games is 12 percent. The chance of red 7 or more times is even 17%.

And of course you don't always play the gamble feature with the same bets. It completely depends on how much you win in the spin before you play the gamble feature.

slot game slots

In this example you again guess correctly 7 out of 10 times. Because you are lucky with higher bets and bad luck with lower bets, you win € 42.20 profit. Of course, despite the statistics, you can also have bad luck. For example, suppose you only gamble well 3 out of 10 times and you are not lucky with the somewhat higher bets, but with the somewhat lower bets, then you get a fairly substantial loss as a percentage.

Symbols of cards

Another option is to bet on the symbol of a card. In a 52-card deck, there are 13 cards of each symbol. Suppose you bet on hearts, 13 of the 52 cards mean a win. That is 25%. You then quadruple your bet. A bet of € 1 on hearts ensures that you are on € 4 if you draw a card with hearts. That's € 3 profit.

Statistically, you win one in four games. A simple example: you play forty times with € 1. Statistically, you win 10 games and you lose 30. The 10 games won give you a total of € 30 profit, while the 30 lost games give you a total of € 30 loss.

On paper, betting on a symbol at the bottom of the line also means neither profit nor loss. On paper. However, we do not gamble on paper, but on a slot machine. And then the same applies again as betting on head or coin. Or betting on red or black. Depending on whether you are lucky or unlucky and at which bets you are lucky or unlucky, you make a profit or lose.

Higher or lower

A little more strategy is involved if you play higher or lower and you see the card that you have to surpass beforehand. That is the case on slots from Endorphina.

There are five cards on the table. The leftmost card is open. You have to draw a higher card. Can you manage that? Then you double your bet. The lower the open card, the greater the chance that you will win.

You play with a payout percentage of more than 100% – and therefore an advantage at the online casino, if you play with n 2, 3, 4 or 5. Is there 6, 7 or 8? Then the odds are comparable to head or coin and red or black. Playing with cards with n 9 or higher, presents a disadvantage compared to the casino.

Higher or lower slot machine

Why is the "Gamble feature" on slots?

That is a very good question. In many cases it doesn't seem to matter much whether you play the gamble feature or not. Why is this feature on slot machines?

The main reason is to give the player the impression that "he has influence on the game." People, especially gamblers, sometimes tend to overestimate themselves. Just like with roulette, many slot machine players believe they see patterns in the outcomes of the gamble feature on a slot machine.

For example: after the coin has landed three times in a row, the players think that the chance of a coin is greater with the fourth toss. That is not true. The fourth toss is also the chance of coin just 50% again. Just like the chance to head. That many players think differently is also called the gambler's misconception, or in English the "Gambler's Fallacy".

Often casinos also limit the number of times you can double your winnings one after the other. On Novomatic slots, for example, this is 5 times in succession, on Endorphina slots 10 times in succession. Because the profit is limited in this way (and your loss is not), the casino has a slight advantage.

And finally it is also just a crowd puller. Many players like to take an extra gamble after a winning spin. Double your winnings, that sounds nice, right?

There is also a piece of convenience with game providers. Many slot machines still have fruit symbols because players are used to it. Why are there so many clones of slots like Book of Ra and Random Runner? Precisely because players know it.

Watch out for unreliable slots

Statistically, it does not make much difference whether you play the gamble feature or not. That is, if a slot game offers fair play. A fair slot machine gives a "head or coin" gambling game a chance of 50% on the head and 50% on the coin. Independent experts have checked this and have certified the slot machine. You can be sure that you have a fair chance.

This is different for slots that are not checked. Offer that fair play? No idea. The chance is not even big. For example, in the past Betsoft has been caught rumbling with card games and jackpot slots. Who then says that the cup or coin game offers you a fair chance?

Right, nobody. Therefore, always play the gamble feature on reliable slots at reliable casinos. You can find slots with a gamble feature the fastest through the slots finder from CasinoJager.

This is how it works:

Slots finder casino hunter

Optionally you can set other filters. Such as a certain provider, a certain theme or what variance you want. Then click on the slot machine review of your choice.

And then you read everything you want to know about the slot machine of your choice.


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