How can an online casino stand out?

In the Netherlands, online gambling will soon be possible. The legislation finally allows us Dutch to go on the online adventure. So far this has not been permitted. Dozens of online gambling giants will try to get a tip off the cake. They will often try to achieve this by investing in marketing. They will be able to bring in a lot of players with that. Nevertheless, the trick is to actually keep players, so that they do not switch to another online casino. After all, that is what you want as a company. Some parties such as Holland Casino and Fair Play Casinos, both parties without any online experience, will give a shot at such a permit. They have quite a bit to spend in order to gain a bit of market share, but not nearly as much as established parties such as a Bwin or Unibet. How on earth do you have to distinguish yourself? Onetime consists of a team of players. All with a lot of experience playing online casinos. And over the years we have been able to discover what attracts us – or not. It is often the small things that do it to him.

A good first impression

A pleasant experience starts at the moment of registration. As a player, you feel like playing a game. Then you don't want to have to go through endless registration forms. This must be simple and not cause annoyances. Moreover, we do not want to have to push a pop-up three times with the same call about that one welcome bonus. Do not do that, after one time we will know. Yet we see it happening a lot, that pusherige. And if you also offer a bonus with playing conditions from I have you there, then you should not want that as an online casino.Register with CashmioRegister at an online casino

Welcome bonus

Talking about that: we see it everywhere. The welcome bonus is the decoy of an online casino. And we see the same thing happening everywhere. Deposit an x ​​amount of euros and get x% extra. It all sounds very attractive, but a little sensible person knows that free money does not exist. Be transparent as an online casino and clearly state which conditions are met with. The majority of players do not know that you must meet certain wagering requirements before you can claim your "free money" share. Moreover, it saves a lot of man-hours at customer service.

Make the difference

Just like in a land-based casino, the staff can make the difference. That one employee can make you feel welcome as a customer or not. We often hear horror stories about customer service employees who approach customers as if they were criminals. That customer may have violated the bonus conditions, but often this is not conscious. Be friendly, think along and come up with an appropriate solution. Withholding money certainly costs you as a company a customer. In most cases, investing in such a customer ensures a satisfied customer. As long as you take the time to explain. So not directly in combat mode.Chat with the casinoChat with the casino


Then there is such a thing as the user-friendliness of an online casino. Believe me when I say that there are online casinos that make things so unclear that I will drop out within a minute. Or even worse, online casinos where you cannot find some departments like "pay out" or "customer service". As if they are deliberately hiding things to make it difficult for you as a customer to complain or to pay.


The payout is what it's all about. Players want to pay out any winnings as quickly as they can. And that should not last too long. Players get tilted if a few days have passed and the amount is still pending. There is also the option of being able to reverse the payment. It is not uncommon for players to cancel the pending payout because it takes too long. Online casinos are just after that, or at least that's the suspicion. Then add at least one button to secure the payout, preventing you from turning it back. That is service.


It is even better to proceed with quick payouts. We really understand that things need to be checked. Perhaps it is easy to make it clear that data can be requested from you, so that you as a player do not have to do that after you have pressed the payout button. So annoying and often it feels like an extra obstacle. Explain why you are requesting information, now it is often unclear. Online casinos can all "buy" the same game offerings, but in other areas there is a lot of profit to be able to distinguish yourself.

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