House of Representatives approves sale of Holland Casino

House of Representatives approves sale of Holland Casino

In a while, you will no longer play against the State here.

For forty years, Holland Casino was a pleasant source of income for The Hague, but that situation is coming to an end. The Lower House approved yesterday an amendment to the Gambling Act "in connection with the modernization of the gaming casino regime".

(Separate word, gaming casino. Are there also casinos where you cannot play?)

What exactly was decided:

Holland Casino is privatized and then split up. Ten of the current fourteen branches will continue under the name Holland Casino. Which casinos these are still under discussion. It is obvious that the online casino of Holland Casino will also belong to this company.

The other four casinos are being sold. In addition, two new licenses are being added for a land-based casino.

How exactly the sale will proceed is not yet clear. The House of Representatives decided yesterday that the new owner of the group of ten cannot claim one or more of the six remaining permits. The Hague wants to prevent a single company from becoming too dominant on the Dutch casino market.

The members of parliament also adopted a number of motions that relate to the future gambling market. For example, the House of Representatives is asking the government to set limits on "different types of activities" in and around casinos, such as hotels and theaters. The party who submitted the motion, SP MP Michiel van Nispen, wants to prevent "scenes like Las Vegas from happening". The House of Representatives also voted for a ban on bonuses and savings programs.

The government does not necessarily have to implement these motions, so don't throw your Favorites Card in the trash.

When the branches of the state casino go on sale exactly is uncertain. Firstly, the Senate has to rule on the change in the law.

Sebastiaan Hoek, spokesperson for Holland Casino, responds to industry organization Gaming in Holland:

"Holland Casino understands that the gaming market needs to be modernized. It is now up to Holland Casino to prepare for these changes. For us as an organization it is important that both the continuity of all our locations and the current policy that protects the public interest is guaranteed. "

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